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    Amazing! :D

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    Flying iPhone!

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    Woah! That is EXACTLY how I drive! D:

    • nanana

      Skreee!!! Oh ya I know that sound :D

  • Maqa

    Lmao, Adrian’s face is like:

    “Getting really tired of your shit, Carter”

    • Scatt

      I feel sorry Carter his trying too hard :(

      • Maqa

        I’m pretty sure that Carter’s dorkiness is going to make Adrian have some pretty good times. He is a qt after all <3

  • hetta

    this is THE BEST PAGE EVER :D


    You must be nervous as shit Carter… what on earth is going on with your game? *LOL* Where’s the cool, corny suaveness you’ve charmed him with so far? Awwww, you poor bebe… you’re trying so hard. Come on Adrian, sitting there all buttoned up like a nun. Cut him some slack. And smile a little; he won’t bite… I think…

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    How is Adrian not impressed by those driving skills? I mean, come on, Carter has to be one of the best drivers I’ve ever seen.

  • Vy


    and Adrian just deadpanning through it all omg

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    I love Carter. ‘Nuff said.

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    enviro-man 2000

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    Carter behave and stop trying to be cool… We love your dorkieness !

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    I think things are going well.

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    That last panel perfectly epitomizes an aspect of their relationship

  • not actually ceara

    was this comic always in third person or is it me

    • Vy

      The point of view switches between chapters, but not consistently. The majority of Volume 1 was in Carter’s point of view. Volume 2 seems to be an 3rd person omniscient view considering that we are seeing an equal amount of Carter’s and Adrian’s sides of the story, but so far we’ve only “heard” Carter’s thoughts.

      I’m guessing the rest of this chapter will be 3rd person, but with the narrative being more heavily focused on Carter’s side than Adrian’s. We’ll get to hear more of Carter’s inner commentary, but we’ll get to observe an equal amount of Adrian’s actions/experiences (without commentary).

      *disclaimer: this is strictly fan speculation :U

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    That last panel is a gem!

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    I can’t wait for the next page! :D I get so excited for the updates!

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    Love this page! Look at badass Carter in the shades & quarter sleeves. He’s trying so hard! And I love how Adrian always looks exasperated with him. I want him to stay that way forever.

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    These two remind me of Marshal Lee and Prince Gumball.
    Love it. <3

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    If you listen carefully, you’ll hear boxer briefs dropping

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    Why isn’t ANYONE mentioning the flying iPhone!!??


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      Gravity defying iPhones get with the times (though Adrian has a flip phone)

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    that last panel tho

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    can you imagine these two on road trips though

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    The flying iPhone just made that panel about 25% funnier

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    That last panel means the world to me lmao

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    You know what I hate? When you’re on your phone and you laugh, and someone asks what you’re laughing about. Like, “Oh I’m just reading a BL webcomic, would you mind leaving me alone now dear brother?”

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      gonna me starting tomorrow

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    last panel screaming

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    matching icons for you and your friend

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      I do that…my sister has the other half of my profile pic XD

      if you know where this came from

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    That is a very minimalistic steering wheel. ouo

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    Okay I have to say it: Adrian in the last panel looks just from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi