• Jill

    Headbutting; when all else fails. 

  • Deutsche-Amerkian

    Never go for a forehead forehead headbutt thats the two hardest parts of the skull smacking aginst each other. Headbutt them in their face trust me learned from experience ^^ Its much more effective.

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    • http://thedeepseagirl.illustrateur.org/ The Deep Sea Girl

      BELL *

  • Winterimperfect

    |D after my shitty evening last night this is quite the treat.

  • Cianako-chan

    Maria’s “I wanna go home” made me sympathy moan.

    That poor girl. Carter will take care of her, I hope?

  • tjnstlouismo

    Glad to wake up to something nice and sweet. Such a good boy, now take the girl home, your b/f will be proud of you.

  • Clairianne

    Oh… poor Maria :(

    Carter is my hero now.

  • Auburn Morrow

    Okay Carter, I apologize for doubting you. I’m so happy you won that!
    And poor Maria. She’s so pitiful. You guys are so perfect at setting the tone for every page.

  • Mctoler

    Oh wow! :D Go carter! His face in the last panel is especially well drawn in my opinion. :)

    • Mooshkin

      That was me and it was supposed to be Mooshkin lol

      • Mooshkin


        • Beia

          Your comment(s) made me laugh :) is auto correct or something?

  • FC

    Sorry man, I just got some blood on your carpet..

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  • Tellusora

    First and last panel Carters are LOVE.
    3rd panel Carter is LOL.

    Aww that last panel. My god Carter’s never been more adorable.

  • Jenessa

    aw he’s not a lunatic your just a stupid d-bag :P

  • Megumi

    And this is why you don’t drink at parties, damn it sucks being a woman! Always having to worry about crap like this. Yay Carter! ;w;

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAXQQXNPHAO6BREKB5NSGKV7NU Kari

       That’s ridiculous. You can drink at parties, you just have to be smart about it.

      • B.

        Um, no. Women don’t get raped because they act un-smart, they get raped because rapists rape them.
        Maria was planing to drive home, so she wasn’t planing to get drunk. How is it in any way her fault that she got roofied by a rapist for being an Asian girl?
        You can’t control other people actions. So the only way to prevent rape is preventing the rapist from raping, not the women from getting raped.

        And @Rowan, I agree that men can get raped too, but the % of women who are raped is overwhelmingly larger. That’s why I spoke of “women” and not “people” above.

    • https://www.fanfiction.net/u/5668760/ Ainsley McKellen

      This could totally happen to guy too… especially a closeted gay guy that outs himself while drunk off his ass.

  • roxj

    YOU are a lunatic
     son of a b-word!

  • Aisukurimu

    Page 69 ifyouknowwhatimean..

  • arc

    dude your nose is like…bleeding all over the place. XD

  • Breeze

    whoa usually you never win with a head butt.. this time it worked :’D

  • Remo

    Aww, man Carter. You’re face, ;w;

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    Carter, you are SO awesome! 

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  • staple

    If someone walk in right now, it would seem like Carter tried to um- do something to Maria.

  • AnonymousFangirl

    5th panel… dem eyes! Oh Carter, you sweet crazy badass, thank you for saving Maria and not letting us down! Now all ya gotta do is give Adrian that look when he’s sober and confess you like him for way more than his ass.

  • AnonymousFangirl

    5th panel… dem eyes! Oh Carter, you sweet crazy badass, thank you for saving Maria and not letting us down! Now all ya gotta do is give Adrian that look when he’s sober and confess you like him for way more than his ass.

  • crayonseverywhere

    Adrian don’t come in don’t come in!!

  • Yohoho

    It’s the best friends forever, best friends forever, RING. 

    Ahh friendship. Pretty awesome stuff happens cause of friendship. :3

  • Pennelope_Jones

    I think Carter did this more for Adrian than for Maria. Of course, I’m not saying that he would’ve just left her, but I think that it was more because she was Adrian’s friend than his.

    Also, I’m so glad we don’t have to wait a full week for the next update!

  • Olivituss

    Let me guess… Adrian’s gonna come in and misunderstand the whole situation? ;3;”’

  • Beia

    Heheheh, page sixty nine. Ironic because there hasn’t been much sex so far. Anyways, goooo Carter! Whoo!

  • Auburn Morrow

    I don’t think Adrian was even in Carter’s mind while he was doing this. I think Carter is a human being and no person would ever let something like “rape” happen if they could help it. Can’t we just except Carter is just a good person? 

    • Nana

      Carter is a really good guy! ♥

  • Nanana

    awwww <3

  • Miranda Keller

    Special page!!! Number 69~   XD

  • itslikeapurplishblue

    Way to use your head, Carter!
    Maria: “Oh~ Cartah, yo muh hewo.”
    I’m hoping the next page doesn’t involve Adrian finding these two in a “compromising position”. 

  • http://dokidokibaka.livejournal.com/ Dokidokibaka

    Nice to know that Carter’s hard head has some use. ^_^

  • http://twitter.com/zitaor brit

    “god, you’re a fucking lunatic” said the rapist

    • Envy

      This comment is perfection in a bottle.

  • Nickelz

    …*proceeds to hug Carter AND Maria*

  • Heikes-classy-ass

    ok im sorry but it just breaks my heart how cartes just asks her if shes ok all worried and she just says “i wanna go hoooome” TnT

  • Mar Sánchez

    poor Maria :c
    Good guy Carter

  • マナ

    Ok, Carter me encanta, fin.

  • Mackenzie Donalds

    is maria filipino?

  • nena

    thank god saved her from rape :’)

  • 菊花。

    This page just breaks my heart.

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    Carter saved her~ :)
    I remember this being how he won my heart… :3

  • J

    Carter has rejected doing Adrian (i think) and has saved his friend.

    • j

      I mean doing Adrian while he is drunk

  • George DeForest

    “i wanna go home” at first i thought it was Carter asking Maria for the ride home, LOL

  • bEKKA

    naruto hEAD BUTTTTTTT

  • August :3

    *cuddles Maria* shoooooosshh papp ur okay