• Foot

    I love how one of the ways you can tell it’s Canadian is because no one’s wearing shoes, because they’re indoors.

    (also from Fraser Valley)

    • Bbqsausewithfries

      We do that in Hawaii too! Cool beans, man. :D

    • Ambler

      Lol, I had no idea this was Canadian until I saw the hockey team XD

    • http://yumikarp.deviantart.com/ Yumiko Akimoto

       What’s weird IS to wear shoes indoors. Blegh. e -e;

      • http://jello-bomb.tumblr.com/ Jello

        Not here in Australia (where there are so many deadly creatures that taking your shoes off is foolish)
        …just kidding. We just don’t usually care much either way :)

        • EEC

          OH YEAH I went on vacation to Australia a long time ago and the only thing I remember clearly is seeing a spider the size of a baseball.

      • dot

        Da fuq, In most LatinoAmerican countries we wear shoes indoor ._. What If someone has athlete’s foot or something xD

        • B.

          Yep, in Spain you don’t go barefoot in other people’s houses either. Floors are cold >.< Also, there may be something with a cutting edge lying there. Guests may carry some fungal disease or something on their feet, for all you know.
          What I've seen -only in informal situations- is offering guests spare slippers so they can get comfy while they're visiting. Although that's only done with close friends or family and the likes. And moving around in your socks is alright too.

    • Lilli

       You make me feel uncouth for having bare feet in my own house.  :C

    • http://twitter.com/CiftciBilnur ∞ Bilnur

      In France we don’t wear shoes indoors as weeell.

      • Kriskura

        I’m from France too, and everybody’s wearing shoes indoors where I went… Just depend on the person.

    • Perverzak

      Im pretty sure except in the US its pretty standard ^^ at least here in the Czech republic and most European countries..
      except for when in dorms.. you NEVER take your shoes off in other people’s dorms, its a precaution xD

  • BuddhaAlex

    I believe in the last panel there is a brief foray into swing happening in front of all that depression. Hmmm. I don’t know whether to fangirl squee about the dancing, or hug Carter. Maybe a bit of both? Clearly canadians throw cracking keggers. Unless you are depressed. And then all life must end. Q.Q

  • http://jello-bomb.tumblr.com/ Jello

    me @ parties, yo. I hate the whole ‘introverts all hate parties’ cliche but sometimes everyone is just too drunk for me to have fun.

  • Prine

    carter forever alone in a corner XDD

  • Charles_III

    Dude… I AM Carter. *facepalm*
    No wonder I disliked him so much at the beginning.

  • Jill

    huh, is that David in the large bottom panel? Getting pulled into the dancing area?

  • Nickelz

    Just noticed that collapsed drunk person’s mop of hair in the bottom-left panel. XD

  • Aere

    At least Jason is having fun ;v;

  • http://www.wattpad.com/user/SarahAyano Sarah – Kun

    Carter is me.
    Every time I’m invited to anything involving people and “partying” I just…
    “Ha, screw that.”
    “No, fuck you and your teenage sex and drinking. I’ve got gay manga to read.”
    “Um, no. Girl, have you met me? I would drop dead before doing the nae nae. To hell with your nae nae. Go whip me up a slice of cake and I’ll maybe consider saying hello.”
    I’m just very negative about anything related to partying… XD (*mind my language. I am a very mouthy person :3*)

    • http://anabotti.tumblr.com Kamigi

      :’^) you are my hero. honestly i hate going to parties bc all they do is drink, smoke and play music i dont like. home playing games and crying over ships and fanart is the best life to live

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCial6OYCeuZ_dQFmDjWw56A Sarah – Kun

        Yes, finally someone who gets me ^~^

        • http://anabotti.tumblr.com Kamigi

          Aha it could possibly be more fun doing all that with a friend but I wouldn’t know. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

          • tyler Cottam

            Is it sad that we all agree that the party less lid is the better one…. Antisocial?

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    • Phantom Cat


    • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal


    • https://www.instagram.com/nyinko/ nyinko

      “No, fuck you and your teenage sex and drinking. I’ve got gay manga to read.”
      may GOD BLESS U FOR THAT y E S

  • YOyoYaoi

    i bet he will get meggeree drunk, trashthe party and molest the shiete outta Adrian

    • Red

      Everything about what you said is shitty. Also, your username is shitty. Yaoi makes being gay look like a fetish and makes it look like being gay can only be a sexual activity

      • oldman

        me two years ago was shitty, i’m going through my old accounts and don’t you worry i’m embarrassed as shit. honestly cant agree with you more, i am now fully against yaoi and do what i can to shit on people who like it. thank you for saying replying to that

        • smugdere

          i feel you. i have plenty of old comments as well of me being an annoying fujoshi

  • Short Stripe

    I be drunk and dancin like.

  • Dāku Senshi

    Carter is me at every party I go to