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Looks like Adrian is back, this time sporting (and arming himself with) some of this season’s most fashionable trends. You rock the two day hangover look, Adrian.

Also, we’ve updated the fanart section to include this wonderful doujinshi that Vy did for us. Check it out  if you haven’t already! It’s really adorable (and features mermen woohoo).

  • Nani

    For some reason I hear stuffy English dude should coming from Adrian, in panel two.

  • Guesssst

    Oh snap. That face plant had to hurt.
    …He’s just having a rough day, eh?

  • Celi

    I dislike you greatly right now, Adrian. :/

  • PockyLady

    Wow Adrian. Rude.
    As always, fantastic page! I love the flow of this comic!

  • DinoEater

    Oh Adrian you are so romantic XDDD hahahaha Oh and i really love your comic! So excited for next week! As always ^.^

  • ebtsk9

     “Carter, I’m pregnant.”

    • Hana

      Lol Wat?

  • chocophobia

    kfdal;fkdsla; they’re the cutest thing everrr, even though Adrian doesn’t know it yet AHHH <333

  • Yorkgurl3

    classic. That’s how it’s done, get em with a shoe. That means business.

  • arc

    That moment you throw your shoe and realize you have to hop over to get it. Not cool.

  • MissOpposite

    Awwww I love Adrian’s Vancouver Grizzles Sweater! I used to have one just like it!

  • Sadafa

    Carter looks so good in his black hoodie <3

  • Zreya


  • Jessable


  • Kai

    That dude in panel two has the best pokeface I’ve ever seen. Poor Carter, yet another bruise for his face from that fall c’: Adrian uses the same tactics as me for getting someone’s attention. It works wonders. xD
    I love your comic, it makes my day c:

  • cicatrice


  • Andrew Thibeault

    Wow, Adrian. Overreaction much? I mean, he *did* save your best friend from date rape and peddle your drunk/drugged ass back home. No, don’t thank him, just knock him out with your shoe. ;P

  • Myo

    That’s how he says thanks! XD

  • .o.

    I’m confused. The way the shouting is, it looks like hes going to Adrian, but then he gets hit in the back of the head with his shoe???

  • MegumiSagara

    hahahahaha are raining shoes xDDDDD poor Carter but this all for you own benefit xDDDD Adrian looks so cute in the second panel ><

  • ± truthordare ±

    Wut da fuq… why the angry shoe Adrian?
    Poor Carter… Triforce Broken?

  • Lelouchslove

    YAY! The ‘poker-face/derp man’ stayed! I was only able to see a little of the LiveStream, so it amuses me he stayed in ^_^

  • Will

    Why the fuck is HE angry?


      where did you see he was angry? ê.e he just threw his shoe to stop Carter who was trying to run away x)

  • PinkCatAnime

    “Too far”? Looks like you were dead on. <XD I wonder why he's so mad? Carter is still such a hottie despite the bruises~<3 Love his hoodie♥

  • Mur

    I had to comment because I just love Adrian’s sweater SO MUCH!! I always wanted one back in the day! AWESOME!
    While I’m at it, may I just say that I love the page as usual and look forward to the next update! :)

  • Alejandrina Leza De Yaoi

    jajajaja i really love this page!!!!
    Adrian is so cute!! .<!!!! <3 asdfasdf
    i love this comic so much!!
    En verdad me encanta demasiado.

  • Mizeseur

    This is epically funny! Oh, Adrian~ What is Carter going to do with you? :)

    Great – AWESOME rather – comic! I hope Adrian will soften up to Carter now~ *fingers crossed* :D Oooh. I feel giddy on the suspense~ :D

  • Subaru

    Poor carter has been destined with endless pain these few strips XD

  • moofla

    Huh, Adrian really doesn’t strike me as angry here. More like.. flustered? I see the shoe toss as more of a like, Don’t Avoid Me We Need To Talk (which they do) instead of a You Asshole FEEL THE WRATH OF MY SHOE-type thing.

    I could be wrong. Idkkk.

    • AC♥Bear

      Same here

  • Julie Cardineau

    Hey, I’m french and I love you’re story ! But … I’m very bad in english XD
    It’s possible to translate it into french one day ?
    Good continuation =)
    See you soon !

    • geek_and_nolife

       Well, actually, I’m french, I could help you a bit if you want.

  • Albino_fudge

    Yesh Vancouver Grizzlies sweater <3

  • Nanana

    hahahahahah carter why are you running away, thats what you get xD 

  • +bird+

    No~, Adrian you don’t even GET to be mad! Carter, ever my favorite. Hang in there love, you look like sh*t ;-;

    Hahaha, but anyway I just found this comic and I LOVE IT!! I dreaded catching up, but I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next update! ^-^

  • Lyubov

    It just keeps getting better (y)

  • Redleaveshavefallen

    ;u; Yay. Adrian talking. I love it when he talks. And I’m so incredibly excited to see what he says now that he’s sober.

  • Ravenheart98


  • Jewels

    Carter’s gonna end up one brusied banana by the end of the day. Talk about character abuse, he’s more purple then white now!

  • Mr.Door

    The worst thing, about this entire page, is that, as a child, I OWNED the exact same sweater color for color that Adrian is wearing >.>

  • Mr.Door

    One more thing… Carter’s hoodie is now brown while in the last page before this it was black.

    • anon

      The lighting changed between the classroom and outside. We can assume that under more intense lighting, Carter’s jacket has more contrast aka will look more black against the surroundings of the classroom.

    • WingsOfLibra

      Still looks black too me

  • Perverzak

    Well Im sure the first reflex you have after you see Carter run is throwing a shoe at him xDXD where are the classics? the: NO!!! and then a slow motion chase across the school yard?

  • Seimein


    • Nickelz

      …That is the most perfect response to Adrian’s accuracy. Nice.

  • Sam

    first of all: Adrians sweater is like waaaaaaaaaay too detailed and awesome – seriously how do you do that? blowing my mind and shit
    second: @ Adrian: yeah sure, smack the guy that helped you escape a horrible night (maybe a it too late but still) and had respect for your situation and thus did not take advantage of you (i think) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dammit still love you though

  • Linnt

    Lol. Carter getting hit in the head by a shoe is just epic.

  • Lichen

    For Carter to be a badass ally to Maria right now, instead of choosing FOR her if her attacker gets beaten up or not, he could suggest that that dude ask Maria if she wants the prick to get beaten up. Let Maria choose if the little shit gets it, and they could also ask her if she wants to help beat him up. Or, they could ask if she wants buddies there with her if she decides to confront him (verbally, physically: whatever works for her). She didn’t have a lot of agency in getting out of the party that night because she was drugged, so creating a supportive space for her to decide what the guy’s consequences are would be good healing for her, also a good warning to the guy: this high school does not tolerate sexual assault.
    ^^that’s how I’d envision good community support for this scenario.

  • Heikess-classy-ass

    “i dont need a hockey gang war up my ass!” “really? i thought you were into that…” PFFT I JUST GOT THAT JOKE

  • Mar Sánchez


    • Sky Line

      Ay XD

  • maddie

    okay but my dad has the sweater adrian is wearing im going to cry

  • RaionSan

    Jajajajajajajaja, OMG! Priceless!

  • B.

    Ouch >.< Your karma-o-meter better be getting charged up good, Carter.

  • Pinkfeiry

    adrian creo que te pasaste…

  • Crustasean