TCAF 2013


this is a little late annoucement but wow, Bell and I are going to be at  TCAF 2013 this upcoming weekend May11-12th!! This will be our first time on the east coast/Toronto so please come out and say hi! The event is free and hopefully will be a nice way to spend your weekend n_n

We will have ARH books, an original short story zine by bell, a couple prints and bookmarks, and of course some free flyers. We will be at table 101 (map) on the first floor!


<3 Hazel & Bell

  • train

    ahh I’m so sad that I can’t go this year! I’m from the area and last year was wonderful, but I’m on vacation and I get back *the day after*

    Have fun though and enjoy the nice weather that toronto is having right now!! C:

  • fluffybunny714

    asdfghjkl…I used to live reaaaally close to Toronto. Well, I hope you guys have a great time~! :3

  • kyleen sixtysix

    I discovered your comic at TCAF and spoke to you both. I’ve already read it and really great! Nice job!!!!

  • Tyler Mann

    You signed my book to Trevor… My name is Tyler lol. Its okay though it was really funny when I looked at home. :)

    • Hazeldrop

      Oh gosh Lol. I’m not sure how that happened but I’m sorry! Hahaha… @_@