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Also a big thanks to all those lovely fans who came by to watch the page stream! It was great to talk with you guys.

ALSO: Thanks to everyone who came out and said hi at the Summer Festival on Saturday! :D


bell here.

FRIDAY. We’re updating Friday again.

By this time we’re just going to have official update days as thurs/fri because yeah.

We’re not working with the Thursday deadline very well.


If you’re just tuning in now (friday evening) come by my stream and chat, i’ll be streaming the page as I draw it!

  • Julie_gems

    So glad there’s a new page c:
    Also, I gotta say, watching the streeming was so cool, so much efforts put into one page! And Hazel, you have a great taste in music. Throuly enjoyed listening to it~

  • rinalicat

    It’s called “fate”. Or coincidence for those who don’t believe in it.

  • Idiota

    The streaming was fantastico~ (Soy Idiota jajaja) As first time streaming, I really felt I was able to watch “the art come alive” and appreciate the backgrounds so much more! Hazels close eye for details and Bells just….~ I love how they both don’t hesitate to keep a warm heart to such things. The hesitation in the moment in the first panel is rolling me over with soo many factors of moe though. Out of context! Carter I can’t help but picture as a shaky….weak…reverse Adrian tsundere with the nosebleed. (IDK WHY BUT FEEELINGS. UNF.) In context though…I love how the time gap is getting some closure (I was a bit worried about that) by Adrian making those lines clearer. And ITS. PERFECTION. Its believable…well, as believable a drunk Adrian can get you so far, yeah, but there feelings are so raw and down to earth its just…special. Gah. I’m melting and the fact its 2 in the morning isn’t helping with this comment….but thank you for this update. :D

  • pohjoiseen

    Incoherent blabber goes here:
    As usual, the page turned out so pretty! Watching Hazel draw on LS makes you realise the amount of work and all the coloring details. Also, Hazel, you’ve been able to draw a bike from behind and still make it look like a bike, I am in awe, I really am.

    Carter, your face says it aaaaaall! If you could change it, you’d be nicer for Adrian from the sta~art and act not like a sex obsessed di… no wait, you are a teenager… Okay, so LESS, like a sex obsessed dick (you’d try to hide it better probably), but don’t give up, man, we know you’re decent, don’t let us down 0:
    Carter is such a nice guy in this chapter, it must me exhausting. Not only to his face.
    And Adrian, u so full if feels, poor bb ;_; (and liquor…) 

    I can’t wait to see the next pages, is Adrian going to get angry or more sad? Will he try* to leave?! How’s this going to end?! I want them to be nice to each other and talk friendly and I am probably the only reader who does not want them to make out in the bushes, I know. Somehow I like to read serious talks more than makeouts
    Okay I’m ruffling my hair and laughing by know, I should stop this

    *emphasis on ‘try’

  • ILikBoysHooLikBoys

    kind of on a emotional high after having just watched one of my favorite pairings Fer and David from FoQ and it reminded me of checking on ARH. The comic’s come full circle and i’ve loved this prologue(?) of what’s become another one of my favorite pairings. If i recall there’s on more page?…and I can’t wait to see some of the adventures of Carter and Adrian finally together! ¡Que buenísimo!

  • Vy


    Okay incoherency aside, this page is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t ever get over your backgrounds Hazel, they are simply amazing; the perspective, the detail, the mood. It’s all so lovely, not to mention the expressions and body language! This has to be one of my favorite pages (not just because Adrian is acting like a cute drunk) but because it’s that final page before we actually get closure. It’s the page that gets me on my toes and ask, /oh my god what is going to happen next I can’t wait for next week/, even moreso than any of the other weeks combined. 

    Which brings me to, goodness, WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. All I have to offer is speculation (hehe and I know how much you love that 8)) but considering that the only clue you have left me is “the ending is rather far-fetched”, all of my ideas will be…far-fetched. Honestly I doubt you and Bell have cooked up anything too typical however, aka OH CARTER I PRETTY MUCH ADMIT I LIKE YOU LET’S MAKE LOVE IN THE ROAD (like geez that screams bl genre right there) so I’m not too keen on that one. There have been really obvious references to Mike over and over and over again just throughout chapter 5, it would be a shame if he didn’t come in to save them I’d think. I think it would be really sweet if Adrian were in the middle of his “hey maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to become boyfriends” speech Mike honks at them to get in his car and they drive down to Adrian’s house to drop him off, and while Carter walks him back he gives him a little kiss and finally says he does not mind dating Carter eventually and retreats back into his house with Carter’s coat still. I’m assuming that they went to the party on a Friday night so everything that has happened at this point is probably weighing on their minds for the entire weekend until they see each other again at school. And when they meet at school…the best thing I can think of to give it full closure is that Carter at least sees both Adrian and Maria that day, in which they both thank him for saving them at the party, and admit he’s not such a bad guy I suppose. MAYBE it ends in a cliffhanger, where Adrian and Carter agree on a date and ending with a kind of “see you there” atmosphere that can lead up to subsequent adventures but idk. THE ONLY THING WITH SPECULATION IS THAT I REALLY HAVE NO IDEA IF THIS IS IN ANY WAY CLOSE TO THE ACTUAL CANON but I guess we will see in the next couple of pages. v__v (Bell has mentioned that I’ve been pretty spot on with my predictions, I am hoping that this is true now as well)

    SPEAKING OF BELL I believe that she deserves lots of praise too :U This is a lovely story Bell, way beyond my expectations as far as any comic I’ve ever read. I have to say, the character development is superb, Carter’s especially. He’s grown so much through all of it – from being a self-centered, sex-obsessed douche to a compassionate hero with a heart of gold – it’s been such an adventure following him in his journey to grow up and mature. Adrian has grown too, however at a slower pace as he is a character with more rigidity, and hopefully we can see him open up more in stories to come. And I’ve said this before, I appreciate how /real/ you keep the events. Every aspect of this comic, to me, is relatable, something I can draw from my own experiences as a teenager (who also happens to be Carter’s and Adrian’s age). I guess what makes me feel so invested in this comic is the fact that I am in this growing stage too, and god I feel redundant but I just love this comic to death. The suspense from week to week is fantastic; the pacing is great. The feeling of anticipation is still retained, whether the comic is read page by page or all at once. Maybe I should just end it with THIS IS TOO AWESOME I CAN’T

    AND HEY HAZEL YOU ARE NOT ANY LESS DESERVING OF PRAISE EITHER. Sometimes I am at a loss of new words to say every time you crank out some new amazing artwork, all I can say often times is “wow, great job, that looks gorgeous!” I’m sorry for not being able to put into words every time how excited I am to see you produce; it really is a pleasure to see you draw, and improve, and simply get better and better. Every page to me is like that, and although it is not obvious between adjacent pages, I think we both can see the degree in progress from page one to page 74. :> Your mastery of atmosphere and color shine through in everything you make; if anything that’s what I admired, and still do admire, most about your art. Being able to set a mood really makes or breaks the comic, and amazingly enough you always manage to evoke the right type of feeling with every page. I applaud you for that! Your consistency with this aspect makes ARH extremely enjoyable, so please, keep up the good work! I’m afraid there isn’t much more except YOUR ART IS GORGEOUS, CONTINUE ARTING PLEASE

    Lastly, I want to say that you two are both such wonderful people. ;-; I never dreamed that I could be such close friends with the two of you, but a year and some months later, here we are. As embarrassing as it is, I remember, wayy back, these types of essays is how I approached you also, long ago. It feels so nostalgic doing it again, but at the same time I’m also very glad that I still have the fiery passion write! Honestly speaking, at the beginning I thought it would be a phase and I would soon be bored of ARH, whether it be because I changed or because I couldn’t get too involved (something I assumed because often times artists did not interact with me back. Lo and behold, you did. :>). Miraculously, I’m still very much obsessed with ARH, thanks to you haha. Not only that, but Bell, Hazel, you have changed me in so many ways since then, from just art to me as a person – I can’t thank you enough. You’ve been there for me during my good moods and pulled me up when I was down. You’ve advised me, and helped me understand, and introduced me to so many new things. I can’t think of a day without you two in it. I would be devastated otherwise, to tell you the truth.

    What more can I say? I love you guys! Thank you so much for your diligence and dedication. I will always be looking forward to the next thing your Super Awesome Dream Team comes up with, and as always I will and am enjoying Always Raining Here as it is now. Keep being amazing Bell and Hazel! <3

    • LittleMissInnocent

      O.O uhh…wow!

  • Tellusora

    It’s coming full circle! Lovely page as always and sorry I missed the stream. Grr…

  • Auburn Morrow

    I don’t even know how to comment. I’m so excited. They’re having such a tender and they don’t have many of those. Now it’s funny, because we’ve always known what the story was leading up to and we don’t anymore. Lol.

  • Anonne

    Worth the wait. THINKS SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS COMIC. It’s giving me serious ~feelings~ right now. 

    • Anonne

      Sorry. can’t spell this early in the morning

  • ± truthordare ±

    So sorry, I missed the page stream (damn timezone). But thank you Bell+Hazel for your efforts, considering the weekend you’ve had… Hazel, I really hope you do get better soon – being healthy comes above all!

    LOL at Adrian! He’s really having the truth thrown at him from all directions tonight, isn’t he? As it sinks in, I hope he notices that while Carter may seem to be “a total sex obsessed dick” at first glance, he really does care for him, and actually went out of his way to look after him (and his BF Maria too). More than I can say for David. So yes Adrian, Carter IS there – right in front of you… what will you do about it now? *sigh* This is the beginning of something ridiculously beautiful, I can just feel it!

  • EchoValediction

    Its amazing looking back to the beginning of the series, your drawing has surely gotten better as well, Still as good as always. I’m excited to keep seeing this story grow. :)

  • Cookie


  • Will

    I love that in the second panel Adrian doesn’t look like a 14 year old boy… The page is fantastic :)

  • mizeseur

    There’s so much going on here… So much… emotions!! Can’t…breath! Too… TIGHT!! Must … Fan-girl SCREAM!! :O ^.^

  • MileenaWins

    I wish I could see you guys =( it’s a shame I’m from SouthAmerica !! anyway, I loveeeee this page!! Adrian you’re already in love with him DX!!

  • Maqa

    Yes, that sex obsessed dick is helping you, even though it’s not his responsibility!
    Now he seems like the nicest guy in the world!

  • arc

    BACK TO THE START D: ?! except it’s not raining…


     NOW KISS C:

  • Andrew T.

    It’s come full circle! Woot!

  • Gaby

    Gorgeous and sweet! Now we are back to the beginning! :D
    This is so cute!♥

  • Amythystdark

    Sweet Gloriousness :D THE BEGINING :D

  • Adriana Ortega

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw TTwTT) asi que eso era (in spanish) eso explica todo, quiero llorar…… TTwTT)=’o

  • PinkCatAnime

    Why the guilty/pain-stricken face, Carter? Those feelings coming up and getting stuck in your throat? Everything’s really in perspective now, huh? Adrian’s not just a pretty face any more, yeah? <:3 Poor babies. They need each other.

  • CrayonsEverywhere

    Hi there! hazel and bell! thank u for your awesome comic! i totally love it T-T i am glad i know english (i am from peru) because if not i wouldn’t be able to read this ASKALSKALSKAL (SPECTACULAR) comic! i love carter so much :D

    i’m really looking foward for the next chapter :D

  • Becca

    I love ARH so much! Also… I really wanted to come to the Summer Festival, at least to see you guys, but I don’t have my license yet… And mom wouldn’t drive me the 2 hours to Vancouver because we already have to drive an hour each way for my uni orientation on Monday :(

    I hope it went well and everyone had a great time, though! :)

  • Patrycja Anna ‘Marronka’

    AAAAND we’re at the beginning.
    The page is just… aww. I’m glad that Adrian is noticing… Yeah, Carter is sexually obsessed dick, but he’s just there. I can sense progress :3
    I honestly have no idea what would happen now ._. What of course means I soooo can’t wait for new page <3
    Owww, I wish I saw the stream ;.; But I'm at absolute lack of internet right now, so I have to wait for another one ;w;
    And a big thank-you for you both for such a wonderful piece of work <3

  • Katie Neufeld

    I was at the summer festival!
    Thanks for the free bookmark : DD
    I really like your guys’ comic >u>
    it’s so cuute and great and yesssss~~
    Hmmm, if you remember I was with one with the pointy anime-looking shades (bro from homestuck if you wanna look it up to try and remember x33)
    I love your art style~~

    • bellhasabat

      I remember you!
      Thanks for checking our comic out, I hope you’ll continue to enjoy it!

  • icraveyaoi

    Bless! They’re such cuties I want them. 

  • M san

    I love it

  • Clairianne

    Oh my gash, it’s sooooooo epic! My heart is broken, Adrien is so cute when he’s drunk and he asks so epic questions!

  • Jak Nemecek

    Hooray! I finally caught up! Comic is great <3 Love your storytelling and of course the art is just incredible as usual. 

    • Hazeldrop

      Thanks so much! :D It was great hanging out with you yesterday!

  • Nanana

    yes yes he does!

  • Myo

    Oww… So sad. But yet so cute :)

  • Sera

    W-Wait in H-Hawaii? D: You were in Hawaii or something? ;_;

    • bellhasabat

      No I said we were going to update on Friday but we ended up updating early Saturday morning. So yeah. The only place it was still Friday was in Hawaii….

      • Nanana

        hahahahahahahhha good one <3

  • Eshr97


  • Andrewngn66

    Make another chapter!

  • Devil

    I finally got around to reading the latest page and I read that comment about Hawaii. I’m from there…. So…. we technically get these updates before the stated day… hoho… ~(. 3 .)~

  • zoopfloop

    It comes full circle…

  • pop

    been waiting for this!

  • Kirby Kinney


  • Grace

    It’s barely past midnight, but I’m ready to camp, and I brought supplies! Anyone want a marshmallow?

    • Nanana

      wowww where do you live? It’s just midnight here 16 hours difference hahah

      • Grace

        Alabama, how about you?

  • Anime_lover_12345

    I was waiting for this page. ;~; This is such a great comic

  • Lyubov

    I can’t wait another week for the next page T_T so amazing

  • Comet

    Oh, so THAT’S how we got here.

  • Mar Sánchez

    se sacó la mierda xD
    me estoy riendo pero a la vez me da penita:c

  • f

    he looked much more worried and panicked in the prologue

  • Ava Ire

    This page won’t load for me

  • Ninhursag

    Back at the beginning scene.

  • George DeForest

    Beautiful fir tree background, with starry starry night.
    hmm, is that constelation of Orion’s Belt?? amazing details. (and the feels too) love!

  • George DeForest

    Beautiful fir tree background, with starry starry night.
    hmm, is that constelation of Orion’s Belt?? amazing details. (and the feels too) love!