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When Hazel and I started ARH back in like 2011, we just wanted to make a webcomic. While we always hoped that it would gain a readership like this, we never expected how much it would change our lives, and the lives of so many of its readers.
Since then, we have experienced and grown and seen so much. We have met so many people, made so many friends, and grown as people. Always Raining Here was our first taste at making comics, which we now intend to do for our careers. We want to keep making comics because of this little comic that we started on a whim that snowballed into our first project.
Of course, we wouldn’t have come this far without you guys. Your reaction has made this whole ride more than worth it. Thank you everyone who commented every week, who cried and laughed and frantically made image macros of comic panels, who taped printed photos of characters faces onto body pillows and shopped 4l milk jugs into every frame. Your F5 buttons can rest now!

Always Raining Here: Epilogue and other things!

Volume 2 is available now in our Shop!





It contains a 6-page extra that you can’t read online that takes place after the end, along with a bunch of cute mini comics!




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If you would like to keep reading about Adrian and Carter’s daily life we release a short story about their adventures every month on our Patreon.






If you can’t subscribe to our Patreon, so we will be releasing a selection (not all of them) of short stories publicly.

Adrian and Carter in Gym Class

Oct 31 (Halloween 2015 Short)

I’ll be releasing more in the future too. If you want to stay in touch with us, I highly recommend following our social media accounts to get information on when we update!


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Other Projects:

Light Novels:

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Decoy and Retrofit – Fall 2016-Fall 2017

Decoy and Retrofit is a post apocalyptic scifi story about two childhood friends who reunite while stealing a truck full of alien technology.

This is a prose short written by Bell and illustrated by Hazel that has been released on Patreon and in Sparkler Monthly online magazine.  Rated 18+ for disturbing themes and sexual content. Please proceed with caution.





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Prison Tower - 2016/2017

Theo is a prison guard who is assigned to watch a mysterious prisoner in an isolated tower. While the prisoner seems to be friendly, cooperative, and compliant towards the guards, Theo has a sneaking suspicion he is a witch.Rated: 16+ for sex and violence

You can read the beta of Volume 1 on Patreon under the $5 tier.






Unnamed Scifi Comic – NOT SURE YET
This is the big one.
It’s going to be scifi.
It’s going to have robots.
There will be boys kissing.
That’s all I have for you right now. We’ll probably be posting the first teasers for that this fall.

Thank you to everyone who read Always Raining Here. We love that so many people enjoyed it with all their heart. Making comics is better with you.
We’ll see you again soon!
Hazel + Bell
  • sade gibbs

    i just wanna say that reading this has been so much damn fun! seeing the artist improve throught the pages was amazing mostly because their coloring became amazing!. the colors they use as they take color thepry more into account is just-! amazing! this was a great read will probably reread again!

    • Emma Ava

      when you re read it and need a friend to geek out with feel free to hit me up xD

  • Bag O’ Gay


    • Emma Ava

      so true

  • holly

    wtf is with the abrupt ending

  • Emma Ava

    its been awhile since i had a cry like this~ wonderful story and i can’t wait to see how the rest of the story plays out ~^_^~ cant wait to buy copies and see whats on patreon

  • Emma Ava

    really hope i can find people to talk about this comic with

  • Chiqy

    This comic was amazing. Cute drawing style and great story!

    • Emma Ava

      so glad people still read this~>//////<~

  • Duda Barbosa

    This is so beautiful

  • opi

    I remember reading this manga while it was still coming out, and i was so, so, so exited for the day the pages would come out. I was so sad when i saw the last update, I thought, I’m gonna miss this comic, it’s really great. I re-read it a couple of times since then and I just find it so beautiful! Also, I think it’s crazy how the art style changes from the first page to the last! Really good improvement!

    • Emma Ava

      hey have you read the second volume? im thinking of buying it

      • opi

        i’ve read the entirety of the thing, and yeah, it’s really good! You definitely should support the artists by buying their stuff!

        • Emma Ava

          im glad you enjoyed it~ always makes my day to hear this sort of thing from fans of the series :3

  • The Motherfucker

    I already reading this again because I love it. I can’t believe that it ended 2 years ago! El tiempo vuela.

    • Emma Ava

      love the user name and that you enjoyed this comic series so much

      • The Motherfucker

        Thanks <3 Can you believe now is July 15? The comic ended this day!!

        • Emma Ava

          i didnt even know that~!!! wow so damn sorry about the late reply i have been binge reading for a while today. i just got done reading all of hazy london >///< its really good so you should check it out if you havent yet~ also tripping over you is another GREAT BL comic you should read if you can

          • Emma Ava

            also please tell me of any other BL comics you know of !!! i always need something to read. you’d be a live saver if you could share that with me

          • The Motherfucker

            Oh girl, I love TOY <3 AND OF COURSE!!! It's always a pleasure share beautiful comics <3 I know a lot so here I go:

            -This is not fiction
            -Long Exposure
            -Check Please!
            -Rock and Riot
            -The King in the sun
            -O Human Star
            -Hendrix and Julian
            -Friends till death
            -Best Friends Forever (but this is cancelled :( )
            -Spurs and Stripes
            -The Obsidian Mirror
            -No End
            -Griefer Belt
            -Abel and a Dead man
            -The Young Protectors
            -Sharp Zero
            -Monster Kind

            There's some for the moment, I tell you if I remember another (that is probable I been forgiving) sorry if I wrote some of these wrong haha, english is not actually my lenguage.

          • Emma Ava

            well you did an amazing job~!!! i will promise you i will read all of these

          • Marina Justyaoi


          • Emma Ava

            thank you for sharing that~ ^_^ ~

          • Emma Ava

            hey i really liked the comics you recommended and i wanted to thank you again. you really made my summer bearable and having comics to read helped me through some pretty tough sleepless nights. makes me wish we could talk to one another about comics and shipping!!! i kinda wanna get to know you and be your friend :3 i’ll pm you when i figure out how to

          • The Motherfucker

            Oww it’s always a pleasure! Btw, “the obsidian mirror” it’s actually “Behind The Obsidian Mirror”* lol I get it wrong, and I just remembered another comics like “Cans of Beans” and “Humor me”.

            And well if you have facebook or something we could talk about more!

          • Emma Ava

            sure do~!!! im emma ava on facebook and i have the same profile pic

  • artsyfartsybitchface
  • Charlizar

    Wooowww I just found this comic 2 hrs ago and I just finished it DAMN IT!!!!! Ahhhhh it was goood!! The art has definitely changed!!!

    • Emma Ava

      if you need a friend to fangirl/boy with im still crazy into this comic

  • Nara

    So like I feel late to the game but this was very good

    • Emma Ava

      im really glad you enjoyed reading it~^-^~ i know some other great comics similar to this one you could read.

      • Nara

        Swing some my way plz

      • Nara

        If you know any R18 ones, i’d be really pleased

  • Maxis Tine

    Now i need advice on how to get this irl! Great comic

    • Emma Ava

      they have an online store

  • Naomi Gonzalez
    • Emma Ava

      this is exactly how i felt

  • The LonelyOnes

    Aaaahhh! This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I’m so excited to read volume 2!! STUNNING ARTWORK AND CREATIVITY!!!!

    • Emma Ava

      i really hope you do get to read volume 2~!!! i can always recommend more BL comics for when you finish

  • throwingpineapples

    I’ll totally check this out, but jsyk the Moms don’t really like people advertising on their work. If your comment’s deleted, that’s why.
    Just thought I’d let you know, that way you’re not like “wtf” if it happens
    (btw the comic’s adorable)

  • Wizardy.Waffles

    Ah alright!! Thank you for telling me in advance!

  • throwingpineapples

    Ey np