• Shaniqua

    The colors on this page are amazing. <3

  • Smart_art97

    Haha I think you got yourself one more fan^^
    I’m not really into gay romance normally, but this story is AMAZING, and I love Carter, he’s just too damn funny XD

  • GroovyV

    I really should have tried reviewing this like…at the beginning, but i only recently realized i could do it this chapter. My bad. Anyway, I’m loving this, the beauty, the simple sweetness, and how funny these people are. I miss high school. And I’m sorry, but Maria reminds me too much of Nancy Makuhari from R.O.D. ( her hair) so yeah… I’ve nicknamed her Nancy.

    Anyway, great job!! And especially great colors for this page!

  • Gaby (Gaviota Perdida)

    Awww! I discovered this webcomic today and I can’t stop reading! It’s so sweet and funny and the characters are so adorable, Carter, Adrian, Maria too!
    And I agree, I love the colors in this page ^^

  • Umahari

    I think maria is a yaoi fan….

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    hot damn this page is incredible. Sick colouring!!

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    maria is awesome, period end of conversation

  • DeviousDemon

    Omg, i love this whole thing and I was going to wait till I got to the end of the updates to post, but this reminds me of that episode from Fairy Tale where Happy keeps rolling his letters all through it and annoying everybody XD

  • Seimein

    Hoho. Hohohohohoho. Adrian bb a boy hurted ya lil doki doki ? ;u;

    • ClassyCaffiene

      I have no idea what’s going on in this comment but im agreeing wholeheartedly.

  • saran

    awesome stuff

  • http://dokidokibaka.livejournal.com/ Dokidokibaka

    And we have the name of Adrian’s unrequited love?

  • dot

    Let It go,

  • Naren Mystic’chrys

    i FUCKING LOVE MARIA dude :v paiir her up with some chick !

  • Tarah Stylinson

    Well now I hate David and I don’t even know him yet. DON’T FUCK WITH LIL ADRIAN WHOEVER YOU ARE *first time reader*

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    Can’t beleive i only just found this. Maria is awesome xD

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  • teagan

    maria ” he liiikess youuuuuu”
    me ” O o O she just went Happy from fairy tail on him”

  • Zitle

    Aha! there was a reason! A someone

    • cariboucat

      For the full story, read “Spring in December” under the Extras tab.

  • Gigha

    Ahhh. Nothing like a dose of truth.

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    I want to get it on with Maria!!! She’s cool xD

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    I am so Maria. XD

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    Gasp. There’s a David?

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    i want your ass too adrian

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    Who’s david.. Tch, I don’t like him already