• veronica

    I loved the new site :3

  • Oi!

    Gorgeous new site! :D Can’t wait for the next panel. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh god this is so bloody hilarious I have nearly peed myself several times already. This is the most believable, down to earth yaoi comic I’ve read and as a Canadian myself I can relate to the stores and references which is not something I get a chance to do when reading most comics.

  • Clairianne

    open the door. OPEN THE DOOR! :D

    I can’t wait who is behind them! <3 

  • http://twitter.com/Orangenlimo sandra P

    Omg, I love this comic. Ö__Öb
    Never stop! ♥

  • Balkeir

    Gah. One thing I really admire about your style of work is the simplicity. I love the watercolor feel that the comic has going for it and your choice of panel layouts really flow nicely, and it’s very easy to read, I never get confused by the placement of the word bubbles.

    Just thought I’d throw that out there. Fantastic work <3

  • Cozza

    just started reading this and asdfdsfs love so far! ♥ ♥

  • Zid


  • annoyed

    i love this but i hate those earphones! it annoyed me TT _ TT

  • Seimein

    “hgfdgh tits”. I laughed.


  • NobodysHero

    Noooo I dont wanna know whos in theerree XP But I dooo. Please just be one of Carter’s friends….

  • mkcbbbeccm

    hurgdfpr tits

  • 22

    hurgdfpr tits my friends

  • barb

    ‘hurgdfpr tits’ that’s me

  • 菊花。

    the reply is the best part.

  • Mayy!

    Hurgdfpr tits, everyone. Hurgdfpr tits.

  • http://www.wattpad.com/user/SarahAyano Sarah – Kun

    Don’t text while drunk, kids. The shit that you type on that screen will be forever used as blackmail, as you will always send it to that one friends that is an asshole like that.