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    That smug grin on his friends face. XD

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    I love Maria already

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    Her faaaace <3

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    Oh, dear God, i love Maria to deaaath!!! XD

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    … Her face…. I love it.

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    Maria has the greatest face ever in this xD

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    This is making me smile so hard XDD …my cheeks hurt…

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    i think that maria is a Yaoi fan xD

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      most possible XD

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    That face, its the same face I make…

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    dfmhsjdf la cara de su amiga .. me mató XDD

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    the face of a real fujoshi….

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    And for the first time Carter doesn’t act like a stalker….no wonder Adrian looks confused in that last panel…

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    *whispers* Maria ships itttt….

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    Such a huge way to say Carter’s name Adrian. And Maria’s face was making me think, “Oh god…the many things she could say. But most importantly, I told you so…..”

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    Maria: Fujoshi detected!!

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    Huh, imagine that, Carter. You just made more headway in a couple seconds than with all of your come-ons combined, by offering some genuine conversation.

    Please tell me you learned something here. : T

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    LOL I love this entire page… especially the knowing look on her face! ^_^

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    Adrian’s tiny lil blush tho.

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    Maria is me. :D

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    Oh, thank God, he finally got Maria to offer him some advice. Smooth and steady is the way to go, Carter.

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      That was my only thought !! XD

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    OMG, Carter looks so fucking cute *^*

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    Maria is me. I am Maria. We are one.

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      Your comment is beautiful

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    Not used to reading things in all color. I’m usually reading manga right to left in black and white… So this is really weird to me.

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      My life struggles.

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      I’m struggling as well XD

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    she ships it…

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      yes she does…. just thinking i like that girl :D

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    …I am cautiously optimistic about Carter’s personality growth from “creepy asshole” to “person capable of healthy relationships.”

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      I don’t think he ever was a creepy asshole, just horny lol. Hormones tend to get in the way sometimes.

  • George DeForest

    when they bump, Carter looks surprised, whereas Adrian has the nervous sweat; i think Adrian bumped into Carter “accidently on purpose”.