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    -dies from happiness-

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    looks like everyone’s going to have to get new coats later.

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  • Maqa

    SHIT, CARTER, dont fucking do it
    Dont take advantage of Adrian! YOU TWO STOP BEING SO HORNY

  • Uke-Sai

    Is it terrible that I love these comics even more now that I know they’re Canadian?

    • Nate

      Nope, Same thing happened to me. 

  • DekkasAnime

    -Random guy comes in- *T* Erm… heh. ookkay, i- i will get my coat later… (god damn it. why everytime i come to get my coat gay guys are having sex on it??!? D:< *Guy walks away*

    ^ *is waiting for that to happen* ^

  • Herr Knutsian

    What if… they have a pretty intimate connection between them (“Hand/blowjob”*cough*) and Adrian regrets his mistake, thus fighting eachother and running off? That could be possible…

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    Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *dies*
    Too much yes in this page. YES YES YES!

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    cough HORMONES cough

  • OMGTaco

    I just have to say, this is my favorite page so far. It’s just plain amazing :D
    Also, I reread the beginning and I saw just how far your artistry has progressed! I love it! <3 :3

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    Oh god… butterflies er’where. 

  • Invalid

    before kiss: oh my god, no it will never happen, someone is going to disturb them for sure :’(!!
    since last 2 pages: oh my god, it’s just too awesome, it will end for sure at next page :’(!!

    stupid mind :D!

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    ZOMG!!! Finally!! It was about time!!

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    Hnnnng ahhhhh i love it!!!

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    O__________O ajefhajkuwja;dfa ok

    No coherent thoughts for this page.

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    Was about time they get into something serious :3 

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    What is probably gonna be horrible is that perhaps he won’t remember anything in the morning…Or at least pretends not too~


  • L. Cadence

    Mmn, I love when cheeky, loud-mouthed characters like Carter are rendered speechless. ;) The body language in this page is awesome and totally realistic, although I especially love the second panel. Great work!

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    shit… gorgeous *,*

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    Sorry, my brain has now stopped working. I will now just stare at this page. Thank you. 

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    A mucha imagen pocas palabras eh? 1313 jajaja

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    Shit: I’m gonna be murdered by David. 


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      lol maybe yes, maybe no?  Either way, enjoy the moment la!

  • QuestionableSanity

    I really like how you do their blushes different. :) Just an odd thing I noticed.
    As for the page… GO CARTER GO! YOU’LL NEVER GET ANOTHER CHANCE! (well at least for a while.)

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    Fweeeee~! 8D ♥♥♥ Myuuuuu!!! ♥♥♥

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  • Queen Rose 13

    No, Carter! You can’t bone him, you didn’t get any condoms for yourself, remember??

    • Anon

      well….at least he can blow him

  • TohniaZeeman

    oh the steaminess…oh the tension. *sigh*  I really miss making out with somebody… :( Sometimes being single SUCKS.

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    Vehhhhhhh (*7*)!!!

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      your name makes me happy.
      lmfao xD

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      Pastaaaa~ (=ヮ=)೨ (oh, sorry, got a little side-tracked with my obsession for Italy, pasta, and Hetalia XD Btw, I’m loving this page too <3)

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    remember Carter, its UNDER the shirt, not OVER. xD  Carry on!

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    mmm yes. do carry on.

  • Reita Kun

    HRRRRRRNNNNFFFFFFFF!! Pants just got tighter.

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  • estlr

    The comic just keeps getting better and better, but somehow, the more it goes on, the less I want Carter and Adrian to get together. 

    And idk, no matter how horny, desperate, and crush-riddled Carter is, sorry dude, but taking advantage of a drunk person /who has rejected you constantly because you are a creepy ass stalker/ is not hot to me.

    That sounds like an insult, but I’m actually looking forward to where the storytelling is going because of this.  I realize Carter and Adrian are eventually going to get together, and I will probably never really be able to actually like Carter (reminds me of too many bad experiences and “nice guys” in mine and my friends’ lives) , but it’s going to be an awesome ride.

    • Ambler

      Something makes me think that Carter’s morals wont let it go THAT far. He’s probably just along for the make-out, not taking *full* advantage of a drunk person. Plus, Carter may be a little drunk himself, not that that’s much of an excuse…

      But I think that, if it starts to go a bit further, Carter will realize that he’s dealing with someone’s virginity here, and that Adrian is obviously a somewhat sensitive (though monotone) type of person. Not to mention, Carter just found out that he probably ‘like’ likes Adrian, and I think that will come into play soon. That is, if someone doesn’t come bursting through the door, which is probably going to happen anyways.

      But if Carter does go through with the whole shebang, then I’ll find it difficult to like him too…

  • Malteel

    oh man. i feel bad for the people that’ll get there coats back after this. x’D (if something happens that is >u>;;)

  • SJ

    Aww my gawd, the way Adrian’s hands are slithering over Carter’s neck in the last panel…
    May my heart last.

  • Tallinn

    You know, I had a REAL nosebleed when looking at that. First one in years. Didn’t realise it until it was dripping on my fingers. And couldn’t get up to go to the bathroom because I was laughing like a moron XD that was so typical ^^ Needless to say, this page is… lovely :)

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    Hurray!!! :D :D :D :D

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    It’s 2:30AM on Thursday, but I checked here anyways. Eh, a girl can dream.


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    You know what was wierd? While I was in Science class today, I was really bored and I just daydreamed about this page. I was just all like… UGHHH I have no life TwT but heheh I like this page and this series x

  • ladyaoi

    HAHA they clacked teeth…I thought this was super cute 4 u to add that because it happens sometimes….it’s funny and disturbing ^^

  • icie

    i looooovvvvvvvvveeee how adrian holds carter in the last panel… *swoons while drooling

  • Anonne

    If they did go all the way I can’t help but giggle imagining them getting jizz all over everyone’s coats…

  • pandah.

    This is cute.
    The way Adrian
    is holding Carter’s
    head in the last panel.

  • TwoWayStar

    Hahahaha! this comic and all the comments remind me of the time two gay guys made out on top of me. I cant remember the events that lead up to it happening but happen it did.

    • Britt W

      Haha, what? That sounds hilarious but also really awkward. XD

  • +bird+

    Carter likes him so much; it’s obvious
    I cannot. This page. This comic. GUYS WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? ;P;
    Cannot hold the love for this comic in my body…volume two you shall be my holy grail..!

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    Please don’t have sex on my coat…

  • BobMcGee

    Why do straight chicks write the best gay fiction? It makes no sense.