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Happy update everyone!

We will be at anime expo again today at table C9. It’s been really nice meeting all of you who came out so far. Cheers!


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Hi all! thanks for the patience this week!

Reminder that we will be at ANIME EXPO this coming weekend (July 1st-5th!). It’s our first time at AX so we hope to meet a lot of you there! We will be at artist alley table C9!

We will have prints, stickers, charms for sale and a limited quantity of BOOKS. If you really really want a book I suggest you come early, we make no promises.

Click for map! Just a reminder that the artist alley is huge so try not to get too lost!

anime expo

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happy update~

edit 6/27/2015: Looks like updates will happen either LATE sunday or sometime on monday. We are pretty busy right now prepping for conventions and things so hopefully we’ll see you all around soon!

edit 29/2015: Hi all! I ended up having to spend the day working on other stuff instead of the comic due to some mishaps so the page is taking a little longer than expected! hang tight. We’re looking at tuesday now, or whenever it’s finished.

Reminder that we will be at:

July 2nd – 5th, 2015: ANIME EXPO (Los Angeles, CA)

Anime expo map: TBA. We will be at table C9 at Anime Expo! This will be our first time at AX and we hope to meet a lot of you there!

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Hi all! updating from japan again, had a hard time getting a decent internet connection to upload the page 8,)

(if you are interested, we will continue to update about our adventures in japan via our twitters! )