• December


  • http://www.facebook.com/cerulean.tear Cerulean Tear

    I don’t think she’ll be as supportive when she realizes Carter just wants her friend’s @ss.

  • Perverzak

    Its not a party until someone cries about a boy not liking them ;)

  • Seimein

    Ha, example is coming.

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Desperate aren’t we, Adrian?

  • Tarah Stylinson

    In other words: Adrian likes playing hard to get. Give it up boy.

  • Maria Vilardi

    my name is maria and this totally sounds like something I would do omg

  • TypicallyUsual

    This girl is amaaaazing!

  • Rubix Beat

    And thus Maria begins her call of duty: get the baes together.

  • Caleb TC

    Maybe because he wants more than just sex?
    I feel him.

  • YOyoYaoi

    i…i can love u …..

    • Annabeth Winchester

      if you do carter will kill you you know that right? lol tho he is so adorable ammirite

  • Annabeth Winchester

    his face looks so pathetic…

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal

    And I quote – “Nobody will ever loooveee meee”

  • https://www.instagram.com/nyinko/ nyinko

    may GOD BLESS YOU MARIA YOURE SUCH A BLESSING SUCH AMAZE oh my god she’ll be the most wonderful matchmaker ever in this gay tribute journey



  • SashlovesBlueberries

    Maria is my love, my wife…

  • story land

    I need a friend like maria

  • LiL-_-PrEcIoUs

    I’m gay for Maria

  • Duck Spud

    re reading this comic is great
    but carter just wants a fucc
    Adrian doesn’t want the fucc

  • Raeven

    Because, Adrian should have some kind of standards, right? Carter seems a bit bottom of the barrel from Adrian’s standpoint.

    :P Besides Carter wants sex and sex does not = love.