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    Hahahaha xD 

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    xDDD stalker tactic should have worked!!!!

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    YES! This is a well known and useful tactic for the desparate. XD

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    LOL! “Let’s get it on, sexy” I’mma use that at school! >:D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000821030189 Jimil Montiel

    LOL! “Let’s get it on, sexy” I’mma use that at school! >:D

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    He’s actually cute.

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    So far the best stalker I’ve ever seen.  Waytago, Carter!

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    Is Adrian taking his shower … fully clothed? Awkward …

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      You would too if you had Carter stalking you xD

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        pffft ahaha xD

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    Stalker ! XD

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     No one is ever this desperate…right? Creeper. 

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    hahahahahaha fuck!!!
    he is a fucking stalker xDDD i love him <3

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    Poor Adrian, he even showers in his clothes now.

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    Next time I mark someone’s paper, I’m gonna write “Lets get it on sexy” on it. xD

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      Way ahead of you! xD

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    Rofl too funny this chapter.

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    LOVE this page! HEY ADRIAN!

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    It’s a “sometimes-it’s-easier-to sleep-with-to-stop-the-pestering” tactic XD

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    “LET’S GET IT ON SEXY” Oh, the subtlety. XD Suave, Cater, real suave.

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    I think Adrian should consider watching every corner around him from now on. His facepalm says it all! XD :3

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    Why is Adrian showering with clothes on?

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      With Carter constantly acting like that, who can blame him?

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    Stalker Level: Carter.


    I almost fell out of my chair. xD

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    This reminds me of that episode of Spongebob when Spongebob kept following Squidward around saying “Hey, Squidward!”

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    I’ve never seen such a desperate person ! xdd

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    Then again, the “hey Adrian” thing is making him sound a bit Rockyish

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    me af

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    “Let’s get it on sexy”.
    I love your webcomic.
    Thank you for this XD

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    get’s test back
    “let’s get it on sexy”
    Adrian *facepalm*
    me lol

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    aaaw~ he tries too hard.

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    The desperation is strong in this one

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    omfg I love this comic lmao

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    isn’t this sexual harrassment?

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      well i don’t really think so because he’s not really touching him without permission bUT he is being really desperate

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    I feel bad for adrian lol carter is so desperate!

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    this nerd wrote “hey adrian” on the window omg XD

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    “Let’s get it on sexy” the chessiest line ever.

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    Such a creepy stalker, lol

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    “Let’s get it on sexy.” I have been reminded why I love this comic so much.

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    Wow rereading this has made me see how much character development Carter has gone through. I’m so proud

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      Same ughghh these dumb kids

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    Borderline sexual harrassment…?

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    Hahaha omg XD

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    “I am not that desperate”
    -Carter in previous chapters

    Do you still think you’re not that desperate?

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    haha this comic is great, great humor and characters. :)

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    how the hell did he manage that on his paper???

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      They probably had to swap papers and grade it lololol

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        ok that’s what I thought but I didnt believe it

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    Even more smooth

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    smooth bro

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    smoothhhh af

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      just what the world needs…

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    omg he’s just too good