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Hi all!

guess this is something you guys were waiting for… Well, here it is! The start of volume two.

Bell and I have spent the last four months toiling over this chapter so I hope you guys enjoy it! As you may notice, the art style has been revamped slightly and so has our update schedule — Bell and I are in School/work full time so we really don’t have as much time on our hands as we did for the past year. Regardless, we are going to try our hardest to update on time on our new update day, Fridays! The next few weeks are looking good for updates, but I just hope we have an understanding that if there is a delay in the future it is for a good reason.

Anyway, we really look forward to seeing everyone’s comments again and showing everyone more of Adrian and Carter’s adventures :>



  • schloo

    And now we get the raining portion of the book.. :) I’ve been wondering for a while what the significance of the rain in this story would be.

    • Nate

      I had always thought that it was a reference to the fact that it seems to be always raining here in the southwest of canada…Seriously, so much rain…

  • Crowbeak


    All artists adjust over time. Penny Arcade is beloved, and the old art is not so great. Do not fret. We still love you.

    Good luck with school and stuff.

    Also… SQUEE!

  • kuroi_hitsuji

    Awwww >u< I am such a sucker for casual sweetness. Just makes me so happy to see two people get along like that, platonic or not ;u;

  • Natodile

    Oh man, feels Like I’ve been waiting 5evar. <234~

  • Emma Moony


  • Nura-Dayan

    I’m so excited for the new chapter! (*o*)/

  • Nura-Dayan

    I’m so excited for the new chapter! (*o*)/ thanks guys!

  • Iz

    New chapter!? FINALLY! I’ve been waiting all winter for this :D. welcome back!

  • littlemissinnocent

    awesome! just in time for the rainy season…which is like…always…err haha

  • fujoshifanatic

    Yay! I’ve been coming here for so long, hoping the story didn’t die…you made my day! :-)

  • Saya

    I remember when I found out about “It’s always raining here” and I started reading and finished all in one day, and when I realised you were on hiatus I felt so lonely so quickly! I’m glad you’re back! Those two are cutiepies! ♥

  • Cat

    Love love love the way the clerestory interacts with the panel format! And so glad to see you back — I’ve been eagerly waiting.

  • betchyascream

    OMG welcome back 8D

  • Robert Snyder

    WHERE’S THE UPDATE!! WHY HASN’T IT UPDATED YET?! *shakes computer* I WANT IT NAO!!!! Really.. Yall do a good job at this comic and i LOVE it~
    and i shall wait for it no matter how long!

    • Hazeldrop

      we update fridays now…

      • Robert Snyder

        oooooh i thought it was already friday.. Derp me but welcome back at any rate

  • Kyler

    Volume 2, yay! I’m so glad you guys are updating again^^ Looking forward to the releases!!

  • BlackRose

    I literally cheered to myself when I saw this. :)

  • bellhasabat

    Hang tight campers, you got about an hour or two of wait ahead of you B)

    • bellhasabat


  • TheGodEaters

    You are back! Much love to both of you and this is so worth the wait! Couldn’t tell you how many times I read through the comic while waiting for the new update! So glad to see you back!

  • Dıcıæm

    I love these two. And I’m veeeery happy to see your work so soon. Thanks for sharing this with us. You rock ^^

    And like Carter. Don’t worry, we got you covered!

  • M san

    I’m so happy!!!!!

  • Artimis456


  • Grace Bauman

    So happy this is back!

  • Dokidokibaka

    Why does Adrian feel the need to hide the fact that he was playing a game? Was it a game he doesn’t want anyone to know he plays? Or is it to deter the “OMG Can I play?!?!?” people?

    And Carter to the rescue again!

  • JuniperJollies

    Was that a pun..?

  • Ravyn

    As a resident of the lovely Port Alberni British Columbia I must say…. WHO FORGETS THEIR DAMNED UMBRELLA?… If it ain’t raining, it could start any time. Adrian is not prepared for his B.C. life. XD

    You: “Oh lovely weather today, not a cloud in sight. Only mountains. May go sit on the docks.
    Weather: haha I will magically downpour while you are on your way.

  • iiFallenColors

    Carter in the last panel…. xD he’s so cute

  • B.

    Metal Gear reference *W*