• mym

    You know what, i think that i’m going to like this. So i want to thank you guys in advance for sharing this story! And boy am i glad to land onto this page :D

  • MegaAnimeFreak7

    I think I remember going to that Chapters. XDD

  • poppyroc

    Hahah love seeing stores I recognize in a comic! Woot Superstore, Chapters and Loblaws!! Yay Canada! <3

  • June

    Chapters is closing though….

  • Mo

    As someone who works for Chapters in Vancouver… dont do it. XD

  • miranda vlietstra

    Woot, go Canada. I wish I worked at Chapters instead of Claire’s.

    • teagan

      i live in canada woot

  • dex

    i wanna read this so bad but it loads so slow… :c

  • Rolls Away For Days

    Bluntly busted. Carter’s on to your little game~

  • http://otakumole.ch/?page=user&user=14546 Meguru

    Can I just say the art has gotten so much better, great work!