• Auburn Morrow

    See, it’s not funny because the car is driving away.
    It’s funny because they don’t know it’s driving away, but we do XDD
    Man, can I just take the time to appreciate the light work and the shadowing. It’s beautiful. 

  • http://twitter.com/icraveyaoi icraveyaoi

    I think there’s only so much lady gaga a driver can stand… poor girl, I’m glad he got her home. And with that taken care of, we have another inebriated person to accommodate. I love how he’s just lying there. 

  • Ophirlotana

    -They wear the same clothes they have in the opening scene
    -Adrian is laying in the bushes
    -Carter is injured
    -The van is driving away
    So… The end is near?

    • Ophirlotana

      And Adrian is still holding Carter’s coat.

      No, Adrian, you need to give it back :I

      • Skyler

        but in the original he’s wearing a blue jacket too why does everyone think he has to not have his coat??

  • ChopstickChick

    he’s such a charming angel!

  • MyoVampyre

    I can’T wait t’ill the new page comes up… Everytime I read it over again, there’s the next page missing and I’m like aww… I wish the time would go faster!! Whyy!!!?? ;^;  Ithink this comic is awsome :) I totally fell in love with it :) Keep up the good work^^ It’s amazing^^

  • Monnc

    anyone notice the van driving away? I thought carter told adrian to stay in the car, but adrian mighta been kidnapped then.

    • bitches

      he wouldn’t have been kidnapped, he would have been dropped off at his house. carter paid to have him dropped off somewhere, not to be dropped off twice.

  • http://twitter.com/esraaawr Esra Neophyte Harley

    As far as I know, it is already tuesday, the new page still isn’t up and there is still missing another page from last monday. I am sorry sweety i don’t want to be naggy, but i am keeping my hopes up that you will update and then there is no page. It makes me sad because I really want to know how the story continues.

    • Hazeldrop

      Hi Esra! Updates are on Thursdays only unless otherwise announced. We pretty much post the pages as they are finished, and sometimes bonus pages (Monday’s) fall to the wayside when things come up. The story will be completed in due time, don’t worry!

  • Nopityforacoward

    Did that car jsut drive away without them xD?
    Oh well.
    Carter is such an angel *_* -And Adrian looks kinda… well, he looks dead when he’s just lying there c’:
    I can’t wait for the next page c:

    • starbuck1679

      I JUST noticed that too! WHAT THE EFF!

  • Gravity

    I just noticed the car’s leaving… Hope Adrian & Carter live nearby. :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004011106180 Eridan Kiyomizu


  • Zreya

    I just noticed. that. Adrian has Carters coat O_O

  • http://twitter.com/CiftciBilnur ∞ Bilnur

    Hey…Doesn’t Carter look like Marshall Lee to you, here?

    • GrammarshineHyena

      YES. o3o

  • Abikyoukan

    Carter is a wonderful douchbag. :D

  • Maria C. Cezar Garcia


  • Heikes-Classy-Ass

    “you can wait in the car…. or wait in the ground thats fine too!” xDDD

  • Tarah Stylinson

    Carter is seriously sweet. He was just a giant creeper douchebag at the beginning but I’m starting to see his true colors. Hope Adrian remembers enough of this night to realize how great Carter really is too!!

  • B.

    I love how Carter worries about Maria, I hope she can recover whithout any lingering trauma.

  • 菊花。

    At first I was sure I wasn’t going to like Carter but he’s so precious I’m literally dying here.

  • LuisDiego De La Torre

    After reading the story where he stalks Adrian’s Facebook page, after reading Maria telling Adrian that Carter likes him, after reading that Carter handwrote 82 letters and got them inside envelopes and that is arduous annoying work to do, after everything and this… he IS the dream guy. What he does is not creepy, those are the actions of a teenage boy in love with someone who he knows likes him back. <3 I love Carter T_T

  • spooky dood

    really starting to like carter now

  • Cody

    Okay, I just reread this up to here, and noticed… WOW LAUREN SHE’S DRIVING AWAY

    • http://anabotti.tumblr.com Kamigi

      what the hell LAUREN WHAT

  • FruitSnapple

    Maria’s mom looks like she’s seen some shit.

  • http://www.animaljamgo.blogspot.com arcticpenguin661

    or you can wait on the ground

    • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal


  • Chimera

    That looks like my moms van

  • SashlovesBlueberries

    I am crying I am just so proud that Carter did the right thing twice this night..

  • jenny

    Adrian on the last panel, he can be seen lying on the ground behind carter and Maria I’m laughing so hard

  • Aoi Hagane

    Carter is a true Hero


    Same Adrian same.

  • shouto

    Drunk adrian is fav

  • oinkawa -

    Carter I’m so proud.

  • Bomberanian

    LOL Maria’s mom looks so done XD

  • Fred Weasley

    Adrian is such a mood