• http://thedeepseagirl.illustrateur.org/ The Deep Sea Girl

    Yayy !! they are really cute together !! 

  • WynterWillow


  • Umbra

    Ugh, can’t keep reading. Just. First sexual harassment, then Adrian’s supposed friend telling him he should LIKE it, and… Carter. I just want to punch him. Sexual harassment is NOT okay, and it’s certainly not amusing, or fun to read. I keep cringing on Adrian’s behalf. Poor, poor Adrian.

    • Simon Stump

      This made me lol.

    • http://timothy.green.name/ Timothy (TRiG)

      I agree about sexual harassment being both horrible and unfunny, but (a) I don’t think what Carter’s doing quite counts as sexual harassment yet, and (b) this seems an odd place to stop reading, where Carter’s finally found something else to talk about.


    • Envy

      Then whatever you do, don’t read Starfighter.

  • brick

    He sings like Matt Bellamy?? omg! he is perfect!

  • Khursten

    You had me at Damon Albarn. Quite a masculine voice you have there. 

  • kaworuFanboy

    Woah, Muse and Gorillaz references? I am so happy to be rereading this more closely!

  • Rayvn

    Now I wanna hear him sing!! :3

  • cheddarslice

    Okay so Matt Bellamy is my favourite singer in the world. This comic is perfect.

  • http://www.facebook.com/otaku101 Miranda Keller

    OMG!!! MUSE!!!! XD

  • Emily

    I love this comic even more now

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    hahahahaah i love this page jajajaja
    Ay carter no cantes ni hables frances xDDD!! aunque de seguro ha de ser encantador!!

  • Yekaterina

    I love this comic! (Muse is my favourite band also :D )

  • KittyLitter

    “did your face just break or something?”
    ohgod i can’t breathe help X’D

  • tralalala

    Mooose!!! Dear god, I love you for 1. mentioning Matt 2. putting lyrics from KoC in 3. Making this comic.

  • Angel Matvey

    Wow, I just started reading and I must say, I am in LOVE with this comic. Seriously has made me laugh aloud a few times (“Did your face just break or something?”). I know I’m kind of far back in the archives and nobody will ever read this, ever, but I just wanted to proclaim my love.

  • Cacaubelle

    I simply adore the matt bellamy and muse reference!!! Made me so happy when I read ;) Amazing comic keep it up :)

  • Ecirb Ray

    Haha yes, ABBA

    • banana StabbeR

      i dont think its abba, never once in the song did she say honey and besides i dont think thats a 1970′s swedish pop band

      • Kyle Hamilton

        “Honey, Honey” was another one of ABBA’s hits. I’ve been reading this like Carter just conflated multiple songs of theirs that he didn’t listen to that well.

      • Kyle Hamilton

        (and ABBA was totally a late 1970s Swedish pop band. They were from Sweden, and they won Eurovision in 1974.)

    • banana StabbeR

      :l …nvm

  • Jewels

    Hey, why did the dialogue change? Same with the Barry page too.

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Obviously Carter doesn’t know the face of a thinking and weirded out man like Adrian.

  • Nephlir

    I’m never getting tired of this comic! Third time I read it and it’s still hilarious as ever!
    LOVE Carter XD

    • =^w^=

      Me too. It’s just soooooooo cute ! It’s my fifth time already!

  • Ludda Man Chan

    Carter who are flirting with an Abba’s song. LOVE U <3

    • .

      I thought that I was the only one who understood the ABBA reference! xD

    • .

      I thought that I was the only one who understood the ABBA reference! xD

  • Zitle

    O my Adrian you liiiikeee it. I saw it.

  • B.

    Swift nuts protection techniques, yay for Carter’s survival instincts :D

  • Homo Joe

    Adrian is so salty. I feel the ocean washing over me

    • Hellspawning


    • yuri<3<3<3


  • banana StabbeR

    i just looked up 1970′s pop bands and will now listen to them till i finish this comic

    • Phantom Cat

      And I will follow you.

  • Paz Ixe

    ”Did your face break?”

  • Person Person
    • Ayyyyyyyyyy

      ah, the sweet memories of childhood

    • Eckart

      Is it bad my ears started bleeding as i listened to this (no offence to anyone who likes this stuff)

  • Secret Fandoms

    first the french, and now this. lmao i’m swedish!

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal

    Adrian liked that, DON’T THINK I DIDN’T SEE THAT LITTLE SMILE!!!

  • RakausTheWolf

    ABBA, hahaha

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  • http://www.writingforums.org/members/oscar-leigh.73758/. Oscar Leigh

    Yes, Carter, less creep more THIS!!!

  • Nil

    “did your face just break or something” rEAL SMOOTH CARTER

  • SwedenGirlIza

    oh my god

  • nikki

    i know its an abba reference but I’ll pretend it’s also a mbmbam reference