Interested in translating Always Raining Here into another language?

-Send us a couple pages edited and typesetted to our email

-Get the go-ahead from us

-translate the comic and send it to us all at once (until the most recent page).

If your comic already has a number of pages translated already but it hasn’t been updated in months, I’m probably being lazy so please yell at me about it.

If you do not continue to translate the comic, we will open up the opportunity for other fans to translate it, either from the beginning or from the point where it was left off.

If you want to join a team, or form a team of your own, please use the comments on this page to help organize yourself.  We do not keep track of the page comments, if you need to contact us, please email us. 

Spanish: Danny, Mark, May [translation here] Up to Date. 
Italian: open
Portuguese: Dingo [translation here] (If you want to continue this translation, please send us your translation and we'll upload it.) 
Russian: Alexia [translation here] 
Polish: Jeleń [translation here]
 French: Unavailable at the moment
 German: open
 Brazilian Portuguese: open
Chinese: open
 Japanese: Page 1-34 Riku and Pearl

How do I translate ARH?

-Make sure that there is no other translator for your language. If there is, make sure you have the go-ahead by Hazel, Bell, or the original translator.

-Save the comic files straight off the website

-Clean the images up in photoshop or your editor of choice

-Type in the translated text using a font like Anime Ace! (Or your font of choice depending on your language)

-Send a few test pages to us. If it looks good, we’ll give you the go-ahead.

-Please finish the whole comic up to date.

-Zip them and send them off to hazelbell. arh @  (without the spaces)

-If Bell doesnt respond in a couple days, send another email to bug her.

Wait a day to three months to see your hard work flower into fruition when we manage to find time upload everything. (Or at this rate, a year.)

IF YOU ARE AN “OFFICIAL” FAN TRANSLATOR: if you haven’t commented on this entry , have sent us an email recently, or sent us pages already, we don’t know your status on the translation and the translation may fall to someone else who is interested. Please keep us updated!

Also, feel free to reacquaint yourselves with our scanlation policy.

If you are working on scanlations, please send the files  IN A ZIPPED DOCUMENT to our email [ hazelbell.arh @ ] 


  • Menr


    Hi~ My name is Menr, 14 yrs girl who from Thailand. I’m extremely interested in translating the comic into thai. if you’re in need of a Thai translator, pls contact me @

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.