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This is the last page!

When Hazel and I started ARH back in like 2011, we just wanted to make a webcomic. While we always hoped that it would gain a readership like this, we never expected how much it would change our lives, and the lives of so many of its readers.
Since then, we have experienced and grown and seen so much. We have met so many people, made so many friends, and grown as people. Always Raining Here was our first taste at making comics, which we now intend to do for our careers. We want to keep making comics because of this little comic that we started on a whim that snowballed into our first project.
Of course, we wouldn’t have come this far without you guys. Your reaction has made this whole ride more than worth it. Thank you everyone who commented every week, who cried and laughed and frantically made image macros of comic panels, who taped printed photos of characters faces onto body pillows and shopped 4l milk jugs into every frame. Your F5 buttons can rest now!

Always Raining Here: Epilogue and other things!

Volume 2 is available now in our Shop!





It contains a 6-page extra that you can’t read online that takes place after the end, along with a bunch of cute mini comics!




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If you would like to keep reading about Adrian and Carter’s daily life we release a short story about their adventures every month on our Patreon.






If you can’t subscribe to our Patreon, so we will be releasing a selection (not all of them) of short stories publicly.

Adrian and Carter in Gym Class

Oct 31 (Halloween 2015 Short)

I’ll be releasing more in the future too. If you want to stay in touch with us, I highly recommend following our social media accounts to get information on when we update!


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Other Projects:

Light Novels:

decoy and retrofit cover with logo mockup sm


Decoy and Retrofit – Fall 2016-Fall 2017

Decoy and Retrofit is a post apocalyptic scifi story about two childhood friends who reunite while stealing a truck full of alien technology.

This is a prose short written by Bell and illustrated by Hazel that has been released on Patreon and in Sparkler Monthly online magazine.  Rated 18+ for disturbing themes and sexual content. Please proceed with caution.





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Prison Tower - 2016/2017

Theo is a prison guard who is assigned to watch a mysterious prisoner in an isolated tower. While the prisoner seems to be friendly, cooperative, and compliant towards the guards, Theo has a sneaking suspicion he is a witch.Rated: 16+ for sex and violence

You can read the beta of Volume 1 on Patreon under the $5 tier.






Unnamed Scifi Comic – NOT SURE YET
This is the big one.
It’s going to be scifi.
It’s going to have robots.
There will be boys kissing.
That’s all I have for you right now. We’ll probably be posting the first teasers for that this fall.

Thank you to everyone who read Always Raining Here. We love that so many people enjoyed it with all their heart. Making comics is better with you.
We’ll see you again soon!
Hazel + Bell
  • Joyce Turner

    omg god i loved this and i want more

  • Meyui

    So I read it in one go and couldn’t get away from it for one second. I’ve fallen in love with the characters, the story, the ART, especially the art, the development is just breathtaking. Thank you so much for all the effort you have put into this beautiful webcomic and I hope to see much more of it in the future!♥

  • Shieun Lee [이시은]

    I started reading this 2014 and then paused halfway through 2015 and I’ve finally returned to it and I gotta say I’ve been wanting to start my own comic for a long time but I’ve been to scared. But seeing your growth in art and your experience gives me so much hope.. I’m still on the fence about it but I just want to thank you for this I’m so happy I returned to it and I’m absolutely in love with everything that is ARH.

    • milkshakes&flowers

      ill be your creative director or watchamacallit

  • flop

    it’s been a while since i finished this
    came back for missing this history
    but not only that, also all the nostalgic feeling that it brings
    which reminds me of old times when i used to read this
    and i only cared about how would be to find love, life was simple
    now it got complicated, things was never how i expected
    i kinda found out that love hurts and it’s not that easy how we first imagine
    well, i wish it was :/

    i think all the context and situation of my life in past days
    makes me miss that time and that innocence that i have back then

    do you guys know about any comic like this one?
    i started out by this one, it would be great to find some new ones

    • Tobias Hanggara

      Try Tripping Over You, almost similar like this, and still going on till now

  • Bag O’ Gay

    rip me

  • Shi-chan

    your art improves a lot kudos

  • haru

    i will still always wish for a second one.

  • Shi-chan


  • Kai Trujillo

    im. crying. i met you both at Emerald City Comic Con and you were so nice and i just fell in love with these two characters as soon as i saw your booth (i was the one with my older brother and awkwardly standing at your booth for 10 mins). I wish i had fricken bought more art and prints…… ;-;

  • Olivia Gendreau

    oh my goodness i’m so sad this is over. i just bought the hard copy of volume 1 from you guys at Emerald City Comicon earlier today and have already finished it. I wish i had bought some art now ;-;

  • MMPR 2003

    I want more please like a volume three of them in college then getting married why must it end

  • Korucat


  • Jade

    this comic was proposed to me back in 2013 by a friend and since then those friends and I have broken ties, but rereading the pages I read once before brings back memories of the stuff we used to do together. It didn’t end on the best terms, and I desperately wish I could go back, but they no longer talk to me and I’ve been left feeling pretty empty. Coming back to this comic provides some sort of…closure, I guess? I’m happy Adrian and Carter got their happy ending, and somehow it gives me hope that I can get my happy ending too.

    • milkshakes&flowers

      dont worry, you will. I COMMAND IT

  • PaleSakuraDemon

    I miss this comic. I came back to see if there was anything new, but it’still the same as I last left it. But anyway thank you, Hazel and Bell, for a great comic. :’)

    • hazel tyler


  • It’s Chat bish

    It’s vv gay—

  • Blind Eyes Balance


  • Cozzy

    Being a confused, sad, 12 year old when I started reading this (I’m 16 now), this comic has made such an impact on me. It helped me come to terms with being a bisexual (v gay leaning) boy and honestly it means so much to me. I’d always binge read it every few months and each time it felt new. Thank you both so much for this. I’m sure that there are many other people who share an experience with this story like mine. Again, thank you for sharing this story, it’s been a beautiful journey.

    • Pineapple

      AAAAAAAAAAW. Personally I just started reading last year (a couple months before the finally) but ARH also helped me come to terms with myself and my sexuality. Before I was so afraid to admit to myself what I was really feeling, but thanks to ARH I am now out and flowering.

  • ursa

    Theres something wrong with my page, it wont let me continue T^T

    • Max

      It’s the last page

  • Klarysse Gonzaga

    shit its been a lot of months since this webcomic met its ending but i still can’t let go

  • Jyushimatsu Matsuno

    I cri ; – ;

  • teali

    I keep coming back to this and crying help

  • Dave Strider

    This was…so utterly beautiful

  • Bag O’ Gay

    i’ve been here for 87 years

    • pacifyher

      i know u holy shit me

  • Nelly Aguilar

    So no volume 2?

    • Shorty McBoholdt

      the whole webcomic is two volumes long. They just released the second volume as print

  • ZoemiTea(っ´ω`c)

    I’m crying.

  • Nicolas Rodriguez


  • david



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  • Kankri

    I just read this is an hour yis

    • Angel


  • Robyn

    I want this as a movie… I’M GONNA MAKE THIS A EFFIN MOVIE. JUST YOU WAIT

    • Blue_lue

      Go now u must make it now

      • milkshakes&flowers

        ill be the creative director and art design, and both of you can be the story creator and other stuff

  • GayerThanThou

    Still here, after all this time. Maybe someday I’ll forget this webcomic so I can reread it.

    • pacifyher

      everytime i reread it i cry a bit more

  • Monsterbite

    I just realize that they both resemble a look of Sherlock and Watson

  • Rose

    i just fuckin read this comic from the beginning and i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore


  • Banani❤️

    this was a year ago :(

  • Dy-Dy Herz

    God, I’m the kind of fan that liked to let the pages accumulate before reading, but I didn’t think the next time I checked it would have ended (I really DID take a long break, this was posted almost a year ago!!)

    Well, sine this was a year ago, but there are no signs of this sequel they talked about, I guess they must really be working hard + occupied with daily life. Well, I’ll wait patiently, I guess.

    But G O D, 12/10. Even if it ended this way, I wouldn’t be unsatisfied because you can tell from that last look they gave eachother that they just have good days ahead of them (well, knowing them they’ll probably have a bit of conflict, but they’ll pull through, which is the important thing!!)

    What a good story <3

    • pacifyher

      they release continued short stories on patreon

  • nezushion

    wow its almost been a full year…


    Im crying now it has almost been a year and it was such a great web toon and Im sad I cant read anymore of the story

  • Meuins

    WHATTTT IS IT OVER? SE TERMINO?! I didn’t want this to enddddddd;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  • hola

    i didn’t think i’d get attached to this comic but here i am bawling my eyes out

  • Jordi Pas

    Beautiful ending, loved the comic! The feels, the FEELS! :D good feels though :p

  • Gina

    this is amazing! I’m glad I was able to read it

  • Kinzey M

    Oh my god.
    I just read this magnificent behemoth in a single day; partly due to procrastination, partly due to intense intrigue. These characters you guys have shaped, they’re so… insanely relate-able/real/cute/teenagery/angsty/amazing. I can’t even begin to comprehend how PERFECTLY y’all have nailed your character growth, it’s so damn beautiful. I managed to be dragged in by art depicting a cute gay couple making out in a river, and ended up staying because of so many other fantastic aspects. The friends, the reality, the parental pressure, the school, the terrible happenings at parties, it was all shown so realistically and in such a great way. I’ll definitely be looking at all of your guys work, if it’s any where near as incredible as this, it’ll be worth it! :)

    • milkshakes&flowers

      why do i relate

  • Ari

    I always come back to this comic. I’ve re-read it for what feels like the millionth time and I still can’t believe its over. It’s been over for more than a year, yet here I am (and many others) still finding so much love and joy from it.

  • Aishisu~Chan

    Why do I always find the most adorable webtoons or mangas and finish them in a day? It sucks honestly…

    • pacifyher

      i legit read this over the course of pages being published weekly and constantly going on haitus THATS WAY WORSE

      • Aishisu~Chan

        It honestly is…

  • pacifyher

    all the friends i made on here are dead

    • yandere neko senpai

      do I look like Casper??

    • Bag O’ Gay

      o w8 fucc howdy, dood i gotta insta so like if u want dm me lala_the_alcoholic

    • Riley Lebowicz

      I’m not dead! The chat was deleted though and I have a feeling it was Luca… XP

  • Emily Nicole Sargent

    Aw, so many unanswered questions Q~Q but such a beautiful comic. I loved every bit of it <3

  • TamaHaru trash

    I’m still crying
    a part of me has been missing ever since arh has ended

  • TamaHaru trash

    I really miss waiting for pages every week with all these cool people

  • si

    I read the vol. 1 in just one day and wow, so many emotions (I really cried of sadness and then happiness). And it’s just so good to see how far the two of you has gone, the art really improved SO MUCH like… no word, and the characters too, I mean, you can see their personalities evolution, mainly Carter, he went from a horny bitch to that mature teenager, such a big “transformation”.
    But then… I wanted to comment cause this comic really touched my heart, no doubt my fav from now! and i’m ready to make my friends read Always Raining Here too. I’ll start to follow your work by now! All the love ♡

  • arr777

    I need more i love this so fucking much ;;

  • Mewwmew

    …I wish I could still get the book.I became a fan too late!!(T U T)