• Clairianne

    Drunk Adrian is so fucking sweet <3 :D

  • http://brenda-martino.blogspot.com/ Blaster

    XD Adrian using Mortal Combat reference. Poor him, he has a broken heart

  • Minoruuun

    Aaaw, the second to last panel ; A ; he’s so lovely </3

  • Melcan

    Jealous Carter is so kawaiiiiiiii *Q*

  • Anon

    You know it’s bad when you say “Fatality”

    • Nidofito

      Mortal Kombat!

      That’s all I have to say…

  • korimichele

    Yeah that’s nice and all, Adrian, but why can’t I have my coat? =/

    (This paaaaaaaage <3)

  • MoonHyeon

    Adrian is so cute… Go go Carter ! :D

  • vincent li

    Putting a drunk guy on a pile of clothes when he could potentially vomit all over them is not the best idea. Kekeke.

    • http://ayowolf.deviantart.com/ AyoWolf

       your comment made me lol xD

    • millions

      just goes to show what kinda person that OMGSOBEAUTIFUL *david****** is… >=( 

  • arc

    I was all “Freshns?” *says out loud*

    Poor drunk boy. XD

    • bellhasabat

      Haha I forgot the “i”.

  • https://www.facebook.com/miezer.miezmiez cicatrice

    “now get off” “hahaha no, me likes lying on your jacket without any reason and snuggling with it, so hahaha nooooo nevaaaar”
    daaawwwwww, y u so damn cuuuute??

    dansched sounds so… German. ;D

    poor baby Adrian, but hey, ray of hope on Carters side. so now GET IT ON SEXY!!

  • dragonfairy

    oh Adrian you cute little depressed boy.

  • http://thedeepseagirl.illustrateur.org/ The Deep Sea Girl


  • acidtea00

    Fatalily!!!! I just screamed filled of Mortal Kombat memories.

  • Stephmorgan

    Funny that Adrian is suffering the same emotional turmoil that he put Carter through. Karma can be a bitch, eh?

  • cld

    Carter: :o… :O… :D!

  • Nanana

    LOL dansched on my heart!!! I will use that often now! 

  • http://tinf.nematodeinspace.com nikki

    CUTIES…….CRIES. My crush on Carter gets stronger and stronger everyday…TH-THOSE FACES +Q+)))

  • Xnohopekids

    So I assume that boy he spoke of… “FINISHED HIM!” And it caused a “FATALITY!” lol I’m such a loserrr!! XD

  • http://poynterjones.deviantart.com/ Claire Thackray

    ‘Get off…’

    ‘Hahaha no’

    Carter should get on top of him and when Adrian tells him to get off, he should reply with ‘Hahaha no’ :’3

    Poor little drunk boy :P

    • anon

      • http://poynterjones.deviantart.com/ Claire Thackray

        Hello Anon.

        I don’t know who you are but… I LOVE YOU.

      • arc

        sometimes browsing random passed pages is awesome payoff

  • MightyPearl

    I cannot express in words how much I love your drunk dialogue.

  • http://twitter.com/ElectricPikapoo ホアン猫

    Adrian! Y U SO BLIND & DRUNK!, love Carter… NAO! *¬*. He’s the right one for you >///<

  • Butterofjustice

    omg, heartbroken, can’t wait for more, soooo excited.

  • kookie

    is is next thursday yet?? o__________o

  • Rumflakes

    aww adrian =( adrian/Davids’ story was sad 

  • http://www.otherworldscomics.com/ Astra

    I really like the way you did panel two. Carter’s body language is wonderful, and the touch of light on his knees really sets the whole angle. <3

    • Nidofito

      I also thought Carter thought really nice in panel two. wasn’t sure what it was but something about his strong jaw line and the way he’s looking down at an angle, and I suppose his posture as well, nice tight lines…I dunno if he plays sports or not but he looks like he’d have a kind of lean and muscular body…

      • schlumschlum

        My dear, I totally understand what you’re trying to get at. :)

  • Lemu

    Poor Adrriiaaan! David why did you put him there? :/ That’s a horrible idea. 

  • albatross

    SIGH, your atmospheric ~~~emotional~~~ colouring slays me once again. ADRIAN’S NECK IN PANEL THREE. HIS BACK IN PANEL TWO. THE LIGHTING OF THE LAMMMMMMP. ALFSKJ.

    I love Carter’s defeated look in panel two and sdlfkjslkflsfdkj Adrian’s dialogue is hilarious and ;A; poor baby. I really like your general grip on dialogue, on that note!

  • LaSalvi

    Poor thing. He’s so pathetic and sad…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1774530693 Nikki Biersack

    And, I suddenly get the asshole David valentines day cards. WHY MUST HE BE HANDSOME. 

    Oh, you teenage hormones and all its wonderful angst. 

    Adrian. I don’t fucking understand. What does he mean they were dating before he got woken up. What.

    • appelight

      probably referring to he was still dating him in his dreams…maybe…

      • jesus

        oh my god thats the saddest comment ive ever read on this

  • xLizardx

    Damn updates: Y U SO SLOW?! I know we’ve only just gotten this one. But I DON’T CARE. I want the next one…. and the next one…. and the next one…. and the next 500 ones…. all at once, so I can devour this story like I want to – like I would if it was a book sitting right in front of me. 

    Arg… must… have…. patience….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003324106695 Feliciano PlayboyPasta Vargas

    I am so gonna cry, like I ain’t eva cried before!!

  • hasnohat

    ‘es so cute when he’s drunk. ^.^

  • Guest

    aw!!! His drunk speaking is adorable!

  • Miii

    Perfect timing while reading this page and lyric part goes “I’m gonna break break your heart” lol ///OTL

    Darn < . < kissed him already while he's still drunk Why aren’t you a pushover Carter???! Lol I love him > . <

  • Mozarti

    Reading Adrian’s foreword story really changed these recent pages for me, its truly touching seeing his depressed turns combined with the dark shadows. This comic is simply brilliant..

  • rinalicat

    Aw, poor baby…

  • Lambchops

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but they’re wearing the same clothes from the first scene where they get into some sort of accident (I’m guessing that Adrian is also wearing Carter’s coat int that scene). So the explanation may be soon to come :O

  • Will

    I like how big and broad-shouldered Carter is. I wouldn’t dare mess with him.

    • Schadenfreude

      You mean Yaoi shoulders… :P

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CU3NDKCJWG5V23N53RR5NS3GBI Comet

    So Davit ISN’T his boyfriend. And yet he sits on his lap and calls him sweet and all that. Fascinating.

    • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

      The bastard led Adrian on in “Spring in December”

      • Aere

        And it looks like he has no plans on stopping, whenever Adrian’s around him. The audacity! Ugh what a prick.

  • Seimein

    ….David, why. I shipped you so hard with Adrian ;__;

  • NobodysHero

    Lol…. fatality

  • http://www.wattpad.com/user/SarahAyano Sarah – Kun

    Now that I know what Adrian was talking about….. I am crying.

    • TheDigitalNeko

      dont worry
      i am crying as well friend
      and im listening to the cave as well

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCial6OYCeuZ_dQFmDjWw56A Sarah – Kun

        We’re all emotional wrecks omg xD

        • TheDigitalNeko


  • Paz Ixe

    *Mega mode*

  • Annabeth Winchester

    If you haven’t read spring in December you have to and btw David is a fucking douche bag

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal

    *crying for Carter*

  • chaoticCon “Wii” Serafi

    “he destroooooooyed my heart”

  • Exslo

    I love the way he’s referencing Mortal Kombat, Adrian, my dear sweet Adrian, a console gamer

  • shouto

    :( bby

  • Nil

    my poor baby, even know he’s referencing Mortal Kombat. my poor nerdy baby

  • Eckart

    Woah oki Carter hurry up and hug Adrian he needs hugs and chocolate