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Lost internet connections, broken computers, and shenanigans caused this page to be late. We hope you enjoy anyway! This Friday’s page should be on time.

in other news HO SHIT BELL AND I ARE GOING TO TCAF next weekend  (May 11-12)!!

We are going to be selling ARH books, prints, buttons and some little zines so if you’re in the Toronto area please stop by and say hi! The event is free! We would love to chat with all of you, and this is our first visit to Toronto.

We will add more news on this later as we find out where we will be located in the exhibition hall. All we know is that we will be somewhere in the center. :>

Anyway have a good week everyone and see you on Friday!!

-Hazel & Bell

  • KeitaEdelstein

    ‘HONK!’, I sense Carter! I hope he’ll cheer poor Adrian up.

    • nanana

      Holy shizzz I just noticed! Waaaa~~~

  • G. S. Maybe

    It’s either Carter’s truck or an enthusiastic goose.

    • actually ceara

      or even a certain face painted clown

  • TheLandOfEntrapment

    “Dude my parents are Asian, I get it” XD best line hahahaha and HONK! MY CARTER SENSE ARE TINGLING!!! Can’t wait for their car ride XD


    I love how Maria always tries to get Adrian to see Carter in a positive light~
    You keep telling him, girl! “Team Carter” all the way! He protects your virtue, supports your dreams when your parents won’t, and even comes to the rescue with a freshly vacuumed truck.
    You’re welcome.

    • actually ceara

      how do you vacuum a truck though, wouldn’t you need a really long extension cord

      • Mint

        DEDICATION! And there’s those tiny vacuums that runs on batts too C:



  • Jamie Dutton

    It’s great to see Maria again! I adore that girl as much as I do Cadrian!

  • Rae Kitano

    I think I might have taken that course :)

  • Clairianne

    Finally :3 I understand Adrian, parents are awful all the time :<

  • Subaru

    Poor, Adrian! XDD

  • Chi Li

    “My parents are Asian.” xD I get it, too. I have 2 Cs right now (a 79% and 76%) and I am afraid of what is going to happen to me if I don’t raise them to B minuses at least. (My parents aren’t violent, but still: FML… -_-) And now that I think about it, Geo from JustKiddingFilms would make a pretty good Maria.
    I hope they talk more about Carter! =3

  • Chocobot

    Oh sweet she says parental units too! Boo yeah! B)

  • Vy

    GAHHH I’m really loving their outfits for this chapter. ;-; Did both Maria and Adrian walk back to school on Saturday to meet Carter?

    Also eee I can’t wait to see what kind of truck shenanigans these 3 will go through 8) (what if the truck breaks down because IT’S OLD AND BEAT UP OH NOO)

  • agustano

    Awww Adrian in that last panel hugging his knees! So emotional.

  • yaoifanboy

    LOL MY PARENTS ARE ASIAN I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN, man, that’s the story of my life. i love you guys for making this comic!

  • Enn

    ASIAN PARENTS. Oh gosh, I know it. I get it.

  • Kumiko

    Pffft, asian parents? Please, my parents aren’t asian but their always so uptight like there’s a freaking stick up their anus. Not to mention when my mother gets angry…. All hell breaks loose, man.

  • Alice Wang

    oh please maria, your asian parents are lenient, they let you go to a party get drunk and come home past 1AM

  • potasmic

    “My parents are Asian, I get it” Hah!! So relatable!

  • Mar Sánchez

    jajajaa mis padres son asiaticos xDD

  • randomgurl

    “My parents are asian. I get it.” OHMIGOSH THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.

  • Yuki Kouno

    “my parents are asian. I get it” XD LOL I can relate as well

  • TypicallyUsual

    Can I can an Amen for overbearing Asian parents? Add religion to it and you have yourself a walking time bomb. Sorry, needed to vent.

    • Schadenfreude

      Add sexuality and create an ICBM…

      • TypicallyUsual

        Had to look up look up what an ICBM is. So true. I always thank my lucky stars I’m not LGBTQ. Not against it or anything, but I really wouldn’t be able to deal with my mom if I was.

        • Schadenfreude

          I’m sort of bi so I get by just swell. All I have to do is not fall in love with a girl so the missile doesn’t get launched… XD

          • TypicallyUsual

            And I also want to get, like, five piercings on each ear once I turn eighteen. Yeah, my mom’s going to kill me…

  • ieatyaoiforbreakfast

    “My parents are Asian, I get it.” *crawls in hole and dies because truth.*

    • Schadenfreude

      I just want to ask… is it normal for asian parents to hit their children? Mom says everyone does it.

      • Hunter

        no it’s definitely not normal, and illegal. you need to tell someone like a teacher or a friends parent if your mom is hitting you.

      • Alle

        I dunno, I think its pretty normal. My parents used to cane me and my brothers a lot when we messed up really bad when we were kids (although that was because we were real terrors back then and they dropped it when we matured lol), so I guess its ok for disciplining?

        That said, there’s a difference between discipline and physical abuse. If you’re mom’s taking it too far (something like not getting an A for a test or get hit, for example, or excessive beatings for something that can be considered minor), tell someone because that isn’t discipline, that’s physical abuse.

      • ieatyaoiforbreakfast

        Honestly, I believe that depends mostly upon the view of how you should parent, not your ethnicity. I’m pretty sure that in some Asian cultures it’s not exactly frowed upon, but I’m sure there are a ton of Asain parents who choose not to take that route while punishing their children. When I was younger, my mom used to give me a really tiny spank (really even hardly enough to hurt) if I did something really really bad and any other attempt to get me to listen didn’t work. However, if a parent is hitting you enough that it seriously hurts and you bruise, take that shit to social services because they should not be doing that under any circumstances.

      • Nil

        i dont think its normal, my mom has hit me with a slipper before but thats about it. although I’m middle eastern so i guess i wouldn’t know much about more eastern parts of asia. tiny spanks are ok in my opinion (my mom used to do it- she sometimes still does, but they don’t hurt almost at all) if only the child doesnt listen AT ALL

      • yerin’s high jump

        it’s normal for me lol. i’m not asian, but latina, so when i fuck up i end up getting chased with la chancla

  • niyaku

    “They must be taking courses on guilt-tripping children.”
    and the asian thing

  • Bored Mortal

    I feel so lucky now. I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!!!

  • Exslo

    I am literally Maria

  • Sarah – Kun

    I love how Maria just casually says “My parents are Asian, I get it.” and literally every Asian person is like: “SHE SPEAKS THE TRUTH.”

  • random person

    maria is the most relatable character ttbh because i’m also asian

    • Ru

      Oh, lol same. Very same reason I feel guilty for not noticing that she was Asian . . . XD

  • Eleanor Burrows

    OMG! Maria and I both call parents Parental Units! Kin! Hi-5!

    • jellyfishprincess

      Same! Kin!

  • jellyfishprincess


  • Eheu Anna

    At this point I pronounce Maria as Mariah cuz Hamilton

  • erin

    okay but i can’t be the only one who thinks maria looks like female phil lester

  • erin

    @ the last panel

    when did gamzee get here?

    • Justine Hailey Antenor

      holy shit a fellow homestuck

      • Van

        Holla! XD

  • Zanooby Alasfoora

    I feel for Maria…alot…

  • Hit me with a stapler

    One of my moms are asian (and the other just crazy), I get you Maria