• http://thedeepseagirl.illustrateur.org/ The Deep Sea Girl

    Hey ! it’s really strange xD
    “comment se sent-on d’être la plus belle fille dans la chambre?”
    It’s weird to read that because i’m french hahaha

    • bluewitness

      Je suis d’accord avec toi, ne serait-il pas: “Comment sent-il (ou bien “comment te sens-tu) d’être la plus belle fille dans la salle…?”

  • Drixi

    I’m going to put here the comment of Bell so anyone can understand this :)

    Bell says:
    - Rough translation:

    Carter says “I can’t understand you. You are not speaking French.”

    In the next panel he says

    “How does it feel to be the prettiest girl in the room?” (Carter says bedroom here by accident.)

    Big thanks for Niddle for helping out with the French! And yes, we know about the mistake thingies. It is a conscious decision on the most part.

    That is all….. I will continue reading the comic again :)

    • bellhasabat

      Hot damn I forgot about that.
      Thanks a lot!

  • 5blackbird

    If only i scrolled down i wouldn’t have to uses Google…. >.<ll
    thanks for the translation :D

  • Smart_art97

    Nice one^^

  • breaker

    i love this comic. its real enough to apeal to certain audiances… (i dont know if there was a spelling fail in there somewhere but i dont really care sooo…)

  • Yu Suzukei

    .. It’s just so cooool, that Adrian is from my country. :>

  • Mess

    Yay he speaks in french ! :D
    I’m a little frenchy, ( sorry for my english… )
    Your comic is great !

  • Ringoold

    haha I’m French too – I wish I could hear his accent, must be cute XD “la plus belle fille dans la chambre” XD what a nice compliment for him……

  • Saradavis58

    I took French 1…and i understood the first bubble X3 I feel ao proud of myself!!!

  • Passant

    ah, two years of french kicking in here, lol

  • BaraCornellia

    Hlaváček! I knew that! ^^ Czech~!

  • Perverzak

    Oh cool Hlaváček! xD I didnt know he was meant to be Czech but now I gotta say: Vítam tě, zlato. A doufám, že česky mluvit budeš :P
    Also hoping a wee bit that none of you guys speak Czech cause that would mean you can understand my name xD

    • Yu

      xD Myslíš to perverzní jméno? xD

      • Perverzak

        ano xD ale rada se s tim identifikuju xD

  • LadyRedHat

    I took like 4 years of French and his bad pronounciation is hilarious! :D

  • Gwennaëlle Mottin-Cadours

    yeaah du français :D I usually do not understand the major part of what the characters say (unfortunately for me, I’m so bad in English and I currently use google translate…), but then I had no problems ! x)
    your comic really seems nice at the moment (although I’m sure I would appreciate even more if I understood everything ^ ^ ‘) I will immediately read more ! :)

  • Seimein

    OMG. I’m dying from laughter right now.

  • Kai

    As a Canadian kid who grew up taking French class, I love you for this page. Carter’s shitty accent is just so perfect.

  • Someone

    Aw, so many french ’round here. :D The accent killed me
    Great art, and great story so far. :3

  • Katherine Sheafe

    I don’t even speak French…and I could tell what he is saying can’t be said by just anyone It talks A Carter to speak like A Carter.

  • Enn

    omg the shitty french accent was so perfectly shitty. It’s exactly the way everybody screws up in class.

  • miku-majo

    my mother language is French and he is really I mean really not good. I did no understand what he said

  • Iwana

    Oh my god, I’m french and I can’t stop laughing x)

    • Hana

      Moi aussi =P

  • OTH

    Ahah, since the beggining of this comic I can’t stop laughing, but this one just killed me XD


    DID YOU NOTICE CARTER SURNAME WAS CZECH ( no sé como se escribe)

    • Hara

      Oh yeah and it surprised me since you don’t see Czech things or names often on the internet OTL! (I’m Czech by the way lol)

  • miranda vlietstra

    lol I’m Canadian and took french in school for 8 years. That’s exactly what some people actually talk like. (mostly the people that don’t really want to be there) ;).

  • Esmen

    I’m French and it made me laugh seeing Carter trying to speak in my native langage. Btw he said “I can’t understand you, you don’t speak french” and then “How does it feel to be the prettiest girl in the room”

    • MimiErudon

      Thank you, I was so curious and this makes a lot of sense lol

  • Yasmine Boudraa

    Mon Dieu, quel accent ! C’est ridicule x’)
    Yeah, I speak French.

    • Esmen

      Communauté française, yeah !

  • teagan


    • Palky

      “I can’t understand you, you doesn’t talk french.” “How do we feel when we’re the most beautiful in the mark (classroom ? All the pupils in the same classroom)” I think I’m right, tought I’m french

  • hanna

    That french is so bad, I can’t even understand it. And I’ve been taking my french class for two years!

    • Pyhdro

      I am nativa Canadian french and this is what he exactly said “I can’t understand you, you don’t speak French”

      Second “How do we feel when we are the most beautyful girl in the room?”

      Yeah, he literally screwed it up XD

    • Pyhdro

      I am nativa Canadian french and this is what he exactly said “I can’t understand you, you don’t speak French”

      Second “How do we feel when we are the most beautyful girl in the room?”

      Yeah, he literally screwed it up XD

  • Arya

    Hlavacek sounds Czech, is Adrian from Czech republic? If so, I just love it xD (I love it no matter what, but you know what I mean)

    • cariboucat

      He is.

  • Honhonhon

    As a 50% baguette I can assure you that I can’t stop laughing

  • http://Sugarxclouds.tumblr.com Miru ᵔᴥᵔ

    “your accent is terrible” mdr
    Feels bro.. i took that class because of you. xD

  • Karaka

    I’m french, and it’s very funny. I like this page !

  • adrianaraff

    omg i love carter :)))))))) he so funny and tries soooo hard!

  • Harpernaja

    AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS HE LOOKS LIKE MARSHALL LEE?? And like Adrian looks like a modern day Gumball. ._._.

    • yuri<3<3<3

      OMG THEY DO!!!

    • Bobby Van de Weijer

      thank you for saying that!! now I’m so happy I could die right now!!! <3

    • Rawan


  • UchihaNatsumi

    AJAJAJAJA actually, when I started reading this I didn’t knew a thing of french…..and I have learned a lot in the past months so.. I CAN UNDERSTAND THEM NOW!!! AWESOME!! (they’re still slowly changing xD )

  • spooky dood

    I LOVE how the french is written in the way he pronounces it xD

  • Schadenfreude

    Finally someone who speaks French as bad as I do…

  • Anonymouse

    tfw you’re french.

  • Paz Ixe

    I cant do french halp

  • http://metonymicmortal.deviantart.com/ Meto

    LOL TOO funny. I can’t even. “Dans lah room” I’m using this next time xD

  • mino-cake

    actually being french, this made me laughso hard i just-
    i can’t

  • Ayyyyyyyyyy

    Je suis très français, hon hon hon

  • Secret Fandoms

    my french classes finally payed off xD

  • lmao


  • Phantom Cat

    French GCSE finally pays off……….yay!

  • Hayley is lame

    I don’t know French but I do know that conversation was not about class

    • hazel tyler

      here ya go

    • hazel tyler

      and the other

    • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal


  • Joelle

    Also Carter’s French is hilarious XD

  • MIlky-Illuminati


  • random person

    crappy translation done by me (ive only done a year of french sorry):
    “i cannot comprehend, you are not speaking french.”
    “how does it feel to be the most beautiful girl in the room?”

  • I live in garbage


    • Levy Mcgarden

      Oh my god! He does!