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Carter doesn’t know how to people.


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  • butt

    oh carter~ you adorable horny derp you

  • fluffybunny714

    Lol~! I love Carter’s expression in the last panel. It’s like: (°_°)

  • Jamie Dutton

    Omg, Carter finally stops being so pushy and now it’s goin nowhere fast….but at least they’re cute! Are they waiting for each other to make a move?

  • Anonymous

    It’s all right, Carter! I don’t know how to people either.

  • Icie

    i can feel the awkward emanating from the screen. xD

  • Jello

    aww no hug even??

  • Lenbe

    Carter is frustated ;-;

  • Shelly ‘Naru’ Yusupov

    Oh you Carter~ just so adorable

  • Stand.By

    Supposed to invite the boy in… Even if it is Carter….
    Okay especially if it’s Carter.

    • xLizardx

      I’m guessing [given Adrian's strict, large family] that inviting Carter in could prove somewhat problematic…. even if he wants to. Maybe he could play the gentleman for a change, and walk Carter back to his house? :)

  • Alex Birkett

    Adrian! Stop playing with Carters poor feelings!

  • booklover320

    Poor Carter!

  • remmy

    aw. carter wants some, ;u;

  • icraveyaoi

    So glad this is back! Gosh look at those awkward babies.

  • Niddle

    Ahah I feel your pain Carter!
    Though, I find this page so sweet. The akwardness probably XD

    Aaaaaah~ I missed this so much <3


    I don’t think Adrian is playing with Carter’s feelings; he seems to be waiting for Carter to make a move, since he’s been so aggressive before. And poor Carter, trying his best not to spook him by taking it slow so Adrian can warm up to him.

    Talk about awkwardness… in epic proportions!

    Well Carter, Adrian doesn’t seem like he’ll step up first — so it looks like you’re gonna have to use the ‘french-girl’ move again… XD. But secretly, I’m really hoping Adrian will be the one to do it; Carter has worked soo hard to get his attention already~

  • killthisotakufreak

    LOL aaw so cute xD

  • Ian Shan

    I love you Carter ;w;

  • ME24601

    Poor Carter. I’m sure things will happen eventually.

  • +bird+

    Haha Carter my pitiful baby. Trying to move forward is so awkward, right…

  • hasnohat

    I am totally going to use the “I don’t know how to people” line.

  • Awko Taco

    Carter: “Well this was awkward….. back to internet porn.”

  • rotXinXpieces

    I just recently started reading this and I’m so glad I did! This is sooo adorable! I love the characters and how realistic they are. I feel like I can relate to Carter a lot more than I should, haha. I love the drawing style too, the plot line, the personalities. Everything about this comic is amazing! I’m definitely bookmarking so I can stalk for updates :D!

  • Jenesis Touya

    I only started reading this comic yesterday ,but I can’t stop rereading the whole comic again and again and again…. Why is it so addicting?! and I can’t wait for your new update.

  • kuroi_hitsuji

    AWWWWWW XD <3333

  • Whooohoo

    Remember Adrian saying he’s a person who likes getting wept of his feet by some guy? This kind of reaction is entirely to be expected in my opinion…
    Not that it’s any less awkward and/or cuter :3

  • SirShirkin

    Awe x3 I remember this stage- horrible.horrible.horrible!! xD Hope they can get somewhere! They’re too cute x3

  • Kat

    ;3; he wanted a kiss goodbye

  • SamuelDerek

    I about face desked at the sexual tension in this page xD

  • Redleaveshavefallen

    I just bought the book and the print. It’s so lovely! Thank you for continuing this incredible story that has captured my heart so fantastically. Now I can read it every day.

    I can’t wait for the exposé of thoughts that is sure to come on the next page. Oh, I missed these characters so much.


    These guys need to go on a date…XD they never have THEM time XD

  • Seimein


  • Dokidokibaka

    I have had a number of good byes like this. Not knowing how forward to be and just kind of an awkward parting…

  • iiFallenColors

    I just love hos this is drawn, the style is so cute x3

  • Keitha

    Don’t worry Carter I don’t know how to people either

  • camboo

    i feel ur pain carter

  • ieatyaoiforbreakfast

    *flops on floor like a fish* “I can’t even people, either. Oh gosh.”

  • Phantom Cat

    People? What is that again?

  • Chimera

    Wait…. What keeps happening

  • Bored Mortal

    Carter looks like me on Mondays.

  • Sarah – Kun

    Me trying to be a people person in one page. xD

  • Sabrina Méndez

    that’s me xD

  • allienveno

    i love seeing adrians hair evolution from more spiky to the amazing floppyness it gets to at the end

    • Nil

      ikr i wanna touch it it looks so fluffy, his face also gets rounder and cuter i love it

  • Oscar Leigh

    Don’t worry Carter. Adrian wants you to take it slow. Just let him set the pace.

  • oinkawa -

    Same Carter, I don’t know how to people either.

    • Eckart

      Most of us on the internet reading this don’t know how to people…

      • Nightcore Gravity


  • FrostBug

    Me too, I don’t know humans exist. Is that a drink or something?

  • Cat

    AAAAAHHH!!! So cute, Iove this