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delicious finished hardwood flooring

EDIT MAY 17: News update here!

Edit May 25:

Just a small update yet again. I don’t really want to make any more excuses, but I am working on the next page now. Thank you guys for your patience with us.

- Hazel

  • Danig127

    Thanks for letting us know the page is in progress; I appreciate it! Patience is hard, but I will gladly wait for your lovely, interesting (and free!) pages as long as it takes.  

    • Nohkuroko

      (and free!) XD XD

  • Johndar

    This isn’t the first time it’s happened, but I’ll say it here: I love the way you do text messaging in the comic. It’s perfect. Having the texts appear in the air is much better then looking at a screen, and using the iPhone word balloons is very fitting. Reminds me of BBC’s Sherlock

  • Chicana

    If Maria and David…I swear to gawd.

  • Bored Mortal

    *holds breath* Please Gawd…

  • Nana

    Shit shit shit shit what oh no


    On nos

  • shouto

    what what what nonononono