• Em

    Oh Carter… Gotta love him for trying xD

  • Gaby (Gaviota Perdida)

    LOL! Oh Carter! :)

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  • Perverzak

    great.. I study Business AND Language Art as he put them -______-

    Carter xDXD very subtle xD

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    Carter! C’: XDDDD

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    And he was doing so well…..

  • Katherine Sheafe

    In your own Neighbourhood… In your school…. In your classes….. In front of you…..In your front yard. You know..the opportunities are endless. Hahah XD :3

  • Zakk S. SutCliff

    Carter is so relentless. He reminds me of me except he’s more straight forward.XD

    • Rhubarb

      He’s not STRAIGHT forward at all.

      • LLN

        wish he was though

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  • Keonaona

    Carter: “In your as–”
    Adrian: *ELBOWS*

  • tyler

    i can’t get over how much your art has improved since these pages. absolutely stunning.

  • B.

    Well, Carter, I’m sure you can think of other, more satisfying uses for that killer set of pipes than singing ;)

    • Envy

      Yes. Just… yes.

    • Chimera

      Oh my god XD

    • Ru

      Gods, you’re worse than Carter XD

  • living1Dpotato

    Carter in the early chapters sounds a lot like those f*** boys

    Carter: So what u doin?
    Adrian: Studying
    Carter: then what? ;)

    • Cameron Schiller

      SRSLY ugh

    • 모라

      SO TRUE

    • Pawcosm

      Thing is, he starts off as an F-Boy. Carter’s character really transforms throughout the comic. You can tell he’s not that bad a guy, but when given the circumstances of some future situations, you can tell he’s a really good person, and he really cares about Adrian.

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal

    This comic is agonizing, XD

  • Chimera

    … He was doing so well…. Damnit Carter, you probably almost had him

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    carter honey back uP

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    carter shush please :|

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    Subtle carter

  • FrostBug

    Carter, calm thy tits for a sec

  • Fred Weasley

    Carter no

  • Jay B. B.

    Carter, can you just focus for like 1 minute? Please?