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Adrian buys a ticket for the shame train.

We have a couple of announcements!

It’s Hazel’s Birthday (or was, as of August 17). Happy birthday Hazel!



We’re raising money to fund the printing of Always Raining Here v.1.

You can consider this basically a pre-order of the finished version of volume one of Always Raining Here!

We’re doing it through Indiegogo, so if you’re interested in buying the first volume (96 pages including exclusive bonus content, essentially everything you’ve read so far and more) please order it by donating through Indiegogo!  We need to reach our quota in 35 days, so if you want to preorder you have to do it in this timeframe! It’s going to be tough, but we hope you guys can help us out and help us see this book into print!

Plus you can get awesome swag.

CHECK OUT OUR INDIEGOGO HERE FOR MORE INFO!  We uploaded a video talking about it there hehe, or you can just look at our silly faces.

  • Sherlockian

    Ahahahaha “a hickey that could be seen from space”. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

  • Isie

    HAPPY -late- BIRTHDAY HAZEL! :D Amazing page as always!
    I’m anxious to see Adrian’s reaction about what happened with Maria! :o

  • Kristin Montoya

    I am totally buying a copy! LOL a hickey that can be seen from space. Also, happy belated birthday.

    • Hazeldrop

      Thank you! And yes, there are only a few more pages to go!

      This is just their sort of “origin” story though – we are definitely going to continue on to the rest of Carter and Adrian’s adventures that we have planned :>

      • I Can’t be Here either

        A bright future is before us, my dear fellows.

  • Robo Vacation

    Fucking aye, necking. Yeah no shit man. LET ME BUY YOU.

  • Kristin Montoya

    Wait, so if the printed version is the complete comic plus 10 pages bonus stuff than that means the comic only has 6 pages to go!

    • Grace

      Nah, this is just volume one of the comic!
      Lucky us, right? We get awesome comic AND bonus stuff just in the first volume!

  • Tellusora

    Adrian’s face in the second panel gives me LIFE.
    Also, necking.

  • PikkaTay

    I have Adrian’s sweater just in grey. <3

  • Quinis

    Happy *belated* Birthday Hazel!

  • lilHeart

    I would SO want to pre-order it, but I’m broke. D: Whyyyyyyy? *sobs*
    Oh well, as long as I can read it here I’ll be fine ;v; but to own a book is of course a completely different thing. (plus, then I’d be helping out somehow.)

    Awesome page btw. -w- Adrian’s face lol. XD

  • Addy

    Does this mean he also doesn’t remember that jerk ‘dumping’ him?

    • Ayako

      Adrian was dumped before he met Carter ( probably). You should check out the short stories section, it’s all in there. Unless you’re referring to something else? :3

  • swtx

    Oh Adrian your face <3<3

  • Ayu Shan

    *dies of love*

  • +bird+

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D :D :D Thank you for your existence~

    Adrian can’t be on the shame train. He’s already on the HOT TAMALE TRAIN!!! EIYEEH!
    Okay I’m done. ‘-’

  • Yumiko Akimoto

    Happy birthday! :D
    Necking, hoho♥

  • redleaveshavefallen

    ;u; Crap he doesn’t remember. Of course this was expected, but it makes me sad nonetheless. If Adrian doesn’t get an explanation though I’ll flip @-@

  • Avery Shy


  • Zreya

    I’m going to get the Mass swag pack or the some swag pack -u- I CAN’T WAIT.

  • MileenaWins

    just kiss and make babies

  • Nani

    Oh, Carter’s eyes in panel 1 just kill me XD

  • Gaby

    First of all, Happy Birthday, Hazel!!!
    Adrian’s expressions are priceless! Now I need to see the next page soon!
    Thank you ladies!

    PS: And oh, I would love to have the printed book!

  • Clairianne

    I think Adrian doesn’t know if he is happy or sad about all this stuff…

  • Tony Moraga

    gjhdkshsagkjsghgkjhsdg gdjashgj Happy Belated Birthday, Hazel..!

  • tiki

    Happy birthday Hazel! :)

  • Jamie D

    Happy Late Birthday, Hazel!
    I knew Carter wouldn’t take advantage of Adrian! I’m glad I had faith in him. It must be rough on Adrian, not remembering. What about Maria? Are we going to find out how she is and will Carter tell her what happened?
    As for the pre-order, I’d love to give ya’ll a hand with it. A physical copy of this is going to look great next to my copies of Paradox, Mahou Shounen Fight, and my soon-to-be-here copy of Artifice!

  • moofla

    Well I’ve been late on updates.

    Ughhh precious awkward boysss. Continue being precious & awkward, you can make out some more too.

  • Captain Subtle

    Oh great, you’re both sober. NOW FUCK HIM!

  • Kimberly McLeod

    Aww, Adrian don’t feel like an asshole. Carter has made no secret that he wants in your pants. Your fear that he might have raped you is legit.

  • Hitomi-chan

    i am not new to this, but i have never commented so here it goes. i love this story. one of y friends found it online and told all of my other friends and me. i like the art and the story line is not cliched like most highschool romances are. you guys deserve a pat on the back and if i can, i want the printed copy ^_^. thank you for creating this amazing comic.

    • Hazeldrop

      You’re welcome! Thank you for reading. We’re glad you’re enjoying it :)

  • Jill

    Happy belated, Hazel!

    And those scratch marks.

  • KittyLitter

    This is probably not the most logical place to say this, but I love how Carter’s black eye (indeed, his beat-up face in general) is colored in panel 3.

    • nanana

      Yes, I’m loving that panel! The colors and their expressions when looking at eachother are amazing.

      • nanana

        Also i can’t stop staring at Adrian’s hand in panel 3, so pretty *-*

  • ± truthordare ±

    “…well now I feel like an asshole.”
    Yes, Adrian… the shoe was a bit much.
    I knew Carter was a better guy than that.. well, I HOPED anyways…

  • Hrilmitzh

    A grizzlies shirt? Do they even make those anymore?

  • Almanah

    The big come back of the adhesive tape!

  • Crave

    Adrian was a bit of an ass hole but all people are at some points. Well done Carter for not giving in to your baser instincts. Kisses and hugs for everyone.

  • Taylor

    I find it funny that it’s taken over 6 months for a full 24 hours in this story to go by.

  • nooB

    Silly Adrian…
    Even if you don’t remember the night, you’d know the next day if you had it up the bum the first time from a guy who did it the first time too… You’d feel it, so to say… (even IF there magically was lube around)

    • Cait

      In Adrian’s defense he probably woke up sore all over as well as hungover. He did take a pretty nasty fall off a bike, which he may or may not remember.

  • Ohir

    Adrian in the 3rd panel
    I can’t—-

  • Cerulean Tear

    Now the shoe makes sense. It was a classic misunderstand, of course.

  • Seimein


  • Sassafrassery

    That second panel is possibly the best thing ever XD

  • shush noone has to kno

    why do i feel like adrian was scared of getting pregnant tho….

  • jaknsda

    i realized that adrian actually clawed his face hahaha

  • B.

    As you should, Adrian, as you should. We know you love exersicing you mad aiming skills, but next time maybe ask questions first?

  • Ashyashash

    ouo my birthday is August 17th

    • Celia Phantomhive


  • gabriel winchester

    This is the best thing… i have ever read in my life

    you guyyyyyysss!

  • spooky dood


  • Kamigi

    I mean….whose gonna notice the hickey with the rest of your mug looking like roadkill

  • niyaku

    “and you gave me a hickey that could be seen from space.”

    • Phantom Cat

      Subtext is always great, isn’t it??

      Especially in mangas too XD

  • Kay the p cool

    here we go again with amazing derp faces i am in love

  • Bored Mortal

    Now Adrian better be like, “Carter you’re my hero!” or I’ll kill him! Naw, he’s too cute to harm…