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This is the last page!

When Hazel and I started ARH back in like 2011, we just wanted to make a webcomic. While we always hoped that it would gain a readership like this, we never expected how much it would change our lives, and the lives of so many of its readers.

Since then, we have experienced and grown and seen so much. We have met so many people, made so many friends, and grown as people. Always Raining Here was our first taste at making comics, which we now intend to do for our careers. We want to keep making comics because of this little comic that we started on a whim that snowballed into our first project.

Of course, we wouldn’t have come this far without you guys. Your reaction has made this whole ride more than worth it. Thank you everyone who commented every week, who cried and laughed and frantically made image macros of comic panels, who taped printed photos of characters faces onto body pillows and shopped 4l milk jugs into every frame. Your F5 buttons can rest now!

The Future of Always Raining Here

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Kickstarter is still going, right now as I write this post we have 40k (30k usd). We’re planning on releasing a short epilogue comic about Adrian and Carter getting frisky if we reach 55k, which is a huge goal for the next week but I hope that we’ll be able to reach it! The Kickstarter is over! Thank you so much everyone for support. Look forward to updates coming from us in the next few weeks.

If you would like to keep reading Adrian and Carter’s stories, we release a short about them every month on our Patreon. Now that the comic is over, I’ll be beginning an epilogue story about them camping together and enjoying the summer.

I’ve heard a lot of you don’t have the kind of money for Patreon, so we will be releasing a selection (not all of them) of short stories publicly in a few months. The first one for everyone stars Carter and Adrian in gym class. You can read it here!

I’ll be releasing more in the future too. If you want to stay in touch with us, I highly recommend following our social media accounts to get information on when we update!

ARH on Facebook        ARH on Twitter      Hazel on Tumblr

Future Projects:

Light Novels:

The Decoy and the Retrofit – Fall 2016
This is a prose short written by Bell and illustrated by Hazel that will be released in the Fall on Patreon and in Sparkler Monthly online magazine. It’s a post apocalyptic scifi action comedy about two childhood friends who reunite while stealing a truck full of alien technology. It has guns. Boys in skirts. Stuff.
Prison Tower – 2016/2017
I’m still in publishing limbo with this thing. I’ll be screaming from the high hills when I finally publish it. You can read the beta of Volume 1 on Patreon under the $5 tier. I am planning to make Prison Tower a series, so once I get Volume 1 out there should be a sequel coming up.


Unnamed Scifi Comic – Late 2016
This is the big one. Our next comic project is slated for kickoff at the end of this year. I’m here to answer your important questions, but here is what we’re looking at for this one.
It’s going to be scifi.
It’s going to have robots.
There will be boys kissing.
That’s all I have for you right now. We’ll probably be posting the first teasers for that this fall.

Thank you to everyone who read Always Raining Here. We love that so many people enjoyed it with all their heart. Making comics is better with you.

We’ll see you again soon!
Hazel + Bell

  • Joyce Turner

    omg god i loved this and i want more

  • Meyui

    So I read it in one go and couldn’t get away from it for one second. I’ve fallen in love with the characters, the story, the ART, especially the art, the development is just breathtaking. Thank you so much for all the effort you have put into this beautiful webcomic and I hope to see much more of it in the future!♥

  • Shieun Lee [이시은]

    I started reading this 2014 and then paused halfway through 2015 and I’ve finally returned to it and I gotta say I’ve been wanting to start my own comic for a long time but I’ve been to scared. But seeing your growth in art and your experience gives me so much hope.. I’m still on the fence about it but I just want to thank you for this I’m so happy I returned to it and I’m absolutely in love with everything that is ARH.

  • flop

    it’s been a while since i finished this
    came back for missing this history
    but not only that, also all the nostalgic feeling that it brings
    which reminds me of old times when i used to read this
    and i only cared about how would be to find love, life was simple
    now it got complicated, things was never how i expected
    i kinda found out that love hurts and it’s not that easy how we first imagine
    well, i wish it was :/

    i think all the context and situation of my life in past days
    makes me miss that time and that innocence that i have back then

    do you guys know about any comic like this one?
    i started out by this one, it would be great to find some new ones

  • Bag O’ Gay

    rip me

  • Shi-chan

    your art improves a lot kudos

  • haru

    i will still always wish for a second one.

  • Shi-chan


  • Kai Trujillo

    im. crying. i met you both at Emerald City Comic Con and you were so nice and i just fell in love with these two characters as soon as i saw your booth (i was the one with my older brother and awkwardly standing at your booth for 10 mins). I wish i had fricken bought more art and prints…… ;-;

  • Olivia Gendreau

    oh my goodness i’m so sad this is over. i just bought the hard copy of volume 1 from you guys at Emerald City Comicon earlier today and have already finished it. I wish i had bought some art now ;-;

  • MMPR 2003

    I want more please like a volume three of them in college then getting married why must it end

  • Korucat


  • throwingpineapples

    I’ll totally check this out, but jsyk the Moms don’t really like people advertising on their work. If your comment’s deleted, that’s why.
    Just thought I’d let you know, that way you’re not like “wtf” if it happens
    (btw the comic’s adorable)

  • Wizardy.Waffles

    Ah alright!! Thank you for telling me in advance!

  • throwingpineapples

    Ey np