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  • KariRedlock

    Augh D: he just looks so pitiful and worn out
    i want to comfort him
    come, dear boy, and be comforted in my bosom *cuddles*

    • BuddhaAlex

      agree on all points except the bosoms… I fear that Carter might not appreciate the sweet wonderfulness of bosoms on this day of days. Or. Well, actually, we can assume for now that bosoms just need not apply. He is adorable though. And in need of some rewards. Cause he racked up some serious hero cred.

  • frozenlily

    oh god, i love you, carter!!!!

  • Maddie

    carter bby let me kiss your face 

  • Beia

    Naw I just saved a chick from being raped and shit and rode Adrian on a child’s bike all the way home while he puked on my shoes. Pretty normal.

    Cool. I touched boobs.


    • muddkipz

      To be fair, though, boobs are pretty great.

  • Nani

    :DDDDDDD love you guys ^=^

  • jess

    omg he looks miserable lol

  • Abdomen94

    Black eye D:

  • Quinis

      Poor Carter…
     Awesome jacket and headphones though. Triforce power will make it better!

  • Grace

    Carter, LET ME LOVE YOU. XD You poor thing. Your night was hell and all your friend says is, “I got to touch boobs.” and, “Nice hickey”

  • Bichessuck

    Is that the Triforce I see :ooo!!??

  • jill

    He looks awful; so exhausted. Caaarter, you should’ve stayed home, gotten like lifetime’s worth of sleep, you poor thing…

    • Ambler


      • Megantod123


  • PikaChalupa

    Oh god nooooo! Carter please, let me hug you ;A; it’ll ease the pain ;-;

  • clairianne

    Ohh, Carter, you’re my hero :3 i hope Adrian will be glad that you rescue him

  • Milanopiano

    Dat zelda shirt!  WANT IT!!! XD

  • Ivan Braginski

    Can’t wait for the next update! ^^

  • arc

    he looks so emo right now XD

  • tjnstlouismo

    Nice teen hurt going on, almost makes me feel sorry for him, but then there is that hickey……..

  • swtx


    Also, TRIFORCE!

  • Manga_5


  • Auburn Morrow

    This then proceeded to Carter crawling in his arms and sleeping for the remainder of his high school career. 

    Aw, he really does look pitiful and Jason can’t even understand, but I’m happy for Jason. Way to go, touching boobs. But no matter what happens, I really just love to look at you art.

  • http://tinf.nematodeinspace.com nikki

    omg CARTER hff hff why am I into this help me

  • SophGeek101

    ADRIAN. DOES YOUR SHIRT HAVE A TRIFORCE ON IT????? O_O *heartattack from the awesomeness*

    • Ladykazumi

      thats carter >.>

      • Liz.bv

        ahah XD #EpicFail~ 

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    • Tadpole

      You saw it too!!!!!! YES!!!! And comment above this… Agreed!!!!

  • DribbledCarmelLaces

    Yaaay! It’s a new day~

  • http://www.otherworldscomics.com/ Astra

    Carter looks really good in this outfit. <3

  • Enn_jen

    Well, i hope they were girl boobs.

  • http://1badbanana.tumblr.com/ Bad Banana

    Lovin’ Carter’s look on this page <3

  • kookie

    Baaah poor thing…

  • Jen

    Oh, Jason, epic friend fail. Carter, why so adorable even when all beaten up. Can’t wait for him to see Adrian and Maria. Great page.

  • Niddle

    The way that telephone pole helps keep a sense of space yet, easily guide our eyes toward the next case, and those backgrounds, the way things fades and it’s all so easy to read… Aaaah gosh so nice <3 You always had a way with composition in your pages but it's only getting better and better <3
    And Carter, you still look good all beaten up… That's a rare skill! You truly are a great warrior! But still that tired look in his eyes… Carter he's one of the rare characters I know I wish I could hug to make him feel all better. 

    Jason… What are we gonna do with you…?

  • Hana

    he has a zelda shirt….

  • Chris

    I really like this page.

  • Gaby

    Carter!!! *hugs him softly*
    I can’t wait for him to see Adrian again!
    Great work as always ^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/doctiara101 Tiara Lowery

    Oh man, Carter… You look so so beat up… ;w;. I hope he isn’t hurting TOO badly

  • Superman

    Carter really does look incredibly “emo” in this *fan flail* I like how  you used the phone conversation too when they are what appears to be the same room. It is very true. I wonder how Adrian is doing and if he remembers anything o.o poor poor carter <3 

    • Amanda

      Just a thought, aren’t they in class?

  • Amanda

    Oh Carter, why are you not real!!! You’re so cute all bashed up and emo!!! I hope you start blushing on the next page so I can fangirl some more!!! And that awesome shirt…

    On another note: I wish I could draw like this, I’m an absolutely horrible artist…

  • Bc Ichi Gin

    Maybe I just like the look of a dark and mysterious guy but….. Carter looks so hot on this page XD I love this <3

    • Subaru

       Amen, sister, amen

  • http://twitter.com/ProfaneChi Tif

    I got totally distracted by the awesome somewhat hidden Zelda reference (his shirt is a Triforce, no?).

  • Amythystdark

    Sexy emo look, blush damnit! <3

  • rinalicat

    How I read this page:
    “…so I saved a girl from being raped by this guy who you know and he PROBABLY roofied her and her best friend, who I happen to want to bang. That guy was a total d*ck. How was your day?”
    “I got to touch BOOBS.”

  • Nanana

    So cute! I think all of us are drooling for the emo look hahahaaha

  • KatzyKins

    He looks exhausted :( Poor Carter<33 

    • nani

      He looks sexy

  • ChopstickChick

    That’s what a hero looks like after he battles dragon’s and saves princesses. Carter is a dragon slayer.

    • Niddle

       Seems legit.

  • http://twitter.com/icraveyaoi icraveyaoi

    Carter my poor baby *holds him* you done good, you pull off nearly dead quite well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003757990074 Mi Car

    I really love your Manga<33
    My favorite Char is Carter<3 He's so..this Hottie emo<3Stalker,gay and Hero
    He's just really a perfect for me *W* //sparkle..
    I love he's headphones It suits him well<333
    And I definitely ship Carter/Adrian<33

    Also I'm inviting my bl lovers friends to read this<333
    I hope you update soon<333

  • Hazel Billany

    Carter looks kinda hot with the bruises…he looks hot anyway <3 Wonder how Adrian's doing :C

  • Niecy112002

    Lol. He saw his hickey. XD

  • Ellinaux

    He’s Got a Tri Force on  his shirt. He get’s cookies from me :D

  • Megantod123

    Texting in class is a no-no. 10 bucks says they get caught.

    Carter looks cute, even all bruised up. Poor thing .. but he gets points for saving Maria and almost getting in Adrian’s pants. Almost. 

    Jason.. what the hell, man. Jesus Christ. Your friend gets beat up and all you say is that you got to touch boobs and then you complement his hickey. What on earth are we going to do with you?

    On a lighter note .. Tri Force. Fuck yes.