• leah

    I just started flailing aroung pointing at the screen excitedly because of his shirt <3 I'm really impressed by this comic, it's so well written, so beatifully done in every way :)

  • Indigo_Phoenix

    GAHH! MASS EFFECT~!!! LOL. I love that dude, like seriously. XD 

  • khron3

    N7 shirt just made my fuckin day

  • http://twitter.com/Its_me_Alis Alis~~

    Ok, I just started reading and… When I saw the Tri-Force I was like ‘YEY”

    But a N7 shirt? Dude, I’m seriously in love here. <3 <3

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CU3NDKCJWG5V23N53RR5NS3GBI Comet

    The geek t-shirts in this comic win so many moree extra “awesomeness” points for it!

  • Rich


  • EEC

    He’s got nice legs 。_。

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001805797642 Karen Garrido


  • lara

    OH MY, THAT SHIRT!!!! @W@

  • Rachel

    Mass Effect!? New favorite comic. I didn’t realize I could love these characters more than I already did at this point. :>

  • http://dokidokibaka.livejournal.com/ Dokidokibaka

    Gotta love how all the comments are about Adrian’s shirt and not what he has revealed.
    1) No matter how much he might want to have sex, he doesn’t want sex without love.
    2) He has someone he has an unrequited love for.

    • cariboucat

      The “someone” is David. That story is in the Extras tab, “Spring in December”

      • http://dokidokibaka.livejournal.com/ Dokidokibaka

        Thanks, I had read that awhile after making that comment. ^_^

  • Sassafrassery

    Adrain, I want, no…NEED your hair color. *-*

    • Envy

      Yes yes yes yes yes YES YAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!!
      …I …. haaaaAAAAAAAAATE!!! my hair color.
      It’s like a drab, diluted dirty-blonde that looks like it fell from grace. *gags*

      • Sassafrassery

        I FEEL YOUR FeeEELinGG

  • Sassafrassery

    Also, re-reading, I just realized that he’s Facebook stalking David :o OH, Adrian, you silly boy you. :T

  • marco benvenuti

    you give me that shirt adrian and i will love you all the way to the moon

  • RedDazes

    MamamamaMASS EFFECT! whoot whoot! *cough*

  • teagan


  • Annalee

    MASS EFFECT i knew i loved this kid

  • Zwar101

    Mass Effeeeecctt!!!

  • bamboo

    “I know
    I’m being a total girl about this” What? Why would you say stuff like this? This is awful…

    • Uchiha

      yeah i hope the future dialogue doesn’t include casual misogynist remarks or using “retarded” as an insult

      • bekdebek

        i think they’re trying to sound like 16 year old, it might not be their actual opinion

        • Uchiha

          I read more and saw the author addressed it. (Tits calmed.)

      • Miss Ann Drist

        Boo hoo, Christ almighty, this whole comic is full of quips of how men and boys act, and they’re woefully wrong. Calm your tits.

  • Charlotte Phanrose

    I’m really enjoying this so far. Despite what others think, I really like the dialogue and monologue. They’re casual, and that casualness holds believability. It makes me feel comfortable with the characters. Can’t wait to read more!

  • marshmllow

    Nothing wrong with being a girl. My guy friends also don’t want to have sex with someone they don’t love. That doesn’t mean they’re ‘being a girl’ about it and ‘being a girl’ isn’t a bad thing either.

  • Polly

    I get that the dialogue is harsh but it’s realistic and not everyone censors and carefully constructs their own thoughts -__-. It’s not hard to imagine a teenage boy saying these things which makes this comic that much better. People just need to get that these might not be the author’s opinions but it’s what the character would realistically think

  • Kyouki Theonewhostoleyoursoul

    Unfortunately this is what teenage boys sound like, at least a lot of the ones I know. Good job with the dialogue though.