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And by “we” I mean me and this child’s bike I have just borrowed without permission from a neighbour’s garage.

First off I didn’t get to update last week so I’m pretty belated on this, but thank you so much to all those lovely people who left birthday well-wishes! It was really heart warming to see so many birthday well-wishes ahhhh ;w;

And now-this week! This week’s page was composed while Hazel was in the throes of some shitty mystery illness. She worked really hard this week to get it done (I tried to help a bit with colouring, but I’m so slow at it hehe :B) I think it would be really really sweet of you guys if you thanked her for that, or offered ideas on  filling, plain-tasting foods that she could eat, or anything really. Shes been subsiding on mostly crackers for like five days.

hazel says: please no more food suggestions, I can’t read about food without feeling queasy .__. Thanks for all your support though.


and hey what’s this an alternate panel text


edit 7/12: page should be up.. later tonight…late

  • tjnstlouismo

    LOL on the alternate panel, like you’re going to call the guy who just gave you a hickey, a loser.

  • LemonRaindrops

    Get well soon hazel this isn’t a food suggestion it’s a drink try green tea it makes you feel detoxed and refreshed :)

  • ;D

    i sincerely want to thank both of you for this wonderful comic
    and dear hazel get well soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Dudeo

    Get better!

  • Lennnbe

    Oh Hazel get well soon!!!! /o/ And i love your job!!! I worked reallyu hard on it!! (: I love the way you work girls!!! You’re so amazing!! <3 <3 <3

  • LittleMissInnocent

    Carter’s face in first panel. PRICELESS.

    And aww Hazel baby feel better soon. I got wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and now my cheek feels like it’s carrying a child or something…so swollen…

    And as always, thanks for the wonderful page!!! <3

  • M san

    I like it! Very lovely history! nice art!

  • Daya

     Ohhh~~ maybe I’m weird, but in my eyes this scene is too cute!!. Hazel, thank you for working hard even when you’re ill!!

  • Katzy

    “Shut up, woman. Get on my bike.” Yep :P

  • YaZaDy

    Hazel! Baby!! I really hope you’ll get better soon!

    Now… It’s not my imagination. This is how and when all the story begins!

  • Redleaveshavefallen

    I really love how he turned out to be so extremely likable. The character development in this is phenomanal, but then the artwork is just astounding, especially with it being fully colored, not to mention the amazing storytelling and quirky character of the comic itself. And now I am running out of adjectives to describe how incredibly talented and awesome you are.

  • eintein

    Then you wrap around to the first panel. Boom, infinite comic!

  • Ophirlotana

    So basically
    Carter is surounded by idiots.
    Especially Adrian.

  • Ellen

    Get better soon Hazel! I love this so much ;____; I just wish it would be infinite so I could read on for hours and never get bored. I cannot wait for the next update!! 

  • icraveyaoi

    Aww it’s gorgeous! Hope you had a great birthday and get well soon Hazel! 

  • Poniko

    How many other guys are reading this web comic I wonder…

    • Bruise Animations


  • Poniko

    also, why can’t thursday be today? D: 

  • Roboninks

    Bread, water, sleep. Thank you for working so so hard and happy belated birthday. Get well soon.

  • Kirby Kinney

    lol, my curfew is 1:30 too. :)

  • webelieveinjohnlock

    Yeaaaaah, update day!! :DD /sets up camp for the night

  • TearsoftheFallen

    *Popping popcorn* *Setting up pillows and blankets* *Tells mom to let me camp* REEAAAAADY!

  • Auburn Morrow

    On a pink bike… yep, Carter is still hot.

  • BuddhaAlex

    Did anyone else notice that Adrian still has a death-grip of awesome strength on Carter’s jacket? He will never get it back.

    • CatiKat

      and in the next page hes wearing it!

  • December

    I can’t even decide whether this is sad or completely hilarious.

  • Rainshine, the Grammar Hyena

    I lol’d at the alternate panel text. :P

  • Nana


  • Karen Garrido

    XDDDD !!!

  • Seimei Aoyagi

    Bad-ass bike ya got there.

  • Nickelz

    “Walks” XD

  • Mar Sánchez

    “Get in loser” xD

  • 22


  • B.

    Oh, he’s trying to get him home in time so he doesn’t get in trouble :3
    Carter is willing to ride a pink bike uphill at 1 a.m. after getting his face broken for you, Adrian. There’s something deeper than desperation going on in there, don’t you think?

    • Annalee

      He got his face broken for Maria, not Adrian

      • Ray

        Your point being? He’s riding after getting his face broken for Adrian.

      • Oscar Leigh

        Imagine “got his face broken, for Adrian”. Then our anal can be satisfied.

  • Chimichangaz


  • banana StabbeR


  • Kamigi

    Carter’s face while looking at his phone tho “dis hoe…”

  • Bored Mortal

    That explains the “badass” bike!


    Bicycle bicycle I like to ride my

  • shouto

    i really do hope adrian remembers this when he gets sober

  • Nil

    carter is such a fucking sweetheart i was unsure at first bc he was getting creepy but now he’s all heroic and adorable I’m so proud

  • ComicPandaPro

    Their in Highschool and Adrian’s curfew is 1:30….
    My curfew is WAAAAY less XD

    • Nightcore Gravity


    • minahil fatima

      wish i had a curfew but i don’t even leave home.

  • FrostBug

    My curfew is 10PM, damn he’s a lucky kid!

  • It’s your Boi

    I don’t have a curfew cause my parents dont give a shit lmao

    • Jay B. B.

      Mine is usually 12:00