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Hi everyone, here’s the page!

Thank you all for your well wishes last week. Thankfully I am feeling more or less better, so that’s good. :>

We have a little bit of news!  The keychains finally came in so we’ll be putting those up for order next week! I’ll keep you guys posted.

ALSO! If you’re in the Vancouver, BC area, Bell and I will be attending The Summer Festival next weekend (July 21st) – I have a table there and I will be selling ARH stuff and other prints, including the keychains, and pins.  Please definitely stop by and say hi! It’s a free event, so anyone can attend.

Anyway, enjoy the page guys!




Hello Campers! Please don’t waste your Thursday refreshing, we’re getting the page up on Friday again.  Hazel’s gone into like this superproductive crafting mode for her table after we spent a weekend dodging lightning. I understand if you guys are annoyed at our delayes every week but hey, it is an 8-10 hour chunk of Hazel’s time dedicated to doing this, so when someting else comes up the page is usally the first thing that ends up on getting delayed!

Anyways, expect it Friday!!

Bell out. <3


Thanks for your patience again guys. I started feeling very sick again today (whatever I had before never completely went away – I’ve probably been sick for 75% of the last 2 weeks). It hit me hard this morning and since then I’ve felt like throwing up all day. Regardless, the page will be up when it’s complete, don’t fret. I’m trying my best to slog through this x_x

EDIT 3:  7/20/9:00pm pst – If you’re coming by now looking for the page, I’m actually streaming while I’m working on it, so drop by if you want a peak before I post it later tonight :>

  • clearskies

    Okay, drunk adrian is adorable “I don’t need no man?” That is so cute.

  • Fabynonato

    “I don’t need no man” just made my day. xDD

  • Saradavis58

    aw I was so caught up i didn’t realize it was the last page DDD: aw I found out about this comic through a teahouse fan and im in love! :3

  • Abbat23

    adrian is a black woman under it all

  • Alejandrina Leza De Yaoi

    Maldicion amo demasiado este webcomic!!!
    sorry if i write in spanish but my english is really bad xDD!!!
    Oh Dios en un dia lo lei todo :DD i love it!!! it’s my favorite webcomic!!
    Yay!! Carter is so cute!!!
    I need the next page asdasdasd!!
    thanks a lot for the update you are awesome!!!!~

  • boop.

     Adrian, you are a perfect drunk person. <3

  • GhostThumb

    Just got into this and I love it so much already ;w;
    Will be awaiting the next page patiently~

  • I find this fappable


  • pne

    If you give us a heads up, everything is perfectly cool

    • Marissa-Paige S


  • Danig127

    Much thanks for the notice, Bell!  I’m looking forward to tomorrow :)

  • NotBritney,Bitch!

    thanks for the notice, i really appreciate it ! :D (le wild overly enthusiastic smiley has appeard!)

  • Anonne

    Thanks for the notice. I think I’ll just start pretending the updates are on Fridays! lol 

  • …!

    even though there are delays i’m always happy when you guys notify us, thanks so much!!! :D

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  • Jen

    Excited for the update but wow, is my camping getting out of control. 

  • webelieveinjohnlock

    So tempted not to post because they are 69 comments on this page but I couldn’t help it – I need to camp out here again! /sets up camp

    …Maybe I should just camp here permanently…

  • Brootalzdotcom

    it is friday :(

  • Myo

    I hope you’ll get better soon :(

  • Yumiko Akimoto

    Aww, take yer time, your health comes first. <3

  • TearsoftheFallen

    I know how you feel, Hazel :(
    I’ve been having this terribly horrid pressure in my lower stomach and I just can’t get rid of it. Had it for a week now…. I hope you feel better :(
    The page shouldn’t be worried about when your health isn’t in its top state! Don’t worry about us, we can wait, just focus on getting better :D

  • moofla

    “i don’t need no man”


  • SJ

    This page is just so full of glee, even though it’s far from gleeful in the story. And damn you, Carter, you are becoming more likeable by the PAGE.

  • Cait

    I can’t help but want Adrian to be singing “Love is a Battlefield” here. I think drunk-gay-teen-sings-Pat-Benatar is not used often enough in fiction (or real life). Or maybe I’m just dating myself. XD

    • Envy

      All points agreed.

  • Karen Garrido

    zjbdhfds!!! oh plz …me acabo de imaginar a Adrian hablando .. su voz .. y derrepente cayendo XDDDD !

  • Seimein


  • Nickelz

    Dead. I’m dead now.

  • justin white

    love this so far you a great writer and artist, not an easy find

  • Liya

    Oh my god out of every hilarious page so far this one is KILLING ME

  • Alice Wang

    adrian is wearing carter’s coat its so cuutee

  • B.

    Sure you don’t need no man, Adrian honey. You just need a strong pair of legs to pedal you up the mean hill.

  • Ava Ire

    Your expressions are the best I’m lay GH ing

  • Jadey

    You guys just don’t know how much I wish someone could find an ideal voice for these characters, especially during this scene. I’m dying XD

  • Ninhursag

    “I don’t need no man” Adrian is seriously cute.

  • 菊花。

    “I’m strong and independent and I don’t need no man” of course baby ; A ;

  • Zeta

    Adrian is my fave. I was going to say that earlier, but I wasn’t sure. Now I am. He’s my fave

  • Aradiiah

    Same Adrian. Same.

  • Schadenfreude

    Wait… you happen to be in Vancouver? I’m near Hemlock St right now.