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Hi everyone!

This is the second to last page of volume one before we go on hiatus for a month. Both Bell and I wanted to thank everyone for sticking around for this long! It makes me a little sad that this is ending. I feel like we’ve grown so much!  But, this isn’t the end to Adrian and Carter’s story. Plus, we’ll be doing some stuff during the hiatus, so more announcements on that next week!

ALSO, OUR INDIEGOGO ONLY HAS A WEEK LEFT, so if you want to preorder, do it soon! I posted the cover too, if you want to see that. We’ll also be giving a free print away with every order of the book if we reach 7000!

Thanks so much guys!

  • Jen

    AWWWWW. Love it.

    • nanana

      Me 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ycrave

    after the next one its over?

    • PockyLady

      It’ll be the end of volume one, I believe. It won’t be the end of the entire comic.

  • Cait

    I can just see in twenty years Adrian and Carter’s adopted children asking how they got together and Adrian replying, “He just wouldn’t leave me alone, so I just sort of, you know, went with it eventually.” <3

    • arc

      usual “I just got tired of resisting”

      • bellhasabat

        I wouldnt say it was becuase he got tired of resisting. Before he was charmed by Carter somewhat, but it was only his creepy harassment that made Adrian seriously reject him. Once he discovered that Carter was actually a pretty cool guy who didn’t take advantage of Adrian’s drunken compliance (not to mention took care of both him and Maria) he kind of realizes that Carter’s creeper habits are largely a harmless act he puts up in order to cover up his own insecurities when it comes to dating.
        Adrian is attracted to Carter. He finds his doofyness endearing. And he’s much more interested in him now that his personality is more transparent.
        So that’s why he’s willing to give him a chance.

        • arc

          XD I don’t mean that’s his real reason, just that it’s always the reason awkward and shy people like Adrian give.

          I find it adorable. Haha. I’m a stubborn person myself, but I’m pretty blunt and honest about it, so when people get shy and make up excuses or something, I find it cute.

          I don’t know how, but this tsundere-ness has become my type…though I used to dislike them. They’re really too cute.

  • Gaby

    OMG. I love it! It´s so sweet! And Adrian is melting hehe. They are both adorable! :D

  • woofers

    Isn’t it page 83?

    • Hazeldrop

      fixed! :)

  • TheMattAnthony

    lol they’re too cute <3

  • CrayonsEverywhere


  • Kristin Montoya

    Oh man I have to remember to order a copy.

  • c


  • Jamie D

    Lol, so cute! I’m kind of sad it’s ending too :( But hopefully we’ll get volume 2 soon!

  • 88!X

    Will we be able to order the book somewhere after the preorder period has ended? I don’t have the cash to place a preorder at the present moment.

    • Hazeldrop

      We will probably have the book up for sale on our site around late November/December!

  • LaSalvi

    But.. There will be a volume two, I hope?!

    I have to remember to buy a copy, too!

  • cozcoz

    I just rly want to see them walking home together holding hands??????? nnnnnnnnnnn gdi hahahaha ♥

  • Subaru

    Cuteness spotted. AND SO, THE FANGIRLS HAD CAKE! Omg, I love these two together, so much~!

  • Mizeseur

    They’re finally getting along! I’m so happy!! :D Yay!! :D

  • swtx

    AWW BLESS. :)

  • Auburn

    I love how Carter likes to use big words to sound sexy.
    Cause it is.

  • KittyLitter

    this is the definition of cute

  • tellme

    tell me there will be a volume two PLEASE

  • frozenlily

    aaawww, butbutbut i wanna see them kiiiiiiiiss—while sober, i mean. or at least holding hands!!! MOAR!!!!

  • Lenbe

    D’awwww ouo~ Finally, Adrian said yes to something that Carter said ;u;


    Coming to an end? What?? BLASPHEMY!!!
    Bell + Hazel, thank you so much for your beautiful work on this webcomic♥! Every page of it was truly enjoyable. I’m sure its must have been some very hard work, so do enjoy your month’s hiatus – and can’t wait to see more of these two again, now that are finally developing a relationship… Job well done, ladies!!
    Looking forward to Nov/Dec for the book sale…

  • +bird+

    Woohoo, I can’t wait until I receive my hard copy! Also, I lovelovelove the cover, I was hoping that would be it. ^-^ Congratulations~ also good for Adrian, living on the edge and giving Carter a chance (him and all his awk-swag)! I look forward to the next page, but I also don’t want it to end! :’<

  • Zoey

    This may sound a bit weird, but in the first panel, Cater’s speech pattern reminds me of Bolin.

    • Captain Subtle

      “So, Korra, there they go…here we are…all alone in the gym. Just you and me. Two alone people. Together….alone.”

  • Austin

    They better have a romantic kiss at the end. Its just one of those things that has to end the first volume!

  • LittleMissInnocent

    I love these boys. I really do <3 :)

  • SilverStars

    Awwww :’( It is going to be sad to see them go, but soon they will return :) I wonder what it would be like 5 years later. I bet Carter would still be as pervy as hell, but Adrian would love it. OR would the tables change and they switch?! GASP ;p;


    Dooo iiiiiittttttt.

  • Will

    What do you mean when you say both that you’re sad it’s ending but it’s not the end of their story?

  • Chopstick_Chick

    Dear god can this get ANY CUTER?

  • yaoi_attack

    The body language! They looking so comfortable around each other! Perhaps even comfortable enough to kiss?

  • muddkipz

    Blaspheme ends with an e, not a y.

    • Zersk

      Only when it’s a verb. :p

  • Perverzak

    Say Anything..!!!

  • Nickelz

    Squee. It’s nice when flirtation is done right.

  • Alice Wang

    the ABBA song that carter sang in french is so relevant right now XD ‘we can go walking, as long as we’re together, Listen to some music, maybe just talking, get to know you better’

  • Tarah Stylinson


  • dartist123

    Re-reading and this page is the most adorable fucking page ever thank you

  • マナ


  • B.

    “Blasphemy. I don’t even own a boom box.”
    Carter’s lines, we are in love with you. Let’s all start a happy hippy commune together!

  • Natalia

    “Blasfemia, yo nisiquiera tengo una Boom Box” aire xD me mato

  • Neko Kun

    Buuuut~, if Carter DID own one-

  • Alice Kat

    It’s. So. SWEET! ♥

  • Kamigi

    1. why tf u lyin, carter??? “gentle”man?
    2. im not exactly religious, but blasphemy is my favorite word and he just said it and i love him for that.

  • dead (Bi the way)

    “blasphemy. i don’t even own a boombox” oh my god i’m DEAD

  • Brii

    Adrian, my precious noodle.

  • Annabeth Winchester

    ” Blasphemy” ” do you even know what that means?” ” absolutely no fucking clue” oh my gods yasss

  • Bored Mortal

    Kill me now, it’s too adorable.

  • Cheesecake time

    I feel like Carter is the wolf from little red riding hood and Adrian is little red. But in the end they get along. Carter looks a bit like a wolf anyways

  • Freakinghotpockets

    Blasphemy, I don’t even own a boombox.

  • StoopidIsMe

    I love them so much