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So, this is it!

Volume 1 of Always Raining Here is now done! It only took 1.5 years and 85 pages, but now Adrian and Carter are at least on much more amicable terms. We hope you guys stick around to see all the fun things they get up to in the future, which we will be continuing some time in late November/early December.

Thank you everyone who stuck with this comic for the past year and a half! All your comments and feedback and insight has genuinely made this expereince extremely enjoyable and rewarding. You are all awesome, and thank you for being there for us.

Our fundraiser has 24 hours left on it, so if you’re thinking about making a last-minute preorder, you can check it out here!

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So yeah! Hiatus until nov/dec. We hope to see you all around when we start up again then!

Bell & Hazel

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    I’ve just started reading yesterday and I already love it so much, I won’t get any sleep tonight but I don’t care :D

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    I’m a bit late here and I read this whole volume in a single day (I had other activities to attend to today) and I love this! Somewhat unique to other boy love comics I’ve read and I honestly prefer this to most others. I can’t wait to read the next volume! :D

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    I’m so very incredibly late to this party. Planning on getting through the whole thing by the end of the week. I’ve enjoyed reading this so very much, and I enjoy the comments on each page as well. Reading these comments is a breathe of fresh air. I realize now there is nothing wrong with being gay, and these comments show that so many people share that sentiment and support same sex couples as well. Mind you, I was only ever anti-gay because I was taught to be. I was taught to be anti-gay, and … I hated myself.

    If it’s alright I’d like to share my story. Only a few people know this story and for whatever reason this comic is inspiring me to tell it. I’m leaving out a lot of details of anonymity’s sake and to try and cut it down as I’m sure this will be a wall of text. Thank you in advance for reading, if you do.

    My family is very openly anti-gay, as a result I’ve been in the closet my whole life. I knew this guy in high school, he was amazing. Carter reminds me of him a lot, not the brightest guy but not stupid, incredibly kind but socially awkward. Much like Carter, I’ve noticed he tends to fake his own confidence which is a form of handling insecurity I’ll never understand.

    We became friends, from 9th grade until 12th. I knew he was gay, he was so open about it, and i liked him so much… but I was too scared to come out to anybody. I grew up hating myself and in a lot of ways I still do to this day. Almost two decades of gay is bad ergo I’m bad and must hide it, basically. In our senior year he said something I’ll never forget. “I wish you were into guys.” Every fiber of my body and soul wanted to say something but like a dumb ass I laughed and assured him he’ll find somebody someday.

    I move on to college, he moves on to a technical school, and our relationship becomes “check on you occasionally on Facebook” status. I finish college, he’s moved into a career in his field. Meanwhile my parents are trying to help me find a job so I can move out finally. After a particularly bad argument (I was raised by narcissists… if you know what that’s like then you get it.) I pack an overnight bag and leave with the intention of sleeping in my car as I was broke and couldn’t afford a hotel.

    I’m settling in for the night and talking to my sister on Facebook about what happened when he messages me “what’s up bro’ski”. He’s a nerd, and i love it… that’s just how he talks. I tell him what’s going on, he tells me to come hang out with him and his friends at his apartment. I show up, fully expecting to be a weird annoying burden who’ll bring down everyone’s mood. We end up drinking a bit, I’m loosening up while cheering up at the same time. This was the first time in my entire life I felt I could relax and be myself. So, along with him… there are three people there. Two guys and a girl. One of the guys and the girl were together. I presume the other guy is his boyfriend… which was very disappointing. I avoid the topic, didn’t want to bum myself out again basically. Eventually the couple leaves, and other guy sticks around. Confirmation they’re together, in my mind.

    Last guy finally says “I’m too drunk to drive home, mind if I crash here?” Needless to say, my ears perk. My old friend says sure and it’ll be cool to have two friends crashing for the night. Later on, dude is passed out on the couch and old friend and I are catching up and enjoying the face to face time… was the first time we’d been together physically for a long time. He asks if I want a cig, I tell him I don’t smoke but follow him out on the balcony anyways like a weird lost puppy. I ask if he ever found Mr. Right, he says no and he asks if I ever found a lady friend. I just say “I’ve not really been looking.”

    He starts to give advice on finding a relationship and how it’ll make me happier. And i don’t know if it was the alcohol, my sudden good mood, the amazing view from his balcony or what… I interrupt and say “I mean, I’ve not been looking for a woman.”

    He didn’t get it. Just thought I meant I didn’t want a relationship. He tells me he understands my parents are overbearing and causing me stress, said I can come by anytime. My brain is still dwelling on earlier though. I cut him off and say “I’m actually gay.”

    It was the first time I’ve ever said it. I was focusing on the stars, I couldn’t even look at him when I said it. My heart was pounding and I could feel my face glowing red to admit such a *horrible* thing to both him and myself… but it felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. He did something I didn’t expect, because nobody had ever ever done this for me before. He listened. I told him everything, that i liked him all throughout high school and was hiding from reality, my parents, and myself. I told him I had depression issues which is the only reason I wouldn’t date him. And I don’t mean feeling sad occasionally… I meant attempts, hospital stays, police showing up at my door to make me go to one of *those* hospitals. The ones where the doors lock from the outside and the sheets are made of kevlar so they can’t be tied. I don’t like to be a burden on people. I wanted out so much.

    He pulls me in for a side hug, he tells me i need to experience real life and not the reality my parents created for me. I’m a bit of a baby, I’m ok admitting that. But when he pulled me in for that hug I cried. He tells me his likes me, and is interested… but he understands my reasons for not dating and won’t press the matter. But he offers to let me stay with him if i’d like until I found a job and could live on my own.

    I took him up on the offer. I found an entry level job to help him with bills but he told me to keep it because he made plenty and lived frugally either way. Over the next few months he works with me in a way I still don’t believe i deserved. Introduces me to people, helps me come out of my shell. He took me and broke me down and rebuilt me into the best possible version of myself I could be and I don’t think he’ll ever really know how grateful I am for that. I went from “admitting” I was gay to “letting people know, if it came up.” I was getting more confidence. I was falling into positive routines like getting enough sleep before work, spending time doing cardio, eating better, not drinking myself into a coma every other night but casually drinking with friends on the weekends.

    One evening, it’s just us on his couch with a movie. I still can’t believe I did this and honestly it’s kind of cringe but it felt right. I scooched over closer to him and laid my head on his shoulder. He smiles and puts his arm around me. I wait for the movie to end, he asks me what I think (of the movie). I said “I think I love you.” In his typical style of social awkwardness he said he knows I do, and was waiting for me to just say it. We kissed. He puts on some music, and again with the full knowledge that this is lame, we did a kind of slow dance, occasionally kissing. I feel overwhelmed with emotion, heart racing, and can feel myself about to cry, so I bury my head in his chest to hide my face. He notices, of course, asks if I’m alright. I tell him I’ve never been held like this before. He pulls me in for a full hug, arms wrapped around me holding my close, which felt like it lasted an eternity. I still remember just listening to his heart beating and feeling comforted by it. He pulled my face up to his and kissed my cheek, right where one of my tears was. I realized at that moment it was the first time I ever really felt like i was loved or cared for. In case anyone is wondering, we ended up making love that night. My first time, my first kiss, and the first real hug of my life, all given to me by him.

    We’ve been together since. He’s taught me what love feels like. He’s made me realize soul mates do exist. If it takes me to the very end of my life, if i can make him feel 1/1000000th the way I feel about him then I’ll be proud and I know he’ll feel love and happiness to the end of his days.

    I’m so sorry about the wall of text. If you read it, thank you. I just really wanted to share this. I know this comic has been done with for years and I highly doubt anyone will read this but if they do, I’m happy to of in some small way been a part of this community. Back to reading the comic now!

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    Oh wow that was good! very nice comic!