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Aaand here’s the page!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our Indiegogo fundraiser for printing Volume 1 of Always Raining Here! That’s 96 pages of full colour goodness.

I also want to thank everyone who has contributed so far! At the time of writing, we have reached 50% of our goal which is amazing. There’s 30 days left, so I hope we can make it!

edit 8/26/2012 @ 2:02am PST:

Hi everyone! if you’re stopping by now I just wanted to let you know that i’ll be having a livestream in the morning starting between 10 and 11am PST where i’ll be working on the next two pages!

Check it out when I’m streaming or camp around and wait for it!

  • Maddie

    BBYS. AKSDAKJSG. Also, once I get the chance, I might just donate for the fun of it since I already have the volume :> Anything to he;p out my bestest comic buddies!

    • Vy

      (you should get onee :U)

      • Maddie

        Oh, well, now I will! I keep throwing my money at the screen but nothings happening ehehe

  • Misezeur

    …:”> this is SO freaking SWEET! :)) I dunno why, but I can feel the sweetness in the air between these two~ AWESOME!! :D

  • swtx

    oh oh oh a’wwwwww <3 Jeez you guys, you are TOO good at this comic-ing thing.

  • pyao262

    ;__; omg omg omg

  • Cait

    I really like stories where it’s not that I wonder what is going to happen next so much as it’s that I sit in anticipation of how it’s going to be played out. Just being along for the ride is the real fun and I’m already impatient for the next page release (and I just started reading this comic last week). ^_^

    • ± truthordare ±

      Couldn’t agree with you more :)

  • redleaveshavefallen

    Finally they have some sort of relationship. As fun as it was to see Carter randomly propose and Adrian hate it, I think this dynamic will bring so much more to the story. I look forward to the interaction between these two! Then there will be so much more dialouge… ;u; And I love the dialouge.

  • Cherri_top

    Carter, what is that silence? D:

    • ShadowFish

      Images of being punched at the party, flash through his mind? Maybe? :S

  • Jamie D

    Finally, Adrian’s seeing the good things in Carter that we’ve been seeing! This is a very sweet page. I’m glad that Maria’s okay, too! I really like her and hope to see more of her.

  • Subaru

    HORRAY! Now they can finally start out as friends! :D

    • ± truthordare ±

      Actual friends, finally!

  • Hana

    am I the only one who is fascinated by the pudginess in Adrians hair?

    • nanana

      I love Adrian’s hair! It makes me wanna hug him :D

  • Andrew Thibeault


    • Alberd Eintein

      My thoughts exactly. Now Adrian can stop rejecting Carter all the time.

  • ± truthordare ±

    Wow, this page is too sweet!
    Props to you Carter, it was pretty hard work but you finally got Adrian’s eyes open… hopefully his heart will open too. And seeing past Carter’s raging hormones is a big step for you too, Adrian. You guys are at a good place right here… its kinda awesome.
    Sigh, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

  • Lenbe


    Such a beautiful words! *-*

  • Gaby

    This is amazingly sweet!!! They are just too adorable. And I love Adrian’s face in the last panel ♥

  • Jen


  • Geny789

    …Pretty sure you couldn’t have taken that guy out anyway Adrian.

  • TheMattAnthony

    Awe <3 I'm going to cry


    This is so cute ;u;

  • Shaphina

    Awesome comic. I plan to donate, if I can ever get my card. Question, any more info you can give on that tote bag? That is my desiding factor of whether to donate $60 or $100.

    • Hazeldrop

      We haven’t had them made yet because we are busy focusing on getting the comic finished up, but it will be a medium sized tote bag, tan, with raindrops and a picture of chibi Adrian and Carter! Should be pretty cute.

      • Shaphina

        Well, always need more bags. Now just need to hunt down the stupid bank.

  • moofla

    They’re talking NORMALLY?! Carter isn’t trying to smooth talk and Adrian is actually listening to what he’s saying???

    Well shit.

    • BuddhaAlex

      It won’t last. Guarantee it. Carter has not that much tact. Lots of awesome, a surprisingly good set of principles, but short on the savoir faire. I like him. He’s human.

  • Katzy

    Was Adrian crying? D: His eyes are all red or are those just bags?

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Update update update!

  • Cerulean Tear

    Who gave Adrian roofies? Did he share a drink with Maria?

    • Seimein

      Yes, it is said some page ago ! [In fact, he shared almost ALL of her drink with her]

  • Seimein

    I love the last phrase in the last panel..

  • Abikyoukan

    *Feels feels*

  • melodicsiren

    *deep sigh of relief*

  • Sarah – Kun

    Feels.. ;-;

  • Annabeth Winchester

    Does anyone else think Adrian is way to cute for his own good?

  • Bored Mortal


  • shiøn

    thisissoadorableicant ;-;

  • SashlovesBlueberries

    I can’t handle this

  • Sabrina Méndez

    this is to cute i can’t even

  • eridan

    i actually cant handle this