• Ravenheart98

    Always gonna love this page<3

  • Em

    Hehe, and Carter turns on the “charm”~

  • Deutsche-Amerikan

    I was tempted to do this in the car with my friend who didn’t know I was gay. That coulda been fun.

  • TearsoftheFallen

    I love how their so casual about it in the second panel xD

  • Norka

    Carter… you made my day ! XD

  • Akiko☆

    I love that no one really cares that he’s gay
    It’s so nice
    I wish everywhere was like that

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CU3NDKCJWG5V23N53RR5NS3GBI Comet

    “That’s what you get for being a ‘phobe, Ryan.”


  • http://www.facebook.com/chi.li.9256 Chi Li

    Carter’s finger on his shirt in the fourth panel! xD What a tease!

  • Seimein

    Eeeeeeet voilà. “Some easy drunk chicks”. No. If a girl is drunk, you shouldn’t get profit of her situation, you full bag of shit. There is no “easy” girl, you dumb fuck. And even if this is an exclamation of pure surprise, “Fag” is not the right word to use, you intolerant asshole.
    Jeez. This is why I hate people sometimes.

    But yeah, you summoned the casual guy very well..

    • guest

      That’s the point

    • Weredoll

      Pfft.. real people can be ten times worse than that… have you read youtube comments? It makes me sad…

  • Victor Bahzad

    Le gasp!
    I love how ‘phobe is contracted. Makes me feel like the world is getting better. Its awesome that discrimination stories are mellowing out and other stories can be told.

    • Sassafrassery

      Same here! It really makes my day to see things like this coming to light :)

  • Misu Kaze

    I love how he Carter repeats the ‘there’s a difference’ part xD

  • Chimichangaz

    I love you Carter… so much.

  • Ninhursag

    “Don’t pretend like it doesn’t turn you on honey” best line.

  • YouAreCuteeeeee

    “That’s what you get for being a ‘phobe, Joey.”
    I love this comic so much!!

  • Kyouki Theonewhostoleyoursoul

    Haha yeah fuck that guy

  • Shattered Glass

    get fukin rekt

    • ItsMeCK

      your comment and Dan’s face slayed me oml

  • dregon

    I totally understand that this is supposed to be realistic to how teenage boys talk but good god, it’s only reminding me how much I hate teenage boys….

  • banana StabbeR


    • Schadenfreude

      Hush… my parents are all homophobic. And I’m bi… and I don’t say anything.

  • Fujoshi-Chan

    Fuck Joey.

  • Donutev

    Carter is sly asf

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NXrTujMP50 Flannel Wearing Demon Spawn

    oh look Dean Winchester is in this.

  • ItsMeCK

    “Ohh, don’t pretend that doesn’t turn you on, honey.” Every time I read that I laugh

  • Person Person

    Every time I see this it reminds me of this…

  • Kyle Hamilton

    It’s too bad Dan Savage says this isn’t an appropriate way to deal with homophobes. https :// twitter.com / fakedansavage / status / 673976323530817536

    I think this is a pity. It’d be nice to have some appropriate way to react that puts the onus of feeling unpleasantly on someone who became actively dickish instantly upon learning about your sexuality.

    (I’d say “feeling unpleasant”, but that could as easily mean “feeling like being unpleasant to others” as “feeling disquieted or otherwise ideologically challenged due to the intolerance one exhibited”.)

    • Stuie Curtis

      Why would Carter respond “an appropriate way”? That would be out of character and it’s always awkward when writers change characters’ behaviour just to make a message :/

      • Kyle Hamilton

        I’m not disparaging Carter’s action, not at all! He stayed in-character, and I was trying to say that I actually admired his reaction.

        My comment was more from the idea that I think there needs to be something that can be done that’s socially acceptable and appropriate to shut down the people who act dickish upon learning about someone preferring sex in a manner that doesn’t match their own prejudices.

        If you found yourself in Carter’s situation here, how would you shift the unpleasantness back onto the person who was dishing it out? Would it be appropriate to do so?

    • funwithputin

      Dan Savage also says that bisexual people don’t exist.

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal

    First time Carter’s been genuinely SMOOTH, congrats!