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Thanks for everyone’s patience! I hope everyone likes the new site (we’ve moved to a new server as well as upgraded versions of wordpress!). There’s a few dead links floating around but please bear with us.

We will also be updating again on Friday this week!

PS: Italian scanlations have been added and the Spanish ones have been updated! Thanks again to our translators. If you wish to scanlate ARH into a specific language, please check out our scanlation faq!

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Here’s the page, enjoy!


edit 7/10/14: We have updated the site!! We’ve moved to a new server, upgraded wordpress and the like; a bunch of things got broken in the process so don’t be surprised if you see a few things changing around in the next few weeks. Due to the unexpected amount of time spent on this, we will hopefully be updating Friday next week! Thanks for bearing with us and I hope everyone enjoys the new banner!

PS: Bell and I will be at The Summer Festival today! (Saturday, July 12) So if you are in the vancouver area, you should definitely stop by and say hi! It’s free :>