• Derpsocks

    Ah hahahahaha Adrian is my favorite <3 Thanks for the update, never mind the delay! Life happens.

  • Clairianne

    Adrian, please >,< 

    Poor Maria :< Her mother looks really tired.

  • nattybird

    Adrian= me when I party too hard….

  • retarded turtle

    Adrian is so cute >u<
    Way to be a good guy, Carter. 

  • Aadorah

    Haha he’s dead! XD GAHAHAHAHA!!! 

  • Cianakochan

    This literally updated before my very eyes…

    I think I check this too much xP

  • Roboninks

    :D <3 awe her mum looks so worried

  • MinnieAmos


    (And I’m not quite sure if Adrian should be appreciated, or if he’s just following because he’s that drunk.)

  • LeeJaeLee

    Is that car… DRIVING AWAY?!?!

    • Maude

      Seems like that to me !

    • Rachel Harvey

       lmao. I guess Carter is going to have to carry Adrian home XD

  • Breeze

    aw Carter you’re such a gentleman <3
    LOL Adrian, that's me without the alcohol :'D

    • Breeze

      PFF I just noticed the van pulling away

  • http://miezermiezmiez.tumblr.com/ cicatrice

    wuat Adrian. will he remember ANYTHING at all after this night?

  • http://twitter.com/Ayu_kun04 Craig Fucker


  • kai

    Well THAT explains why they’re not in the van.  I’m guessing the bike comes from Maria’s house, too. Probably put Adrian on the handlebars because he’s way too drunk to be pedaling/steering ANYTHING – especially himself.

  • Sheilkuroi

    is the car driving away???

    • http://twitter.com/esraaawr Esra Neophyte Harley

      i didn’t notice until i read this comment OMG XD

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    LOL Oh, Adrian..

  • Aichan

    I’ve just found you and your comic is really awesome. Keep up the good work.

  • Patrycja Anna ‘Marronka’

    Carter, just…. awww <3
    and, omg, why the car is going awayyyyyyyyyyyy D: I'd like new page, like, now D: holy cheese and crackers D8

  • jesssss

    @Adrian: i know that feel.

  • jesssss

    @Adrian: i know that feel.

  • Leca

    Adrian baby, what are you doing? O_O

  • Jenessa

    wha…WHERE IS THE CAR GOING XD oh god poor carter!
    and adrians like oh heeeeeeey ground ima lay on you now

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1479293008 Kellie Nikole Dorothy Coulter

      Well the bike in the beginning looked like a girls bike right?
      they’re wearing the same clothes…
      Carter’s beaten up…
      I’m guessing they end on taking Maria’s bike home. 

  • ror

    please god let this all somehow end in beautiful buttsex and declarations of love for them

  • http://twitter.com/KristinMontoya Kristin Montoya

    Why is Adrian so moe when drunk?

    • Grace

      XD that girl stole Carter’s mom’s minivan!!!

    • Grace

      XD that girl stole Carter’s mom’s minivan!!!

  • Moemai

    Thank you so much for thiiiis ♥ for sharing and all!!

  • Kuro_chou

    It’s Carter’s jacket he’s holding!!! XD make ‘em snuggle with it! XD 

  • Nanana

    omg poor mom haha ahh carter you payed extra for nothing hahahahahhaah 

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    oh Adrian XD ……and hes holding Carters coat o____o coughsnugglecouch

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    Adrian makes me laugh so hard XD Poor Maria’s mom though…that’s gotta be stressful…I love Carter ^.^

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1648659794 Cassandra Lynn Markham

    So, based on this, the bike crash (in which they have hickeys and are wearing these clothes) will occur after they take Maria’s sparkly pink bike and try to get home, since the van is leaving.

    • Will

      Yeah, either Lauren’s a bitch or Carter isn’t thinking. Hum.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAXQQXNPHAO6BREKB5NSGKV7NU Kari

    The ground is always incredibly comfortable when one is incredibly drunk. 

  • Toomza Zoone

    Aww Adrian is so cute :3

  • Ginger Phones

    … or on the ground :I

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    Adrian. xD

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W7TCY24F2ILZGSVJ32TJG4LJGU Jamie

    Aww, Carter you turned out to be such a sweetie! Pfft, lol, Adrian you are a goofy, horny little drunk aren’t you? :P  I hope Maria is gonna be ok. She’s one of my favorite characters in this.

  • PomixWing

    lolololololololololol… Oh, Adrian… you sleep in that grass, but now you’ll have to acknowledge that Carter’s a good :3. When you’re no intoxicated, of course  XDDD

  • http://twitter.com/Ayu_kun04 Craig Fucker

    THE CAR WILL GONE, that that means time alone for adrian and carter

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GHPUEZ5WBF34LCRJXYCDBYHPTU Isie

    Wait…Is the car seriously leaving? O_O
    Does that mean Adrian and Carter will have to stay the night (together in the same room)? >w>

    • Kuro_chou

      I wish, rightt!! XD hahaha but this gonna links back to the first page i guess… :,)

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/GHPUEZ5WBF34LCRJXYCDBYHPTU Isie

        Oh my goodness! I completely forgot! xO
        My world is going to be upside-down now x_x

  • D.

    Adrian <333333333333333333333333

  • Aya Yai

    Time to steal the bike! >:D

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  • Amanduh

    LOOOL omg the middle panel with Adrian falling is so awesome xD And Carter’s comment <3

    • arc

       I concur.

  • Carneeval

    Every time I see the mum’s face I just feel a little heartbreak ;^;
    Amazing work with expressions.

  • Tjnstlouismo

    Kids. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

  • Rachel Harvey

    Drunk Adrian is SOOO hysterical and cute <3 OMG. And Carter, you're the man! You are being so responsible. Finally, Maria, you are in for one hell of a hangover….and your mom has obviously been worried girl. Be sure to thank Carter later for getting you out of that situation.

  • Dudeo

    Wow, CARTER’s the responsible one. CARTER, the man who owns every one-liner, every subtle hint of sex, and every corny joke in the known universe and he’s RESPONSIBLE. PFFT, why is he gay and fictional, why can’t I meet someone responsible as this??

    And Drunk Adrian is now my favorite character of all time. No one can top him.

    • Tellusora

       Oh I’m pretty sure Carter can top Adrian no problem, if you get what I mean…


  • Ken H

    So much for $15 dollars! LOL!

  • Barbara Ruiz

    Aww man I’m a new reader, This is the greatest. I’m addicted and the story is so cute…the art adds loads of extra charm

  • GB

    i feel bad for maria’s mom. the sad mom face is very powerful :(

  • PearBear

    Noticing that car casually… Driving away…

  • moofla

    Oh, Adrian :3

    and with the car driving away, everything is slowly starting to unravel..