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This is going well.

In other news, we’re in Trannah. For Tcaf. Stop by our table if you want to see us! We’ll be at 101.



  • Duzkasours

    Haha, Carter is so cute and silly

  • C

    dat sunglasses <3

    • actually ceara

      it makes him 2x creepier though

      • Vy

        I think that is the point. He can stare at Adrian all he wants and he’ll never suspect.

        Plus, what else would he use them for? It’s a hazy day. :v

  • Dini

    omg this is seriously one of my favorite pages so far. that second panel is just absolutely perf, especially with that 3rd choice omg I can’t stop laughing. and adrian is surely emitting those bishounen pheromones (◡‿◡✿)

  • nananna

    Carter plays too many videogames xD

  • redleaveshavefallen

    Oh man, Carter knows about Japanese dating sims? ;7;

    in other news, I am so, so, so incredibly amused right now.

    • Chi Li

      I’m laughing over the thought of Carter playing them, but I shouldn’t be so surprised. xD

  • Noah Wright

    B-baka. ////

    xDDD love this page<3

  • Vy

    Oh no, the entire page didn’t even load and I died before I could finish the second panel. CccCAAARRTtterrrrrrRRRR pay attention you boob :U

    Also, have fun at TCAF!! 8)))

  •źwiecka/100000316140023 Patrycja Anna ‘Marronka’ Niedź

    I’M LAUGHING SO HARD. Second panel is absolute PERFECTION. Everything in the background turning pink, and those sparkles…. XD It’s wonderful.
    And Carter’s face in last panel XD I just can’t XD

  • Kelley Carpenter

    Love love love the “What should Carter do?” Box haha

  • Kelley Carpenter

    Also, Adrian’s face in the third panel is perfection. Easily one of my favorite pages thus far.

  • Amanda Eckhoff

    “You look like you smoked all of the weed then cried about it.” – Best. Line. Ever. Lmao

  • Wendy Jimenez

    Hahaha well of course he knows that. It’s a shortcut~ :D
    Aw man I’m so loving that second panel~

  • lucef

    Third option! Take third option, dammit!

  • Mint

    Soooo cutee!!

  • Jamie Dutton

    Lol, this page is now in Carter Vision! I’m surprised he can concentrate enough to stay on the road!

  • BurstThrough

    They just left an asian character behind but then suddely mostly everthing looks japanese: the dating sim choices(genius material LMAO) and then Carter’s last expression(ok that lacked the sweat drop but my point still stands).

  • ana

    There should be an option of “Steamy make out”

    I’m dissapointed, Carter.

  • Abikyoukan

    “B-baka” i’m dead xD
    What should Carter do?
    >Hey there baby, why don’t you give me a BJ?

  • arc


  • Nikki Rivera

    I swear I saw the Power-up hammer right there in panel three :D
    and that last panel made me laugh so hard xD

  • Aliizze G Airi

    >What do you want, b-baka?
    hahahahahaha I’m dead :3

  • Captain Subtle

    “you look like you smoked all the weed and then cried about it”

  • DeviousDemon

    My kokoro just went doki doki, kyaa~ But srsly. Totes super adorbs.

  • agustano

    Can someone explain the “b-baka” joke? I’m having a slow moment.

    • ggggg

      It’s usually something characters from Japanese animations say. Mostly when they’re shy or flustered in some way, they’ll say “baka” which means “idiot” in Japanese. It’s very popular because of how often it’s used.

      • augustano

        Thank you so much for explaining! It was totally lost on me but now it’s really funny…. I need to read more yaoi & shonen-ai.

        • Lady J

          Also the style resembles a Dating Sim(ulation) which is a style of video game which is especially popular in Japan

        • George DeForest
  • Seimein

    Still laughing.

  • Natalia Sturla


  • Natalia Sturla

    Still laughing, never stop laughing…

  • Milith

    That one really make me laugh. Nice Job

  • Otaku_Overlord1

    Baka means fool in Japanese. Check it out on wikipedia. Or google it for even more info. The panel is a reference to Japanese dating sim games.

    • just passing by

      Which can only mean that Carter must have played them… often.

  • Tsukai_Misae

    Tsundere Adrian!!! Hehe I love it!

  • Zakk S. SutCliff

    Carter must play a lot of simulation games.XD

  • Fampar Lostprophet

    XD date simulation game FTW!! XD

  • Xio Henriquez

    Flirt/ game mode activate I love those moments when the boy or girl are to distracted by the person they like looks and don’t even realize what they are doingv

  • Ace

    XD this is hilarious how Carter thinks of this as a dating simulator

  • talia mamane

    OMFG HE’S, LIKE, PLAYING A BL GAME XDD I love otome games and visual novels.. XD

    • cloudsheep

      have you played dmmd? :D

      • magnechant

        yis yis yis yis

      • Talia Mamane

        OH MY GOD YES
        MY FAVE
        //except I hate nsfw so I have to use nitro skip a loooot but the story is so good that it’s worth a little smut skipping//

      • Talia Mamane

        OH MY GOD YES
        MY FAVE
        //except I hate nsfw so I have to use nitro skip a loooot but the story is so good that it’s worth a little smut skipping//

  • Atary Walker

    Carter is like “Sh!t” in that last panel xD

  • Tarah Stylinson

    good to know Carter makes decisions like a date simulator. He worries me so much…

    • artsyfartsybitchface

      Carter is me

  • Mar Sánchez

    This reminded me of Dmmd!

  • Lorien.

    Carter is so sexy. <333

  • Rose Ryuzaki


  • Sky Line

    This made my day~

  • Nathalia Navarro


  • Yuki Kouno

    LOL BL dating game! XD

  • Pinkfeiry

    tsundere adrian OMG XD

  • LaShanna Bing

    Real smooth Carter. Real smooth…

  • barb

    i love this page so much it’s hilarous

  • MikaYuu


  • Ninhursag

    “What do you wantt? b-baka” lol, visual novel with choices .

    • lizchibi78/electrospider7813

      “i wanna know why your suddenly being a tsundere”

      • artsyfartsybitchface

        What do you mean by suddenly? He’s always been like this.

  • BoopGatchaNow

    You look like you smoked all the weed then cried about it????WHAATT EVEN YESS

  • Crustasean

    “So you know we’re going in the opposite direction?”