• Becca


  • Confused

    omgomgomg ICANTDECIDE

  • Klmp13

    he’s going to say no… but i want him to say yes :3

  • Jasminemariereneeclaineritter

    Does anyone see that hickey?! And yeah, he’s gonna say no…good job! Lol

  • Jasmin

    He’s not gonna say anything, just do it.. But later he will probably regret it and then later they will do when everybody is sober and it will be freaking fantastic! <3

  • Meehpx3

    They are soooooooo hot both of them ugh I would die of excitement if they do it *A*

  • Meehpx3

    But I kinda feel bad about Carter even though Adrian is just using him and all this sucks ;/

  • Yourartnessgirl

    :P i hope he says, i really want to fuck you, but your only useing me so at this time no. or he could just do him lol i dont know what to think :)

  • Wuzzy

    Guys you’re on everyone’s coats.
    And, you know, one of you doesn’t have the best capacity for decision-making right now.

  • Daemonfae13

    He’ll say he wants to but he’s not going to because Adrian is drunk. He’s not an asshole.

  • Hyli

    Good to know I’m not the only one in conflict here.

    Like, it’s be really great if they did, but I have a feeling Carter’s not going to because I can tell he’s a good guy. <33

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/B5NSDEY6EQCHAXEWBEEFMGI3N4 David

    Is it cynical for me to think that in the real world they would just do it and realize that they probably shouldn’t have afterwards? I mean, morally, it isn’t the right time with Adrian being drunk and vulnerable (surprisingly doing it on people’s coats just makes it kinkier for me, not wrong, lol). However, thinking on this seriously, how many people really think about what is right and wrong at a moment like this?

    If I reflect on most people I know who have done something like this, they don’t think about it till after the fact.

    • Mudy

      Agreed, not cynical just…realistic. Most(and as a brief reminder “most” does not mean “all”) people in this situation would just do it and think after, hands down. 

      But this is fiction, so let’s sit and hope for cute and sweet “Won’t do it, you’re too drunk” <3 

  • Ayu

    Carter repents in 3 .. 2 .. 1 …
    I just find it and I love it)where is the next page? today is tuesday;_;

    • Gladicouldhelp

       That’s right, today is tuesday, and as it says above:  “Updates every Thursday (Pacific Standart Time).” ;)

      • Gemi

        But weren’t lately the updates on Tuesdays? I mean at least last three weeks?
        From what I noticed at least. 

  • Kiily

    wahhh it must be awkward btw them but i find it so cute for being unsure about what are they goning to do next <3

  • Ayu

    sorry for the mistake down, someone told me that you upload new page every Monday(erroneously) ;w;

  • Itachi_rules

    And cue david walking in in 5.. .4… 3 ..2.. 1..

    • https://www.facebook.com/miezer.miezmiez cicatrice

       keeping my fingers crossed for that to happen *,,,,*

  • gyah!


    • Superawesomegyahron

      The guy can’t help himself…..!!!! XD XD

  • Meow_meep

    poor Carter’s sad face in last pannel =( he’s such a good guy, even though he clearly wants to rip Adrian’s clothing off and bang him into next year, I’m sure he won’t. Now THATS a good guy.

  • Eugenian

    Camping this and Teahouse while playing Temple Run and waiting till midnight to wish my best bro happy birthday. They see me shiver, with antici–

    • https://www.facebook.com/miezer.miezmiez cicatrice

       well, I hope for you it’s at least morning or that you slept already. ;)

  • https://www.facebook.com/miezer.miezmiez cicatrice

    I can’t believe I started camping (kinda). I just got up, so what am I doing in front of the pc?? gimme da new page naaaooooo!!! T^T onegaiiii~

    • Hazeldrop

      Soon. :)

      • https://www.facebook.com/miezer.miezmiez cicatrice

        take your time, that’s just me being impatient.


  • Pennelope

    Carter looks loads less scrawny without his button up and jacket and all those layers. He actually looks really nice. If he didn’t already have Adrian’s attention he’d have it now.

  • Hazel <3

    Now that is one good hicky ;)
    New reader and lovin’ the comic! Your art is amazing! Just watched you on dA!

    Love ya! ;D

    • delta

      ooh, whats her DA account?? .w.

  • Pennelope_Jones

    With every new update I get a little more worried that Carter did something, but then I come back to this page and look at his face in the last panel. There’s no way….right?

  • http://jello-bomb.tumblr.com/ Jello

    Dang this page is well drawn!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001805797642 Karen Garrido

    oh shit!!!! .. sé q le va a decir q no!!! DDDD’: !!!!!

  • Seimein

    Carter. If you stopped because you come to the point that you respect him too much for having sex with him while he is drunk, even if he started it, I think I’m going to totally revisit my opinion about you.

  • Lady J

    As a fellow vancouverite, I finally got the title. I can’t believe I didn’t get it before.

  • Xio Henriquez

    Thank god Carter rethought plus if they did the STUFF shall be on people’s coats and sweaters

  • http://taliatheotaku.deviantart.com/ talia mamane

    Hopefully no.

    • Nova

      No, he’s not.

  • Christian Bernard

    Lol, love all the girls here saying “no no don’t do it” and commenting on how this is rape and non-consensual. Please go to a gay bar. Most of the time when gay guys hook up they’re drunk, high or both. Now that’s not to say that I condone taking advantage of someone being drunk but really? Rape? Not quite.

    • https://www.fanfiction.net/u/5668760/ Ainsley McKellen

      I don’t think it’s rape till they can’t even walk or comprehend what you’re doing. I know it’s still a pretty bad thing to get it on with a drunk/high person when you’re quite a bit more sober, but still. Adrian is just acting on repressed feelings here, and he remembered what he was doing a day or so later.

      With cases like Maria, -that- is when a clear line needs to be drawn. Hockey dude was hardly under the influence while Maria could barely even move and didn’t have a clue as to what he was doing to her. But it’s assumed she was roofie’d to some degree and Adrian shared drinks with her, so he was slightly under the same effects.

      It’s hard to say, honestly. But I think Carter was the better man for letting it go and not having sex with Adrian when he was in this state.

    • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

      Having sex with someone whose drunk is actually considered rape because the person cannot consent to what’s happening. It’s just like having sex with someone while they’re asleep. It’s called rape.

      • Christian Bernard

        This is exactly what I meant. It’s nowhere near as black and white as you suggest. As I mentioned, probably the majority of the time gay men are engaging in sexual activities there is alcohol or other substances involved. Does this mean that every intoxicated gay man in a dance club who goes home with an other intoxicated gay man is raping him? No, of course not. Your example of having sex with a sleeping person also can be “grey” because it depends on the situation when you attempt to have sex with the sleeping person. Is it your spouse? Is it someone you picked up the night before who would welcome such an advance? I find that people today are much too quick to yell rape when as I said it is not that black and white. If the person is capable of saying no or yes then it is fine. The point at which each person is considered to be “too intoxicated” to give consent differs with each person and it is their responsibility, not anyone else’s, to make sure they don’t reach that point. If someone is falling down drunk, don’t take them home but you can’t say that ANY drunk person is incapable of giving consent.

    • Youko

      Well when a gay guy goes to a gay bar, getting drunk, getting horny, and hooking up is exactly what he’s hoping for, so it’s all good. But in this case Adrian never intended to end up with anyone at the party, let alone Carter, and Carter KNOWS that Adrian would never take him sober. So this situation would be a darker shade of grey.

  • Caprine

    The best part is the last panel where you can see Carter thinking ‘dammit i can’t do this’

  • Mar Sánchez

    I love gay porn, so I want it to happen, but I don’t want either of them to get hurt…dayum :c

  • Seb

    If only Adrian wasn’t drunk fuuu

  • Ciso Dominik Mey

    on the top of stranger’s clothes? I hope not

  • Vincent Cli

    WHAT pAGE DO I NEED TO SKIP TO TO GET PAST THIS. not that there’s anything wrong with it at all i am just not one for sex scenes. at all. regardless of count, gender, or sexuality. so yes. please help a friend.

    • http://instagram.com/sunocon sunocon

      The very next page. There’s no sex scene. (Also same here, sex scenes make me feel awkward..)

  • マナ

    Oh, la cara de Carter me encanta, aunque está horny sabe que está mal <3 bebu.

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  • B.

    Aaaand, the penny finally dropped, thank God.

  • http://not-productive-person.tumblr.com/ Kolden

    please tell me Carter is considering it, like it’s a pretty bad idea to do that.

  • BoopGatchaNow

    Literally I said out load,” i mean why not like potatos” I’m so confused xD

  • Kyouki Theonewhostoleyoursoul

    Please come to your senses bro. ConSENt

  • Shattered Glass

    consentconsentconsentconsentco n s e n t

  • http://moogle-fusilier.tumblr.com Your Other Boyfriend, Dizzy


  • Bekka

    he’s prolly thinkin ‘aw fuck no condoms’

    • J

      OMG! I forgot he didn’t buy any for himself! Gotta go borrow then!
      THE HEAT IS REAL!!!!

  • Alice Kat

    I love how pretty much everyone is commenting about consent.

  • J