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This week on Always Raining Here: Carter walks around more.


Hi All! I’m feeling more or less better and I come bearing pages :>

We will be uploading 3 more pages in the next seven days, so be sure to check back for those:

Saturday May 5th – Page 64

Tuesday May 8th – Page 65

Thursday May 10th – Page 65

(These quick updates are probably better this way, considering the next two pages aren’t very exciting by themselves, but are necessary.)

After that, we hope to continue regular Thursday updates.


  • Yumiko Akimoto

    ó uò Poor Carter.. ;;

  • Vy


    I can't believe he's hunting for Maria when she is still drunk off her ass. Does he really expect her to drive??
    Also he just passed by the coat room. HE HESITATED. PAUSED FOR A MOMENT. And then passed. asdfdsfl It's really nerve-wracking, trying to figure out what state he left Adrian in! I'm going to assume that Adrian is still there, with his coat, since he won't go back in. Aaaand that maybe he is sleeping as he was doing before. Or getting comforted because "nobody loveeees himmm", which Carter might feel really bad about not taking up on his offer (assuming again, that they didn't have sex anyway). 

    I should probably shut up, my speculation at 12:30 in the morning is hardly ever up to par.

    • cicatrice

       oh oh oh wait, you think, no, you’re SURE this is the place where adrian is/was? I thought they were upstairs! :0 you always confuse me…

  • WynterWillow

    First teahouse and now ARH. FUCK YEAH!
    I love the way you color.

    • Klinkklunk

      Yes!!! I love it when people are exited about the same things as me <3

  • Ambler

    I almost like Carter’s cartoony face better than his normal face. And why is he avoiding the door, huh? HUH?

    • cicatrice

       maybe it’s a closet? do you think his headphones and shirt have magically wandered there? :D

  • Alejandro Vent

    Thanks for the updated page as promised… I can’t effin’ wait to know what they “did” and alsjkdfhlkasjdghljdh all of that! CURSES!

  • Merrsharr

    This page serves no other reason but keeping us in suspense while keeping up with the update schedule…

    • bellhasabat

      ✿◕‿◕✿  PAACCIIINNGG ✿◕‿◕✿

  • waijuu

    Wooo thanks for the update! I nice gift before I head to sleep at 2am.

  • cicatrice

    AAAAAAAHHHH YESSSSSS!!!! thank you for the update and welcome back and I’m glad you’re feeling (more or less) better AND I AM SO F*CKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW EVEN THOUGH THERE IS STILL NO ADRIAN IN THIS PAGE BUT HELL I DON’T CARE!!! I finally got my ARH back. T^T Thank you!! <3

    btw, I love the kitty picture!

  • Ayu Shan

    awww I love Carter and I love the colored of that page!♥

  • Andrew Svalina



  • Amgarfinkel

    I know I should be feeling bad for Carter, but I can’t help but feel sympathetic pity for the girl hold back her piling friend’s hair in panel 3.
    That really sucks.
    Also, glad to have update again! I think I was experiencing withdrawal for a while there. X3

    • Amgarfinkel


      Sorry guys, autocorrect is being a whore.

  • Nanana

    3 in a week!?? YAYYYYYYYYYYY

  • arc

    Woa 3 in a week :0

    Also is that the closet he’s looking at? Pff. XD obvious bro.

  • Klinkklunk

    XD he looks at the closet like “maybe I could go cuddle with Adrian for a bit…” xD

  • Yu Suzukei

    Welcome back. 8D 

  • Auburn Morrow

    God, the coloring is always so gorgeous. Nobody paints a wall the way you guys do.

  • KeyNote

    Unf, the colors..

  • Stephanie M.

    Awww, he look so depressed! I just want to hug him :)

  • James

    Poor fella, he did the right thing though.

    Glad to vhear your feeling better!

  • Mayogumi

    …I seriously still love the fact that you guys haven’t forgotten the hickey.  Poor Carter, though, I wanna give him a good squeeze. o3o  Still.  Amazing page, and I love your work!

  • Valewriter

    The last two dates are the same days as my final exams. Hallelujah, something to look forward to.

  • TechnicolorTango

    You’ll be uploading a page on my birthday, May 8th >.<
    I'm so excited for more updates, you guys are awesome <3

  • Jamie Dutton

    Glad you’re feeling better. I was worried 

  • Were you sick?

    Oh, did something happen? Going to have to look around…Well hope you’re okay either way! :)

  • TohniaZeeman

    Carter is an awkward turtle in panel 3…so cute! :3  And i’m glad you are feeling better!  Just relax and take care of yourself!

  • chocophobia

    So glad you’re feeling better! Seriously, we don’t mind not having pages if you’re going to compromise your health for us (though I love having pages c: ) <3333

  • C.

    Awwwwwwww Caaarter ; A ;

  • moofla



  • Gaby (Gaviota Perdida)

    I read all the pages in one go. This story is awesome, thanks so much!!! ^^

  • Neira Alizaria


  • 22


  • Aere

    Kind of random buut… carter looks so hot in the fourth panel. Actually, Carter is always hot >//w//<

  • Envy

    FUCKING CARTER…. that fourth panel…
    Dammit, I’m supposed to be depressed, not aroused!

  • No Life

    Is that a hickey on his neck or what?

  • Simon

    I like how you can SEE he art getting better

  • Kamigi

    I’m not…sure what’s happening the third panel. did he walk in on her using the bathroom or??

    • Ayyyyyyyyyy

      It’s actually depicting a girl holding her friend’s hair up while she’s puking. I don’t actually know this since I’m a guy, but apparently girls will hold up each other’s hair while they throw up so the puke doesn’t get in their hair.

      • Kamigi

        Oooh now i see it

  • YOyoYaoi

    i feel something horrible is gonna happen

  • Bored Mortal

    …I don’t like where this is going…

  • SashlovesBlueberries

    I am scared for my Baeria ;-; is she okay?? Is anyone okay?? My heart is beating so fast!”!

  • Nana

    Wait wh

  • Soggy0Waffles