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So, this is it!

Volume 1 of Always Raining Here is now done! It only took 1.5 years and 85 pages, but now Adrian and Carter are at least on much more amicable terms. We hope you guys stick around to see all the fun things they get up to in the future, which we will be continuing some time in late November/early December.

Thank you everyone who stuck with this comic for the past year and a half! All your comments and feedback and insight has genuinely made this expereince extremely enjoyable and rewarding. You are all awesome, and thank you for being there for us.

Our fundraiser has 24 hours left on it, so if you’re thinking about making a last-minute preorder, you can check it out here!

Always Raining Here Indiegogo

So yeah! Hiatus until nov/dec. We hope to see you all around when we start up again then!

Bell & Hazel

(PS: If you want to keep up with ARH updates in the meantime, you can follow our Facebook Page or our Tumblrs’!


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  • SwedenGirlIza


  • Meyui

    I’ve just started reading yesterday and I already love it so much, I won’t get any sleep tonight but I don’t care :D

  • Robot Porkchop

    I’m a bit late here and I read this whole volume in a single day (I had other activities to attend to today) and I love this! Somewhat unique to other boy love comics I’ve read and I honestly prefer this to most others. I can’t wait to read the next volume! :D

  • Fred Weasley