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    Yay! I’ve been waiting all morning!!

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    aka Carter looks like a model page GOOD

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    what!? what!? I want next pagess rawrawraraw(and I love Carter)

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      High five :I sdhagdfkjhfkjahjkdfhakjhfkjahkjdhakjfhkjashlksjfkl 

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    Here I was just woken up with my first thought to come camp! Guess I’ll go have some breakfast, and then I’ll probably go play Skyrim. Whoo!

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    ok lauren is his ex, right?

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    Love! lol

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    That floor is glorious.

    Also, I can’t tell if the crash is coming from Adrian’s coat-orgy room.
    Now I’m worried for his safety. Because, see, different sounds mean different scenarios. Like, someone falling off a bed makes a sort of “thud” sound. A crash usually means something, a lamp for example, was broken.


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    Open the door Carter !!! Please OPEN THE DOOR !!! T__T

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    yeah, the floor is excelent 8D

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    I’m guessing Adrian fell on the floor… :D?

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    wait, now I’m really confused. after looking trough all the pages I finally convinced myself that the room Carter passes with a sad sideglance on page 63 is the room where he left Adrian, so Adrian couldn’t possibly be upstairs now, right? so, what/who is in that room? I hope for Adrian but on the other hand how could that be?? ladies, you’re confusing me. (guess that was your plan) and just why is Carter upstairs now? His clothes and headphones are in Adrians room! °A°/

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      indeed we cannot afford to let Carter lose his clothes and headphones XD SO ICONIC OF HIm

      Also it wasn’t Adrian’s room, it was a closet. XD

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         well, it also wasnt a closet, just a bedroom turned jacketpile. but it was the room where he left Adrian. (look at page 51, the same door, the same pics, and then David came out) so I’m really wondering why he’s gone upstairs now.

        • arc

          He’s searching for himself lol.

          That and less drunk people to run into I guess.

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             we will hopefully know more tomorrow. if only we would still have to wait for so long. ;_;

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    Strike a pose Carter ;D love panel 1!!

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    I was waiting since 8 this morning like a little kid! I love that I found this webcomic <3.

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    I love the way you colour. Damn.

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      If he is, I’ll give him a stern talking to >:I

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    OH MY GAWD, the suspense. ;A;

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    I love you! Your comic feels so fresh, it’s not too complicate, I mean like nothing out of this world and yet so complicated too (err, I don’t know how to put it, haha, but it’s because of the human factor). Thank you for the sharing it with the public!

    Keep the work, all the good mood for you ^^

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    Maria must be in there with David! I mean Carter was looking for Maria…

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    Someone’s gettin’ it on in there, right? Right?!?!

    …oh man, I really don’t even have any guesses left.

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    Of course that it’s not  the closet! Look at that wall.. there are diferent wall (page 51=63 and 64 is diferent)
    So I guess is David, or Maria, I don’t know….

    I’m too spleepy to think :/

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    woooooooooooooooooooooooo-hoooooooooooooooooooooo updates!! So happy you’re doing better!!

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    AHH! I’m so happy for the update seriously but most of all I hope that Carter has not made a uu stupidity and craving kill me going in that room? was that sound, adrian, maria, david? I rarely see him without his headphones xD THIS GREAT! curiosity but Ican until the next n_n

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    I missed Adrian so much QAQ

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    Is Adrian gonna be making out with his ex? = /

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      I hope not… o_o

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         Wouldn’t that just be awful. That’s not what needs to happen. Depending on what’s behind that door…there could be a lot of drama and teenage angst heading our way

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    I should go to sleep, seeing as I have a theatre production after school tomorrow, but I find camping a more important task. I’ve run light boards on two hours of sleep before.

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    my campfire is going out, need to go get some more wood from the kitchen… i mean forest

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    So goooooddd! can’t wait for what’s coming next, whatever it is!

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    Sweeties… y u no update yet? D:

    • Hazel~<3

      Hazel is in the Netherlands, she said new pages next week :3

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    I kinda hate to say this in case something bad actually happened (and if it did, I’m sooo sorry >< Sorry ladies. But I mean. Come on. 

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      I think you’re being a little selfish here…. I mean, “one little page” ? it takes time to do what they’re doing, and I think they have a life aside this comic… Maybe, they’ve been busy w/ something more important so they couldn’t update the page at the due date ^^” it can happen you know?
      You should be more understanding about it :3

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    @A@ oh god why do you entice me to check this every day. Is it because I have it on bookmarks? It must be. I should subdue this addiction of checking every five minutes, its a bad habit. Q-Q

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    No patter how much time you nedd, I could read the all thing again and again for ages.
    Get well, rest as long as you need! :)
    A question, is there any story related to this one? What the heck are those 4 first pages? Adrian found wounded by Carter, and the “it just …  everything just seems to come back to you doesn’t it?” page 3
    Did i miss something between the two?
    Where are we going, where are we coming from?
    I’m sorry for the question, and the lame english (i’m a frog-eater, eventhough i don’t like frogs :p

  • Louma-03

    No matter how much time you need, I could read the all thing again and again for ages.
    Get well, rest as long as you need! :)
    A question, is there any story related to this one? What the heck are those 4 first pages? Adrian found wounded by Carter, and the “it just …  everything just seems to come back to you doesn’t it?” page 3
    Did i miss something between the two?
    Where are we going, where are we coming from?
    I’m sorry for the questions, and the lame english (i’m a frog-eater, eventhough i don’t like frogs :p
    ps: even if i don’t speak English well, I can at least correct the spelling mistakes :/

    • LovelessMemories

      Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one that was confused :P If you look at the dates, the beginning pages are set in ‘March 26th, 2011′. After those pages, when Carter is in his room, it says ‘March 3rd, 2011′. It’s a preview of future pages :) Hope you aren’t so confused :D

      • Louma-03

        Hey! Yes! I didn’t see it! Thanks!!!!! :D Thank you so much for opening my eyes!
        But then, “what is the date here?” .Could we be close to the end of the story??? Do someone knows how many chapters, pages left there is (“are?”) ?
        Get very well soon :)

        • LovelessMemories

          Can’t answer that so easily, but yes, it’s quite close ^0^
          I believe this would be around the 12, but it’s only a guess
          ———fail :D————-

          • https://www.facebook.com/miezer.miezmiez cicatrice

            well, the first 3 pages are, as you already noticed, a prologue to the
            following story. it is a bit confusing but on the other hand a good way
            to keep the suspense alive, right? and we are, that’s what at least I
            think, getting closer to that moment in the prologue with the recent
            pages (if only they wouldn’t drag it out so much >,,,,<). and if I
            remember correctly I think the authoresses explained the timeline for
            story some time ago. maybe I can find it, then I'll post it here. last thing, I don't think it will end with 5 chapters, there must still be something to tell, but maybe that's just my wishful thinking for mooooooar great pics of Adrian and Carter. well. :D

        • C.

          I believe they said there’ll be 5 chapters, so this is the last chapter maybe?

          • LovelessMemories

            Did they? Alright, so I am off xD AND! Look, they’re wearing the same clothes as they are when they crash :O HOLY CRAP, didn’t notice till someone pointed it out :D

          • Louma-03

            5? So it’s the last one! Wow, it has gone so fast… Is it always the best things that come to an end so quickly? Let’s take a breath, calm down… There, okay. :)
            Get back sooner Hazel! 

          • RTT

             No, the first 5 chapters are only the beginning. This is what Hazel posted about the length:

            - Right now we are releasing what is of sorts an introduction/
            budding relationship origin story to Adrian and Carter. That is what
            these first five chapters are.

            - We are planning to have all five chapters plus extras published into a book by Fall 2012. 

            - That means that we will need to release and make pages faster than
            we have been doing. We are looking at mid-June to start releasing two
            pages a week. 

            - Pages should start getting released again next week.

            How long is Always Raining Here going to be?

            The overarching story has an as of yet an undetermined length, but we
            have an ending in mind. The main/intro story should end around 85
            pages, and subsequent stories will be contained within one chapter,
            likely around 20-30 pages each.”

        • GingaAsylum

          Umm but the five chapters aren’t the end…just the end of the intro/beginning C:

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    Is it sad i check everyday for an update -_-

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      i do to sadly 

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          yep. Me too TT^TT

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            I’d sometimes check twice ;_;

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    We can leave your friends behind~
    ‘Cause your friends don’t camp,
    and if they don’t camp
    then they ain’t no friends of mine~

    • Mel has all the cookies.


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    Qawzesxdrtcfvygubcdrtyfjuykhgcoygvkhgcjfgsujnb i just read found this comic today and i need moarrrr!!!!!!!

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    I just started reading today and I’m already at the end…excited for update :) and I can’t figure out if Adrian and Carter actually had sex or not I hope they didn’t, I would rather Adrian be sober when they first do it.

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      Lol, we’re both thinking the same thing.



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    I found this webcomic a while ago and fell in love with it. It’s thursday night where I am and i’m anxiously awaiting an update ladies :) Thank you for keeping me entertained with your delightfully original work!

  • Pop90361

    I truly do love this comic but- the last update you made was 20 days ago hun and there were a lot of promises for new pages that were never fulfilled. :/ I’m not saying I’m going to leave this comic, I love the story and over all amazing-ness too much to leave it but- maybe actually getting pages out if you promised them might be a bit better on your fanbase? We’re behind you 100% but I think we (your readers) wouldn’t like anymore continuous empty promises.
    I love the story and the art and I can’t wait to see more,

    • Pop90361

       20 days isn’t so much the problem, it’s just the promises for pages that didn’t happen. I didn’t mind the first couple times cuz- hey, I’m an artist too. we get busy. but- after awhile of missing deadlines that were promised continually, I think it can be a bit of a turn off from reading this comic. I love the art and the story and I won’t stop reading but I just wanted to get my opinion out there.

      • Mooshkin

        I agree with this person. I don’t mind the fact it has been 20 days, but i was looking forward to there being an update yesterday. :/

      • Nvenya

        It wouldn’t be so bad if there was at least some update on Thursday that a release wasn’t possible. It fosters the fear that the comic might be discontinued, which would make a great deal of people sad.

    • Cosmos

       This was posted on tumblr:

      “I don’t want to be one of those creators who just kind of dies and leaves people wondering where stuff is….
      lets just say we’re dealing with a bit of an artblock/motivation crisis right now.

      Sorry for missing the deadline. Again.”

      Not really thrilled about this. I love this comic, but if the creator is suffering from motivational issues this early – especially when the fan base is so supportive (and after how supportive the fans have been, wouldn’t the motivation be to, at the very least, put up the remaining, promised page for them after nearly three weeks?) – then I don’t think this is going to make it. When it’s a comic that is exploring characters’ relationships, it’s really hard on the fans, because they become emotionally invested in it….and the creator should be, too.

      I went to bed at 4 a.m. last night, so I was up anyways, but I checked back every once in a while and saw people staying up for an update. I mean no disrespect here, but I do feel that that post on tumblr should have gone up much, much earlier out of respect for the people who showed up, waiting for the comic. As readers, they fulfilled their end of the bargain – they should have at least gotten some notice that, after 20 days, this still wasn’t going to happen.

      • http://twitter.com/sweetfshhh fish iffy

        I think it’s ridiculous that they haven’t posted anything on this website and just on tumblr. A lot of people may not be following their tumblr (myself included) or even be aware of its existance. They have no ‘real’ obligation to their fans as this is free but if they respect their fans they could at least post something on THIS website or let us know that they were not planning on updating today. A webcomic is all about fans, without them you are just updating to the air. At least respect them enough to keep them updated. I don’t want to sound like an ‘entitled’ fan but seriously….. they want to sell their book? They want to monetize this webcomic? Then treat your fans with respect and keep them updated. If they didn’t have plans on selling a book I wouldn’t care but they want to get money out of this in the end so at least keep a nice relationship going in the meantime.

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    Will we have to wait until next Thursday for an update? Or will it be posted as soon as it’s done?

    • Hazeldrop

      As soon as it’s done!

      • Imprettynpink


      • Pennelope_Jones

        Thanks! You’re great, and I totally understand that sometimes life just seems to throw everything at you at once. It’s not ideal, but it happens. :/