• LaSalvi


  • TheMattAnthony

    I could just stare at carter all day in that outfit

  • moofla


    Yeah I mean that pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it? Poor babyyy.

  • Ww

    nice weather.

  • http://fantastic-mm.blogspot.com/ Avery Shy

    That awkward moment when you realize your “unrequited love” was (probably) roofied when you had sex with him, making you pretty much his rapist. 

    Daaaaaamn, it’s gotta suck to be Carter right now. 

    • ± truthordare ±

      LOL… that would suck…

      But I dunno, somehow I don’t think Carter went through with it last
      night. He was having so many doubts and then kinda held back when things
      got heated… and after the way he already eye-raped Adrian the first time he saw him, I doubt that level of lust could be satisfied with a drunk/drugged encounter in a closet. *but that’s my own pervy p.o.v.*

      Not to mention… fucking triforce! Carter will get his wish, no drugs or alcohol needed!! XD

      • http://fantastic-mm.blogspot.com/ Avery Shy

        There’s so much evidence for both possibilities. I can’t decide what I think. DX 

        • ± truthordare ±

          IKR!! But I really feel bad for Carter though… bet he never thought trying to bang Adrian would get him all banged up instead… poor guy.
          And as you said, apart from Carter technically being his rapist in that scenario, it would suck major ass also if they did do it, and Adrian doesn’t remember a thing… ⊙︿⊙

    • lampsprite

       My first reaction was that he didn’t end up doing it.  I don’t know why I thought that.  Probably because of how he looked at Adrian before the scene changed.  It was a like a, “nope”, look.  And then he went off and saved what’s-her-name from getting raped too…so I think that denotes that he has a conscience and didn’t do anything at all. 

  • Zelthos

    Woot! We’ve passed the prologue. 

  • Ambler

    I wonder how much scrubbing it took to get all the dicks off his face lol

    • ± truthordare ±

       OMG, you’re right!! Bwahahhahhahhaa…..

  • swtx

    Loving Carter’s unimpressed face in the last panel. STUPID JASON, THAT’S ALL YOUR REACTION? >:C

  • Pyao262

    This is so amazing!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QQZIHKISW7UM456KNH2I37H5XE ccchat8

    I love this~!!

    /needs more pages OTL

  • Subaru

    Carter: no biggie, I do this everyday… -sarcasm-

    lol, I love you, Carter

  • socialpuma

    I spy a triforce

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1278967563 Nathalie Kristina Davis


    • Tarah Stylinson

      literally my thoughts atm.

  • http://miezermiezmiez.tumblr.com/ cicatrice

    oh carter, all in black, looking good. your face’s a bit scary though.

  • the cheese

    Carter biked all the way to Adrian’s house and then to his house?! In the rain?! Adrian owes him like, a car or something

    • Tarah Stylinson

      Or sex? Carter would be quite satisfied with sex I think.

  • Nickelz

    …Suddenly I don’t like Jason at all.


    …Jason, your only reaction to the fact that your teammate just tried to DATE RAPE SOMEONE is “wat,” and “by the way I got to touch boobs.” Fucking SERIOUSLY?

    Edit: Okay, so he does revisit the topic. Though I think he’s still too casual about it.

    • DerpyAlchemist

      Just so I can not hate him, I’m going to assume he thinks Carter is joking/exaggerating. But yeah I know it’s not the focus of the comic or anything but I really do feel like the characters kinda just toss it aside.

    • Caleb TC

      Welcome to real life. Sucks, but that’s how some people are.

  • Mariel Bolio

    Well this is how dudes really are, you know? They are so casual about intoxicating girls and take advantage of them. No all guys ok, but most of them are like this. :/

    • Ray

      No, I don’t think most guys are perfectly fine with raping girls at all. In fact, it’s only the pieces of shit of both genders that are.

  • Lolica Uzumaki

    Poor Carter … He did not deserve to have caught or have a bad night. It is such a good person … and even saved the lives of those who despised him for so long … It seems that neither the kiss was good, but should have been yes. Poor Carter < 3

  • Envy

    *hyperventilates, foams at the mouth, then subsequently dies of nasal hemorrhaging*

  • camboo

    he looks so emo im crying lol

  • http://www.wattpad.com/user/SarahAyano Sarah – Kun

    I’m dying. XD

  • George DeForest

    took me awhile to see they are texting each other. omg

  • Moon

    “I got to touch boobs” My favorite quote. That’s gonna be my senior quote oh my fucking god

    • Wyden

      please make that your senior quote I will actually implode

  • http://anabotti.tumblr.com Kamigi

    i just want jason to touch boobs. IT makes him so happy and he deserves that.

  • QueenOfStalkers

    what constitutes a good party “i got to touch boobs”. Relateable content.

  • Phantom Cat

    At least one of them had fun.

  • Short Stripe

  • Hayley is lame

    “I got to touch boobs” lmao me.

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