• http://twitter.com/AllTimeLita Lita

    hahahaha so true though

  • Abikyoukan

    Carter face in the first panel is just amazing xD I don’t know why it’s full of “Fuckthishitliness”.

  • Leaf Tracker

    the lighting and color in this panel is so cool, it totally sets a mood.

  • Misu Kaze

    Rereading it all~
    I love this page so much :D Carters inner monologues. <3

  • Sysmic

    Motherfucking London Drugs. That’s it. I have all the confirmation that this comic is Canadian.

    • cariboucat

      It says so in the “About” tab. ARH is set in British Columbia.

  • MimiErudon

    for a gay dude he sure expected more with this scenario, like srsly (I would too)

  • ArminArlert

    He Said Jeager…Aot…

    • You’llNeverKnow

      Its also a type of liqueur, the full name is Jagermeister.

      • http://electrospider.tumblr.com lizchibi78/electrospider7813

        somebody photoshop a fancy eren on a liquor bottle.

  • Lin

    Please don’t let that guy have yellow fever because that’s just gross

    • Sei Guay

      yeah exactly….

  • Guest

    Jaeger = Automatically think of Attack on Titan XD

  • http://thelonerestlessrose.deviantart.com/ Rose Ryuzaki

    Jaeger = automatically think of:

    • https://plus.google.com/u/0/+NekoKun-GameAddict/posts Neko Kun

      SAme xD

  • touka chan


  • touka chan


  • Shattered Glass

    i thought it said “we need to pick up some red bull shit”

    • George DeForest

      other guy says: “Hey, can i split on your Jaeger, Andrew”