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And by “we” I mean me and this child’s bike I have just borrowed without permission from a neighbour’s garage.

First off I didn’t get to update last week so I’m pretty belated on this, but thank you so much to all those lovely people who left birthday well-wishes! It was really heart warming to see so many birthday well-wishes ahhhh ;w;

And now-this week! This week’s page was composed while Hazel was in the throes of some shitty mystery illness. She worked really hard this week to get it done (I tried to help a bit with colouring, but I’m so slow at it hehe :B) I think it would be really really sweet of you guys if you thanked her for that, or offered ideas on  filling, plain-tasting foods that she could eat, or anything really. Shes been subsiding on mostly crackers for like five days.

hazel says: please no more food suggestions, I can’t read about food without feeling queasy .__. Thanks for all your support though.


and hey what’s this an alternate panel text


edit 7/12: page should be up.. later tonight…late

  • navii

    Yay new chapter <3 Thank you!!! 

  • Snakey

    …Does this lead back to the beginning? 8D

  • Random-Rebellion

    Hazel I hope you feel better, please dont work yourself to hard, thank you so much for this page, but please dont work to hard that you hurt yourself D: (i kinda wish i had some recipes :I arent there ice cream type things you can buy at a pharmacy that are very good at hydrating you (i forget ;.;), idk might be diff over your way)

  • Breeze

    aw Hazel you should be resting not feeding the fangirls D:
    you’re so sweet for wanting to get the page done but I’d rather you get some sleep and get better~
    I am recommending a chicken soup of sorts.. with chicken.. and noodles….and warm ..soup 8I

  • cicatrice

    so that’s where the bike comes from. well well, now off to the bushes part.
    like always, thanks to both of you for the hard work, it’s always a highlight of my week (yeah, my boring life) to see the comic updating.
    regarding recipes it depends on the illness, but sleeping is always good. Rest the illness outta you!

  • Zena

    difosmidof AMAZING PAGE.

    And I hope you get well soon, Hazel! Drink lots of orange juice. :3

  • Demdemorgy

    I just had to look at the first three pages and be like THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT ~le gasp~ :o

  • alakotila

    I always enjoy an update! I know it sucks to work when sick. You don’t have to! I’m sure your fans will wait. As for hydration … drink something with electrolytes in it. Sports drinks (powerade, pocari sweat, gatorade, etc) are usually good, as well as pedialyte (spelling error? It’s designed for sick children – has tons of electrolytes but often doesn’t taste as good as sports drinks). Take care!

  • Kellbelljellybean

    XD you have no clue how much the alternate text made me laugh.

  • Quinis

     Oh my gosh, we’re getting closer to the prologue!
     I’m so excited.

  • Joshua

    aahw, he’s actually quite the caring guy :) it’s cute.
    And you guys did a great job! I hope you get well soon Hazel!

  • Eshr97

    Awesome page as usual! And get well soon Hazl!! I find that when i’m sick, melting ice-cream always makes me feel better! (melting meaning somewhere in between so-cold-that-I-can’t-feel-my-tongue and so-liquid-that-it-might-as-well-be-called-chocolate-milk)

  • Clairianne

    Carter is too kind, really… The best quy ever!

    I hope everything will be okay with Hazel :)

  • IEatTacos

    Your author’s comment always cracks me up no matter how serious a page is. 

    You and Hazel are awesome, just sayin. 

  • Arkanoire

    white rice is filling and plain c:

  • Qynoi

    Things I eat when my stomach doesn’t like me or that have been suggested to me by friends with stomach issues: bread, rice cakes, bananas, rice pudding (in moderation), clear soda, and broth. I prefer bread and rice cakes as they tend to fill me more than crackers. I hope she feels better soon! Stomach problems are the worst >.<

  • Bc Ichi Gin


  • starbuck1679

    My host mom here in Japan offered me sticky rice (white rice) with a little salt. There’s also the BRAT diet that my sis-n-law uses for her kids when they’re ill. Here’s a wiki-link to BRAT:

  • Everybodyliestonight

    When my dad was really sick he ate a lot of rice porridge. I usually eat baby food when I’m sick.

  • Enaid Catala

    Haha the first author comment made me laugh so hard xD

    and about Hazel, I hope shes doing ok…make her eat fruits. Maybe a salad or something. It wont go hard on her stomach and it will give her proteins.

    Take your time with the comic, you guys are amazing with it but you guys are humans so, rest and keep up the amazing work<3

  • Delovee

    I agree with the rice pudding. Usually when we get sick, my mom makes that with a couple of scrambled eggs on the side with a little bit of salt, just to add flavour. And take your time to heal, dear, your health should take precedence over everything else. I’m sure that we can wait patiently, so please don’t hurt yourself and concentrate on getting better. :) I hope that you have been so far and thank you very much for your efforts. They’re much appreciated. ^^

  • Craig Fucker

    YEAH I knew about the bike!  dsjndhhsd Carter you’re so cute.

  • NRT102

    The bike!! We’re close to the relationship!!

    Thank you for all you’ve done Hazel, this wouldn’t have been as captivating without you’re work.

    Just an idea but most breakfast foods like bagels and toast could work as long there’s no butter or whatever. Or honeyless Cheerios(?), GET WELL SOON HAZEL!!!!

  • RaikouNeko

    Get better soon! My advice is kind of general, since I don’t know anything about Hazel’s situation.

    Miso soup, chicken noodle soup – any kind of broth-based soup will be somewhat bland, but typically helps people get better. A grilled cheese might be too greasy, but if there are saltine crackers in Canada, those would help make the soup more filling. If not, Ritz crackers could suffice. Cream of wheat without any flavoring would also be quite filling (on the same level as rice porridge or rice pudding – whatever is available). Make sure to drink lots of fluids, but not just water (particularly if she’s throwing up a lot). Some juice (apple, white grape, lychee) or mostly clear soda (ginger ale, sprite) can help replenish sugar in the blood and give enough calories to fight off the infection until she can eat solids again. If Hazel has a fever, popsicles will both hydrate and lower her temperature.

  • Cianako-chan

    The alternate panel text reminds me of Mean Girls.

    “GET IN LOSER we’re going shopping!”

    • Cianako-chan

      Also, Hazel, if you’re sick with some sort of stomach bug, broth and rice is what I suggest. Anything bland. It’s sucks, but it’s better for you.

      Also, ginger ale does wonders. Stir out the carbonated bubbles and take very slow, small sips. It helps sooth your stomach.

    • Nanana

      hahahaha this^

  • ChopstickChick

    Eeee this is going to be funny. And try eating toast it’s sort of like a cracker, just it’s toast, not a cracker… I am horrible at foods. THANK YOU FOR THE PAGE YOU’RE A TROOPER!

  • arc

    Knight in flannel armor.

  • Penguinpasta

    Actually, something I eat when I’m sick is a bowl of pastina (the little tiny star-shaped pasta) with a bit of milk and butter. I don’t know if she can eat it, but I hope that she might give it a try??

  • Marissa-Paige S

    aw, feel better soon!  You could try some oatmeal, plain rice, or bananas.

  • EchoValediction

    Potato soup?

  • Aidan Christopher

    After migraines and stuff when my stomach is still really sensitive, I have tea of one kind or another along with toast with butter, cinnamon and sugar.

  • Steph

    Other alternative text: “Get on bitch we’re going shopping.”

  • MinnieAmos

    Carter is the BOSS. *massive applause*

    Thank you thank you thank you Hazel. You deserve just as many awards as Carter does for this page. (And you already have enough food ideas for a month, but I also suggest ginger ale and rice.)

  • Dinosaur Raur

    What parent has a one thirty curfew? (I’m a goody twoshoes so I have never been there before) Great page btw.

    • Kari

      Seriously. If you’re going to give your kid a one-thirty curfew you might as well say come home whenever you want. 

  • tjnstlouismo

    Crackers and other carbs, non sweetened cereal, toast. tea and when you can stand it, milk. noodles, rice with alittle chicken broth. even if it comes back up (sorry folks, mom speak here), you’ll still feel better in the long run. something like pedialite (yes I knows its for babies), and popcicles. Ah and the flu usually runs out after 48hrs, if you are still that sick after 5 days, there could be other reasons. I suggest seeing a doctor.

    And my kids at the age these boys are had a 130-2am curfew. But then they didn’t pass out on other peoples lawns.

  • DribbledCarmelLaces

     Ahahahaha, oh geeze.  This is NOT going to end well.  Well, we already know that, but still.

    A belated happy birthday to you, Bell!  Hazel, I hope you feel better!

  •źwiecka/100000316140023 Patrycja Anna ‘Marronka’ Niedź

    Carter’s face at 4th panel… like mine after last party, I hoped I’d be home at 5am, but went to friend’s house and ended coming back past 2pm X”’DD
    DAT BIKE. >w> it is NOT going to end well….. ._.
    chicken broth, sweetie, and you should get better. get well, Hazel~! <3 

  • Kate

    One thirty curfews are common. And no they don’t mean ‘come home whenever’ my curfew is 300 because my mom trusts me she just wants me to eventually get sleep…

  • webelieveinjohnlock

    Carter: /Riding a child’s bike because YOLO

    I hope you feel better, Hazel!! :c

  • megantod123

    …good luck with that, Carter. 

  • nikki

    Hazel!! I hope you feel better soon and I hope the tests come back helpful from the doctor. ;A;))) I know you don’t want anymore food, but I REALLY really REALLY recommend ginger. It’s GREAT for nausea.

    but oh man kawaii bike scene I AM SO READY FOR THIS

  • Lily Forsher

    omg Hazel geat well soon! i will use my asian powers to take away your sickness. oh carter of course you took a bike from a random house. XD

  • QuestionableSanity

    I prefer the alternate panel XD
    Carter you’re such a nice guy/bike thief. *w*

  • chocophobia

    Holy crap, you guys are so sweet <3

    Get well, Hazel!

  • Roxj

    lol pink XD

  • Sbecker2389

    omg pink bike from first page!!! We are getting close to what happened yay

  • TechnicolorTango

    *anticipates scene from prologue*
    *is excited*
    Thank you so, so much for this page!
    You two are awesome!
    And sorry you’re sick Hazel, feel better soooon <3

  • LADYaoi

    summer colds sux big time hang in there and eat lots of fruit- oranges esp.   many many thanks 4 all u do!!

  • scootLdee

    AWWWW oh my god he’s still holding on to his coat xD that’s so damn precious.

  • Staple

    I really really want to see some more kissing scene ;P