Page 99


At least someone’s happy.

As we’ll be posting page 100 next Friday, we’re planning a celebratory livestream interview/art/writing request time with you guys.  It will kick off 4pm PST on Friday June 7th on Hazel’s Livestream channel. We’re also planning something in the more prize-ey sense, but we’ll announce it next week.

Have a good one guys!


  • Sam

    “Ooh, kinky.”

    XD Lol, Carter, I love when you so blatantly don’t have a conscience.

  • macciato

    Eh, Adrien i know a great remedy for loneliness, and you’re gong to love it. It’s very effective: Don’t be such a prick for the person who shows interest in you (especially when he’s helping you). C’mon, he doesn’t even deserve it now.

    • Interpolation

      Well, we started with Carter being a prick (and thinking with it) to Adrian, and Adrian returning that in kind (being one I mean). Now Carter is acting less like a prick and does actually seem to genuinely like and care about Adrian beyond sexy times. Adrian doesn’t know this because Carter hasn’t told him. Apparently Carter is shy about that. Go figure. In the meantime Adrian has shifted to mostly tolerating Carter and accepting his company.

      Anyway, my point is that I can see why Adrian continues to act like a prick towards Carter. As he said there is clearly more to Carter than his unrelenting douche-baggery. But there’s still the unrelenting douche-baggery because that’s Carter’s comfort zone. So as far as Adrian knows Carter is still interested only in sex and his friendliness could merely be a means to an end. Adrian a) believes you should have sex only with someone you love, b) has had his heart broken and c) doesn’t have a lot of faith in Carter. He doesn’t want to invest his heart, be used, and then have his heart broken again.

      Besides that I think that Carter being overly flirtatious and Adrian being annoyed may have permanently cemented itself as their dynamic.

      • Cal

        I think that Adrian’s just a fussy guy that finds Carter’s antics a little annoying. I understand that what Adrian most appreciates (or, probably more accurately, /only/ appreciates) Carter’s heart and who Carter is under all of that sleaze. The sleaze, on the under hand… well, I think that Adrian would prefer to do without it.

        I for one find Adrian’s nagginess refreshing. It’s far more telling than him just sighing and internalizing his distaste. This way, he is at least opening up to Carter in some way.

  • Merrsharr

    kinky… yes, I’d like him on a leash.

  • agustano

    Adrian’s head is SO adorably big in that last panel. His expression is so pitiful!


    Carter’s so wrapped up in the success of his pilfering that he doesn’t even notice that Ms Woods just killed Adrian’s puppy. He could need comforting after this shocking news for goodness sake… where’s your priorities, dude!?

  • ceyec

    XD esa expresión!! es adorable!

  • Lucia Viana

    Oh, boy! Now waht? D:
    Carter, behave! xD

  • actually ceara

    snack successfully retrieved

  • PirateGhostPirate

    Adrian’s face is like —> (●д●);; and it’s pretty much the best thing ever.
    Aside from Carter jacking all of the snacks.
    Congrats on 100 pages!

  • Tellusora

    Adrian is so adorable. I swear I have to repeat myself every page.

  • Kayl

    What’s been going on with the art style for the last few pages? It changed suddenly around page 96.

    • Vy

      Actually, I wouldn’t say that the art style has been affected too much over the course of Volume 2. What you’re probably perceiving is a change of mood and story-telling style. The inclusion of more adorable and exaggerated faces, plus a change of color scheme overall, is tipping your brain off that there is something different about the recent pages; there is! It’s just that the change is in the handling of the plot, which is more facetious at the moment than the previous, more serious pages.

      • Eucytus

        It’s noticeably less detailed.

        • Anonna

          No you’re right. I think they may be rushing to meet their promise. If they’re busy I rather them take a few more days. I just hope they clean up these pages for Volume 2 release(Assuming they release a volume 2).

          Or they could in fact have read Oyasumi PunPun, Miman Renai or some other form of manga that has comical faces as reaction panels and just wanted to go with it. Still think they should clean it up for a physical release nonetheless.

        • DerpyAlchemist

          I agree that it’s the change of atmosphere. When the comic is serious, we get detailed scenes and complex expressions. The story went from being very serious (with the heavy/sad scenes at the party) to them goofing around. I think the art has gone kinda ‘chibi’ to convey the humor. Not to mention in comics the art usually starts off iffy and then gets really good, but after the artists get better they find a balance between effort and quality, and usually it becomes a little more simplistic so they can draw faster and convey the story better. Blah blah blah sorry, I just hope no one thinks they’re being lazy.



  • Luis Diego Carias Valverde

    LOL Carter no idea you could steal from a vending machine LOL. I predict Carter will have a whole day adventure for themselves with this situation :p

  • Sbcat

    I love this comic it’s fantastic!! The artwork is spectacular, and the story line is exultant!!! :3

  • Nickelz

    To be fair, Adrian, you actually walked into it that time. Leash? Come on.

  • Atary Walker

    Got da goods fou free!!! xD

  • Lolica Uzumaki

    The face of Adrian in the last square is so chibi cute! *w*

    TOWARDS 100!

  • Annalee

    Wicked, huh. I bet Adrian is playing Fiyero.

  • Kamigi

    the real story on this page is the journey to free snacks

  • Bored Mortal

    Meanwhile in Carter’s world…

  • Bianka Varga

    hmmm…a leash….. :3

  • gay_is_kay

    *claps for carter*

  • probablykenma

    wait a second … adrien is REALLY into BDSM, holy shit

    • MAD HAT

      stop with spoilers pls ;-; it’s my first time reading jfc

  • ArtisticallyEnglish

    lol What happened to the vending machine? He just pulled it out of nowhere in the last panel.

  • I live in garbage

    “Ooh kinky”

  • Ariel

    I’m happy for carter

  • Ru

    RUDE!!! When you borrow stuff, you return it, otherwise it’s stealing!!!

  • Fujoshi and proud

    carter’s happiness is all that matters

  • Cassidy Elmore

    ooh kinky

  • bluespaceberry

    bet it’s david’s school who never returned those damn props

  • Illuminated Artist

    “Ooh Kinky.”

    >O< I didn't know you were Jared Kleinman in disguise