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Always Raining Here will be at yaoicon 2014

a REALLY LATE ANNOUNCEMENT that Always Raining Here will be at YAOICON 2014 which is next WEEKEND. This will be our last con (and only California con!) for the rest of the year.

The convention is September 12-14th in SAN FRANCISCO (Hyatt Regency Hotel, San Francisco Airport), and we will be at Artist Alley table 29. We will be selling some new stuff there including charms, bags and the usual books and prints!! If you are in the area or are just contemplating going to the convention, we would love it if you stopped by and said hi!!

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Thanks for everyone’s patience! I hope everyone likes the new site (we’ve moved to a new server as well as upgraded versions of wordpress!). There’s a few dead links floating around but please bear with us.

We will also be updating again on Friday this week!

PS: Italian scanlations have been added and the Spanish ones have been updated! Thanks again to our translators. If you wish to scanlate ARH into a specific language, please check out our scanlation faq!