• Tandlerov

    Maria’s Thaughts:
    “Carter, you Knucklehead!  How am I supposed to get him to date you if you keep being so stupid/horny/unromantic?”

  • TwoWayStar

    LOLOLOL omgggg

  • http://www.facebook.com/cerulean.tear Cerulean Tear

    The face of a frustrated fan-girl.

  • booklover320

    I love how Carter has given him no option to circle ‘N’! Sooo funny!

  • Perverzak

    The awkward moment when instead of a heartfelt confession, the love letter only contains the word SEX in gigantic letters xD

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  • Seimein

    Bam. Science bitch !

  • schomodo

    a tie!

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Adrian in panel 4: This is what he wants? There is even no “NO” answer!
    Maria: Well he’s….something. *In Mind: Damn it! Why do you have to be…..gahhh! Carter!!!*

  • I’m Katara Bitch

    so maybe its just me thats a fucking nerd, but i thought of the two Ys as like chromosomes kind of like XY XY… is it just me?

    • xFosteRx

      It was more of a yes/no thing.

  • Nickelz

    Checkmate, Maria.

  • Mar Sánchez

    oh my….well, she is righ.

  • Fensal Cassynda

    Y/Y ,Rofl

  • Sara Shor

    Maria’s face……

  • Shattered Glass


    • TypicallyUsual

      Nice profile pic.

    • TypicallyUsual

      Nice profile pic.

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal

    Maria’s face!

  • Jam Banana

    Carter and Adrian got this new look(did i say that right? Like the drawing improved) in the later chapters. I want a new look for Maria too!

  • Dāku Senshi

    Boom! Evidence! and then changes to she’s right

  • Nil

    no fuck that i can’t let adrian ruin his innocence nope nope nopidy nope nope nooooo i love him too much