• ihateapplepie

    This is great haha XD

  • Becca

    I just decided to re-read all the pages….and this is kiling me oh Carter you little horn-dog..

  • MegaAnimeFreak7

    I was sitting in the exact same position he was, complete with my hand on the mouse. Dear God! XDD

  • Kredion6688

    OHH Blue Lanturn Corp insignia Nice

  • Ralph

    I just noticed hes wearing the blue lantern corps logo :O

  • Tadpole

    I noticed all the nerdy things first like the blue lantern jacket and the Mario mushroom mouse pad lol!!!

  • Shoebox

    Blue lantern all the way C: Oh mi gosh I saw you guys at a convention but I never knew you were this cool.

  • Nowi

    ‘Average’ teenage boys are privileged fucks these days, huh.

  • DrAdipose


    • yuri<3<3<3


  • Naren Mystic’chrys


  • streamQ

    he thought he was a boss at mario kart.

  • Zwar101

    Omg his shirt is the blue lantern corps symbol

  • Archbishop of Banterbury

    I can relate…i am a boy and I am HORNT

    • Becky Buckwild

      me too u///u

    • Sexy kiss ^-^

      might i say… u need to chill ur hornt levels down >/.///<

    • Jess_Bunny


    • https://www.lsrhs.net/ Glitter Goku

      hornty all day everyday

  • Alex Caine

    Aww how sad, but there is always hope.

  • OokamiZChan

    Respect for being straight forward. No shit strings attached.

  • Rolls Away For Days

    Uh-huh…rockin’ the Blue Lantern look, eh Carter? It’s funny how rereading this comic has caused me to notice differences; it’s kind of fun.

  • Una Niña Rara Desconocida

    podrían traducirla en español por favor

    seria de lo mejor :)

    they could translate it into Spanish please

    would be the best :)

  • yuri<3<3<3

    Carter is so me!!!!

    (except im a gay female but still!!)

  • Kyle Hamilton

    So, is this the only point in the comic (other than when they’re trying to get the Emerald City prop and Adrian asks if he needs to keep him on a leash) where there’s any suggestion at all that Carter might be into BDSM?

  • http://anabotti.tumblr.com Kamigi

    by this logic im an average teenage boy and not a 20 year old sexually confused girl

  • Charazard

    Sometimes I feel there’s somting wrong with me couse I’m a teen and I’m just not also couse I made it to this page and I want to keep reading .X,D whyyyyyyyyy

  • Olivia Reynolds

    Ohhhh I see that blue lantern sweatshirt :)

  • C

    for a minute i thought i was looking at a mirror

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal

    Join the club, Carter.

  • JakeFromStateFarm

    Its not cumming easy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • HazelPaws AJ

      jesus christ

    • http://www.writingforums.org/members/oscar-leigh.73758/. Oscar Leigh


    • Ozgom


  • +Cadburied_Nutella+

    Goddamn, his stare… O///O

  • sovietnam

    SIUUUUU (cristiano ronaldo’s yell)

  • Kurockonoe

    I eat like a horse too ……..

  • Astraeus


  • flipnotefan fan [Trคƿƿ૯ძ ᔕ૦υl]

    The exact same pose as me…

  • Kaycee

    but he hot af tho

  • Red


  • Louis

    I can respect the Blue Lantern logo on his shirt.

  • letterbox Ω

    I knew I wasn’t the only one!