About Always Raining Here:

A totally original high school story about a couple of gay guys who annoy each other.
Also massive amounts of UST.

Tries to update weekly.

About Hazel and Bell:

Bell is the writer and Hazel is the artist. This is their first webcomic together!

Bell:      Tumblr:        http://bellhasabat.tumblr.com/

Hazel:  Deviantart:   http://hazeldrop.deviantart.com/

      Tumblr:         http://hazeldrop.tumblr.com/

      Twitter:         http://twitter.com/raspberryhazel

Contact: hazelbell.arh @ gmail.com




Where is Always Raining Here set?

It’s set in British Columbia, Canada!

Is Always Raining Here based on any personal experiences?

Short answer: no.

Long Answer: Little things here and there are based off of real life experiences, but the vast majority of the story is fictitious.

Are printed copies of Always Raining Here available to buy?

Yep! Volume 1 is available in the store!  Volume 2 is still in the works.

How long will Always Raining Here be?

You guys aren’t gay or male?

Nope.  Two hetero ladies.

 Can I scanlate Always Raining Here into another language?

Yes, of course! We would love to see our work available in other languages :) Please see our scanlations page for more info if you are interested in scanlating.
We currently have a Spanish scanlation going!