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    So much love :D

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    This is so beautiful, the art the colors, everything *-* Amazing.

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    *____* Gorgeous… Beautiful work !!!

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    Greeting from switzerland ! Your work are really super cool, I can’t wait to see new illustration and next of the webcomic. Storyline, drawing and characters are all super cool !

    (and the webdesgn/design of the site is super cool too !)

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      Ah, thank you! Your work is amazing as well ♥

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    I really love the new site and all the little features coming bit by bit. Keep up the good work and make me a happy happy girl every Thursday! :)

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    Wow! It is February already! When’s the exact birthday of ARH?. Anyway, GAPPY BIRTHDAY ARH, congratulations Hazel & Bell ^^.

    Greets from Mexico :D

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    Happy* Stupid phone = = ;;

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    omg I love this story it’s so good pleas add more . from oregon coast

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    kawaii ^ ^

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    I love it * w *

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    Lovely, pretty art! ^^

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    How do u save the image? It wont let me >.<

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    Oh so pretty!!

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    wait…what are they’re eyes colors?

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      Blue and green, looks like. /late

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    OMG! I loved each picture, they are gorgeous! AMAZING JOB!

    More greetings from Mexico!

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    I love all of this pictures~

    i really love them T.T

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    Your work leaves me with such a simple and warm feeling, you are an amazing artist.

  • businessmonster

    Thank you very much for putting the time and effort into this work of art.

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    love it all! <3 <3 <3

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    I really like picture n, Adrian is just so cute in it! a bit defendless, you know… XD
    Great job, i love the comic too!

    (i hope my english is correct ^^’)

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    Babeh, you my forever gurl.

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    Pretty. *u* Can’t wait for the comic to start up again ;u;


    No. 5 is my favourite out of this beautiful collection ♥
    I could almost see the thought bubble popping out at the side of Carter’s head, his imagination running wilder than that look in his eyes~ fufufu…

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    I would LOVE to have summer as a wallpaper, so I can watch those two always (:
    Is there a way to download it?

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      Hi there! If you right click on the thumbnail, “open link in new tab” you can save the image from there :)

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    I love the 6th and the eleventh. It’s beautiful

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    AWESOME <3

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    I love your art…its so….awww.. my heart is gonna melt ♥

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    -screams- Beautiful

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    I think I love u <3 *-*

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    I don’t know why but carter make me think of Marshall and Adrian prince bubblegum ¬////¬

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      I thought I was the only one.

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    My favorites are the 5th, 6th, 7th, 13th and 16th :D Oh, and the 4th…. it looks cute but it breaks my heart x-x

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    Love them all <3

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    is it okay if i turn this into a poster ;A;??

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    nUmBeR tEn <33

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    cries// why u do tis to meh

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    Me encanta el estilo. ToT Es tan bonito~ Admiro un montón su trabajo! <3 *huye*

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    awwwwwww…i love the one with the fire-place *-* *-* *-*

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    The snowman one is so funny! They are all super cute, though. :-D

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    So perfect *-*

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    ._. Zombies……. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

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    The 4th ones not carter its not him its good looking tho but is he adrains ex? But theyre alll soook perf♡♡

    • https://plus.google.com/u/0/+NekoKun-GameAddict/posts Neko Kun

      Yeah, that’s his ex haha

      • Auntie-Aku

        More like one-sided crush who kinda sorta used Adrian, even if it was not intentional.

        • https://plus.google.com/u/0/+NekoKun-GameAddict/posts Neko Kun

          Ahh.. that makes more sense.
          Thank you

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    SO AMAZING i love these guys so much XD #5 is going to be my new background

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    Why isn’t there anything new that’s sad

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    I love it :3
    I love them
    Because….I mean…Adrian is so Tsundere and Carter is so AHHHH I LOVE THEM (?

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    I love the #8 they are so adorable *-*

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    After playing Animal Crossing for so long, Carter should know that that third snowball will create a pretty unbalanced snowman and he won’t be getting any gifts from it

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    Browse through the pictures while playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJMIiCVeBKM oh my goodness ;v;;’ its adorable