• rpgfphin

    Cute!!!! I love this monday XD

  • Vy

    (thank you for the Monday update though, I would have died)

  • MinnieAmos

    See if I was Carter I would have held the shoe ransom for an explanation. Unless Adrian got to it before Carter was up.

  • Celia

    awesome! surprise monday :)

  • http://miezermiezmiez.tumblr.com/ cicatrice

    really Adrian, WHAT are you wearing? but I’m glad we’re finally getting ooooon! <3 thx for the surprise upload gurls! <3

  • Tellusora

    Oh HazelBell, you just made my Monday.

  • Retarded-Turtle

    and here i was wishing that it was thursday so there’d be an update. thank you so much, guys, i really needed some carter and adrian to start off my week. :D

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    *flails*  Good day!!!

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    This made my previously terrible Monday so much better :) 

  • Ayako

    You have just made my day so much better!!! I love you guys so much! You’re awesome!!! And so is the comic!!!
    On another note: Adrian! What happened with your fashion sense?!?
    Thought on some level the sweater(?) kind of suits him… ( I apologise for any mistakes, English is not my first language.)

  • redleaveshavefallen

    Okay, day made. I adore surprise uploads. ;u; I love the expression in the last panel; it makes me think there’s a whole lot of Adrian we don’t know yet, or has just come up. I am liking this.

  • Klainer sufriendo

    Yaaaay una felicidad en mi mundo lleno de dolor ;w; (?)

  • Stephanie

    Me thinks someone is feeling embarrassed that Carter had to save him AND guilty for being in that situation in the first place. Throwing his shoe and hitting Carter in the head is just his way of saying “Thanks, asshole.” lol.

  • abdomen94

    Now I can make it the rest of the day C;

  • der König von Preußen

    Ein Update am Montag? Vielen Dank!

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    So happy to see Adrian again 8D

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    Aww, we love you guys too. /;w; ♥♥♥

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    OMG. Thanks a lot for the Monday’s surprise! They are so adorable!!! ♥

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    Nooooooo!!! I have reached the end of the uploads. Now I must wait for more. :[


  • Clairianne

    Adrian should be a little more nice to Carter for saving his life, but maybe he just doesn’t want show that he likes him :d

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Emma-Moony/1348381578 Emma Moony

    Today you made my day: I received the Adrian and Carter Keychains this morning, and now I’ve found this. Seriously, guys, you are the bests!! Thank you very much for the (double) surprise!!! ;////////;

  • Nao

    I really don’t think you are.
    Yeah I’m not.
    I love it, keep it guys!

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    BLUSH. B’awwwwww XD

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    Best surprise EVER. :D

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    I always end up reading your updates a million times before it updates again :P

  • ± truthordare ±

    Oh, Adrian… you blush so much around Carter now I’m starting to think that its your natural face…(*w*)…XD

    ♥And thanks so much for this surprise, I appreciate soooooo much!♥
    *Hugs screen as a substitute*

  • Jeronominic

    Wow I can feel the awkward in panel 3

  • calvin

    Adrian, you really are a lovely tsundere.

  • Kuro Neko

    YAY! Surprise upload!! ^o^
    Lol poor Carter. His head must hurt.

  • ChopstickChick

    Awww!!!!! I smell feels approaching!

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    It’s LOVE!

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    NOOOO I caught up! ;___; A sad day in every archive reader’s life

    • http://timothy.green.name/ Timothy (TRiG)

      Ditto. I’ll check back in on this comic after the Discworld Convention.


  • Amanduh

    It’s not Monday for me, but my Wednesday is a happy one. Thank you for the update ; 3 ;

  • KissingHands

    If people could just /talk about their feelings/ everything would be great ;v; Gosh, I love your comic.

  • Almanah

    Something disapeared from his face, I guess.

  • Celi

    Carter kind of looks like he’s just SO over it. Over his persuing with no reward, over being attacked (verbally and shoe…bally…?) and especially put off by this idea that he is some sort of rebound for Adrian. It’s probably just a temporary thing cause he’s tired and injured, but I’d kind of like to see him cool his jets and suddenly Adrian is the one coming after him! :D

  • MileenaWins

    Adrian is so tsundere!! just tell him you like him already!! poor guy really!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Patrycja-Anna-Marronka-Niedźwiecka/100000316140023 Patrycja Anna ‘Marronka’ Niedź

    oh.em.gee. Adrian, you’re blushing! >w< he's so sweet, even when sometimes he acts stupid xP I love him :3
    Thank you girls for earlier upload <3

  • http://twitter.com/winterimperfect Jay

    I have the same shirt as Adrian ._.

  • ShadowFish

    Here’s me reading the surprise MONDAY upload on Friday……..oops. hahaha :S

    Lovin’ the tension :)

    • +bird+

      Thursday night for me, but at least Friday’s upload comes that much sooner! :D

      • ShadowFIsh

        That’s good timing haha. In my case, because I’m in Aus, I think I’m actually like 18-19hrs ahead time-wise…so I wait for an update Friday/Saturday :P

  • +bird+

    I always want there to be a “YO ADRIAN” line and an obvious reference to Rocky but THERE NEVER IS ;A; (unless I’ve missed it. but Carter being beat up is just too good to let the comment slide unannounced)

    In other news, Adrian is so adorable in that first panel position. And, of course, Carter is just Too Cool for School and casually is like “so what do you want” even though this is like the first sober time EVER that Adrian is approaching him (TEACH ME YOUR METHODS, CARTER). Been waiting all week for this. >_<

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QQZIHKISW7UM456KNH2I37H5XE ccchat8

    That blush is adorable~!! Yay for the other update on Friday!

  • DribbledCarmelLaces

    Yaaay~ wow, I’m kind of incoherent today, but this makes me happy, like pretty much every page. These two are so ridiculous, I love their interactions.

  • http://twitter.com/icraveyaoi icraveyaoi

    Poor Carter! He’s beaten up enough by anyone’s standards. Did he really need an extra shoe to the head? Answer: no. Surprised he even bothered with school…

  • Jewels

    Carter looks….ill. To say the least. That’s one baaaaaaad hang-over.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001805797642 Karen Garrido

    no, solamente me dieron la ganas de lanzar un zapato XDDDD!

  • Misu

    I’m just here to say that Adrian looks like he has boobs. Still a nice piece of work!

  • justin

    so precious

  • secret

    Awww, come on andrian ,aren’t u gonna thank him? (⊙ω⊙)
    Come on,come on !!
    Watcha gonna say??

  • Chicana

    ” I don’t really think you are”